What Happens If I Handle My Truck Accident Claim Myself?

A truck accident can be a debilitating event that triggers many life-altering decisions. Some of those decisions will require you to navigate the legal system to file a claim. This becomes exceptionally tricky when a truck is involved. For context, in 2017, the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (FHSMV) reported that about 32,000 accidents involved trucks. In general, Florida has a high number of truck accidents, and in 2020, there were 15,614 incapacitating injuries caused by truck accidents in the state. These injuries can leave you with a painful recovery process and mounting medical bills.

Ocala residents might be particularly aware of these issues. The city is a massive trucking hub handling nearly 70% of the state’s commercial traffic, and several large transportation companies are based here. Although it may seem tempting to engage with the legal system on your own to save money in the short term, this can backfire immensely as the nuances of the process will be lost. You will likely owe more than recuperating losses if your claim isn’t filed and argued proficiently. This is why you must consult competent legal aid, like an Ocala truck crash attorney, to help you properly file the claim. The following are some errors that might cause you to lose the suit.

You Might Miss a Deadline

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Most people aren’t aware that there is a statute of limitations to file a truck accident claim in Florida. You have four years from the accident date to file a personal injury lawsuit. You’ll jeopardize the claim’s integrity if you don’t know these basic guidelines. Missing a deadline means forfeiting the claim, as the legal process is strict about paperwork. Every attorney working in the field has a good idea about the timeframe of the process. They will ensure that you hit all the targets in the appropriate timeframe. Remember that when you’re trying to recover from a physical injury, you might also not have the emotional bandwidth to go through the legal process.

You Might Leave Money on the Table

Depending on the nature of the truck accident, a few people may be to blame for it. As an injured party, you may assume that only the truck driver is to blame. The trucking company will likely be another party liable for damages. Dealing with these various entities is cumbersome and procedure-heavy. However, an attorney looks at the possible parties and recovers maximum compensation. They will also look at the avenues of possible compensation to maximize your settlement.

You May Be Overwhelmed With the Claim Process

Picture a situation where you’re recovering from injuries while trying to contact the truck driver’s insurance company for compensation. People usually accept the first insurance offer because they don’t want to deal with the back and forth with the insurance company. An attorney will dedicate their time to helping you, giving you ample time to recover. You won’t feel frustrated as much because a professional with law knowledge negotiates on your behalf. Your primary goal should be to focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

You Might Lose Important Evidence

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The few days following an accident are confusing and scary. Half the time, you need clarification about what happened while dealing with pain. Most people who aren’t severely injured choose not to seek medical treatment because their injuries aren’t apparent. However, delayed injuries are just as serious as immediate injuries.

Medical records are part of the evidence. When you don’t go to the hospital immediately, you compromise evidence. In addition, the truck driver’s insurance company can encourage you to have your car fixed immediately, losing crucial evidence. A skilled personal injury attorney will know how to gather and preserve evidence to support your claim.

You Might Calculate a Lower Settlement

Insurance companies deal with accident claims every day. They have perfected the art of negotiating with victims. But this may be your first time filing a claim. As part of the process, you must determine the settlement amount to demand based on the damages incurred. Insurers often try to settle a case quickly by offering an amount that looks substantial at first glance but less than what you deserve. They will also persuade you to avoid the legal route by scaring you with random statistics and making a persuasive case.

On the other hand, the company could offer a reasonable amount that looks mediocre, but rejecting it without consulting a lawyer will force the case to trial. This will end up costing you more money. This is a crucial reason to hire competent legal aid before discussing things with insurers. Attorneys have done this many times and will know how to calculate the settlement based on your incurred damages.

You Might Come up With the Wrong Legal Strategy

Even with all the evidence, you may need to develop the right legal strategy based on your case. A particular strategy might have worked on your friend who also filed a truck accident claim, but it doesn’t mean it will work with yours. The particulars of your case will determine the right legal strategy. Most times, both parties can reach a settlement when competent lawyers discuss the matters.

Hiring a truck accident lawyer to review the evidence and determine the right legal strategy is best. They will explore the options and recommend an approach likely to produce the best results. In any case, going at it alone will do more harm than good.

You Might Fail to Prove Your Truck Accident Case


In any personal injury case, the victim has to prove the other party is negligent. Certain laws and regulations govern truck drivers they must adhere to. Not following these rules contributes to accidents. You don’t have a case if you don’t know how to prove the other party was negligent.

In most cases, handling a truck accident claim yourself isn’t a good idea. You’ll likely make mistakes if you have never handled personal injury cases. Instead, let a truck accident attorney handle the claim for you to facilitate a better outcome.