Harley-Davidson’s Best Touring Motorcycles

Whether you’re a proud Harley-Davidson owner or just a fan of the brand, chances are you have a favourite Harley model. Many people favour street bikes and for a good reason. The design of their street bikes often prioritises style over comfort. Street bikes are designed to turn heads and are built for shorter trips around city blocks.

Touring bikes are built for the long haul. You’ll often find more features of a touring bike are focussed on comfort and storage. So if you’re looking for something a little different to the rebellious style of a street bike, consider Harley Davidson’s range of comfy touring models. Check out our top picks from their range and see if anything catches your eye.

2020 Ultra Limited


The 2020 Ultra Limited is the epitome of luxury when it comes to touring bikes. Some great features of this bike include the Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine which means you’ll have 114 cubic inches of horizon-chasing power. HD Connect enables you to link your bike to the Harley Davidson App and check the fuel levels. Security alerts from the app will let you know if anyone is tampering your bike, no matter where you are!

Other features include Reflex Linked Brembo Brakes with Standard ABS. These brakes are designed to prevent the wheels from locking to make sure you have optimum control while still braking in a straight line. Additionally, the front and rear breaks operate separately to keep the wheels rolling and help prevent an uncontrolled wheel lock if you get into a hairy situation.

Road King

The Road King offers the comfort you’d expect from a touring bike while looking like an edgy street bike. The standout features on this bike include the Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engine. This smooth-running engine provides a crisp throttle response that has a nice rumble to it too. The Road King’s Reflex Linked Brembo Brakes come with Standard ABS to prevent your wheels from locking up while braking suddenly.

Stylish features such as the Hiawatha Headlamp and Nacelle have come straight out of the 60s. This light helps the Road King maintain an iconic look and combines the latest technology so that you can see long distances at night. Another cool feature is the one-touch saddlebags. In addition to a light touch, these bags are tight on the outside and roomy on the inside.

Electra Glide Standard


The Electra Glide Standard is as sleek of a bike as the name implies. It comes packed with a Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin Engine that will give you a smooth ride and a soul-satisfying rumble. This model is perfect for the bike minimalist at heart. You won’t find screens and gadgets on this bike that would distract you from the authentic feel of riding.

You’ll enjoy features including electronic cruise control and a glove box instead of an audio system. The Electra Glide Standard also has a Solo Touring Seat that was made to keep you comfortable and supported on even the longest of trips.

Road Glide Special


The Road Glide Special is a darker version of the most road devouring machine ever made. This bike has HD Connect so that you can have full control over your bike from your phone. The bike also has “Boom Box GTS Infotainment System” that is designed to optimise your interaction with the bike and keep you connected no matter what part of the world you’re touring.

The Boom Box has a contemporary look and is incredibly durable to any bumps you may encounter on the road. Blacked out finishes on the front forks to the tips of the exhaust as well as the blacked out prodigy wheels give the bike a sleek yet aggressive modern look.

Street Glide


The Street Glide is packed with a Milwaukee Eight 107 Engine that looks great on the outside while providing enough power to take you anywhere. This bike also has H-D Connect Service so you can use the Harley Davidson app to check in on your bike. Another cool feature of this bike is the iconic shape of the Batwing Fairing that provides you with smooth airflow and reduced head buffeting. You’ll also find the Boom Box Infotainment System that enables you to take your favourite music with you no matter where you’re exploring.

Our final thoughts

Whichever touring model you choose to add to your collection, it’s guaranteed you’ll have a bike that looks, sounds, and feels good to ride. All of the bikes listed here have unique features that would be difficult to find anywhere else. With technological advances, you can now check on your Harley Davidson bike with just your phone using the Harley Davidson Connect App. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your bike is safe at all times, and is also convenient if you want to check on fuel levels!

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