How to Handle a Car Breakdown in the Middle of the Road?

There’s hardly anything more unpleasant than finding that our car has broken down and left us on the road. Usually, most car breakdowns happen in the summer, which is understandable since it is the time of the year with the highest amounts of traffic.

If you have a problem on a very busy road when other cars, SUVs, and trailer trucks passing by at top speed, it’s easy to panic. You will need car towing and breakdown assistance, but that might be difficult to get.

You should prepare yourself, control stress as much as possible, and stay calm with the following parameters in mind and anticipating breakdowns beforehand.

Even when the vehicle is in good condition, drawbacks arise, especially with the advanced technology that today’s vehicles have. Modern cars are often vulnerable to technical glitches that are difficult to fix.

When a problem occurs

Although it is true that with a car in poor condition it is easier to suffer a breakdown, no one is free from the fact that at the least expected moment our car fails when we are driving. You notice that your vehicle does not react when you apply the accelerator or when you apply the brakes, as it slows down or that it starts making strange noises… How to act?

If the vehicle failure occurs when we drive around the city, it is easier to find help or someone to tow your car. The first thing is to signal the situation by activating the emergency lights to warn the rest of the users, trying if possible to remove the car from circulation if the engine is still running. In the event that the damaged vehicle obstructs traffic, it will be necessary to notify the other drivers by placing the emergency triangle.

When the breakdown occurs on the road, it is necessary to exercise more caution since the vehicles circulate at a higher speed and it is easier for a dangerous situation to occur. It is very important to remain calm to act properly. The first thing is to activate the emergency lights and remove the vehicle to a safe area whenever possible. If the fault occurs at night, you must also activate the position light. The next step will be to signal the failure with the emergency triangles, but remember that before leaving the car it is mandatory for both the driver and passengers to put on the reflective vest. The reflective vest is such an important item that we should carry it by hand, close to the driver, be it in the glove compartment, the door pockets, or some receptacle under the seat. We should never carry it in places that are difficult to access, such as the trunk.

How should the emergence triangles be placed?

In all cars it is mandatory to carry a set of emergency triangles, you will use one or two triangles depending on the type of road you are driving on.

-If the breakdown occurs on a two-way road, you must place a triangle in front and another one behind at a minimum distance of 50 meters from the car (about 50 steps) as you wait for a car tow. The goal is for the triangle to be visible to other users at least 100 meters away. If the visibility is not good, for example, because there is a curve or grade change, you should increase the placement distance.

-In the event that the breakdown occurs on a motorway or motorway, it will only be necessary to use an emergency triangle at the rear of the vehicle. In the same way that on two-way roads you will have to place it 50 meters away from the car and that it is visible from 100 meters.

Call for help

Search around you for reference places such as buildings and exits, and check the location in the GPS of your car or phone. Call 911 and let them know your status and location; then notify family members and your insurance agency to send the assistance service on the road. You should always have a number of tow truck services, like who offer cash for cars.

Never accept help from others

Continuing with the previous point, it is highly recommended not to accept help from strangers. This can also cause more traffic and cause accidents, at the same time that the person may not know much about mechanics and end up ruining your car even more.

Do not ask others for help

Distracting other drivers can be dangerous for you and others. Don’t try to get the attention of others when you have this type of problem.

What to do about the most common road incidents?

Tire puncture

In the less severe case the air pressure inside the tire gradually decreases, so you have time to edge the vehicle.

Immediate measures must be taken to avoid an accident since decreasing the tire pressure also lowers the speed of the vehicle regardless of applying the accelerator further, so it is recommended to gradually decrease the speed, turn on the flashing lights and with all caution perform the maneuver of coming to a stop and stopping in a safe place to change the tire, avoiding abrupt acceleration of the vehicle. Make sure to always carry the spare tire in perfect condition in the trunk.

Tire burst

An extreme case is that the tire is blown, it is advisable to firmly hold the steering wheel and try to gradually guide the vehicle to a safe place and at the same time brake slowly, avoiding pressing the brake pedal fully, which can have serious consequences . Once the vehicle has stopped, the flashing lights should be turned on and the tire changed.

Physical failure of the suspension and steering elements

Some elements of the vehicle are subjected to great efforts and vibrations, which can become fatigued, so much so that at any time they could suffer a breakage or damage. You have to be alert since it can be from the fastening screws to some vital elements of the vehicle.


The most important thing is to stay calm and take all necessary measures to make sure both you and all other drivers are safe. And then call the relevant services to help you.