10 Hacks for An Epic Road Trip

There’s nothing more fun than a road trip with friends or the people you love! Driving towards the best road trip destinations can be exhilarating, and that’s enough to pump up the adrenaline rush in the body.

But are you all set to hit the road? Or do you know how to prepare for a road trip? Going on a road trip may sound like a breeze, as all you need to do is toss the backpacks in the car’s boot, and start driving!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you press the gas pedal and start driving. Here are the top 10 hacks that will surely make your road trip an epic one.

1. Plan it Beforehand

Making an itinerary will definitely help you plan your time and budget for the road trip. Always keep in mind that small businesses like traditional cafes and restaurants may not be open during long hours.

So, it’d be great to call them beforehand to ensure that the anticipated stops you are going to visit are open. Moreover, it is imperative to have a checklist at hand, so you don’t miss anything you have planned to visit.

2. Pack the Luggage Strategically

A road trip is only good when everyone in the car feels comfortable! Going on a road trip means traveling with a lot of luggage, and your car’s boot may not be that big to accommodate all the things. So how to ensure there’s enough room inside the car for everyone after stashing all the bags?

It’d be good to get a rooftop cargo carrier for your car. These rooftop cargo boxes are extremely spacious, so you get a lot of space to carry your luggage.

Go for a cargo box that’s compatible with your vehicle and fits well on the roof. Click here to check the best cargo boxes available in the market.

3. Get Your Car Cleaned


This is the right time to get your car cleaned before someone traveling with you complains about the stale smell or clutter! Most people don’t tend to clean off their cars unless it’s necessary.

When you are on the road traveling towards the destination, you have to spend hours driving, so a spick and span car is important.

Moreover, it is advised to have a car dustbin aboard so that everyone can dispose of the trash in the bin and your four-wheeler remains clean.

4. Take a Mini Fridge to Keep the Drinks Cool


The scorching heat of the summer can make your chilled drinks hot in no time. Try to carry a mini-fridge or at least an icebox to ensure that the drinks remain cool and everyone can enjoy the trip better.

A mini-fridge will also help you keep the leftover food fresh. You’ll find a plethora of compact refrigerators that are compatible with the car’s cigarette port.

5. Have a First-aid Kit Handy

There will be no medical assistance at all when you are exploring the wilds with your group. By having a first aid kit handy, you can do the basic medical treatment if required.

Usually, most of the vehicles have a first aid kit inside the toolbox. Check if the kit your car has contains all the required stuff. Here’s what you should keep in a first aid kit.

6. Secure the Luggage

Make sure that the luggage is safe at all times, even when you aren’t around the vehicle. The best way to secure the luggage is by using a rooftop cargo box with a lock. These cargo carriers are extremely durable and can prevent luggage from theft.

7. Get Your Car Serviced


When was the last time you got your car serviced? If you don’t remember, head towards the workshop before going on a road trip. A smooth driving vehicle can make the entire trip better, as you don’t have to stop numerous times to check what’s wrong with the engine or why the AC isn’t working.

Keep in mind, you won’t find mechanics or workshops on your way to the destination easily, so getting the car serviced is critical.

8. Stock on Baby Supplies

If there is a baby on board, keep a stock of supplies. Babies need multiple things such as baby food, nappies, clothes, and toys. Get a basket and keep all the stuff organized, so your little one doesn’t have any problem while traveling.

When you have all the baby supplies stocked, traveling can be a breeze. Lastly, don’t put the baby supplies in the rooftop cargo box, as it can be daunting to stop every 3-4 miles to take something out of the carrier.

9. Check the Route!

All set to leave your home? Wait, have you checked the route on GPS to ensure there are no obstacles at all? It is important to check the route at first so that you can travel with ease. Sometimes the roads are under maintenance, and it can be pretty intimidating driving through them. You should also consider how much the toll road will be. Happily there are some interesting and helpful applications such as Uproad which will help you organize your trip, and do not think about this

Furthermore, if the area you are planning to visit has less or no mobile coverage, take a physical map.

10. Crosscheck Everything Before You Leave

Before hitting the road, make sure that you have everything in place and there’s nothing left behind. Get a notebook or diary handy to note down the stuff you are taking on the road trip. This checklist will help you keep all the stuff organized when coming back from the trip.

Final Thoughts

A road trip can quickly take a turn from epic to worst if you haven’t planned for it. I make a lot of road trips every year with my family, and here are the tips that I follow to ensure everyone traveling with me gets promising comfort and relaxation.

Furthermore, luggage is paramount when making a road trip, so it’s essential to invest in a good rooftop cargo box.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the tire pressure before leaving, and always have a spare tire in your car to enjoy the trip better.

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