Great Tips for Buying Alloy Wheels

High-quality alloy wheels can help improve how a car looks and will make any vehicle stand out in a crowd. Despite that, fitting alloy wheels on your vehicle can present you with tons of other unique benefits that include improving fuel efficiency and handling.

With so many alloys, makes, finishes, colors, and sizes, it can be quite hard, even for bona fide car buffs, to find the perfect set. Whether, you are looking to buy a set of wheels for your ride or are looking to present them as a gift to your partner, kid, or friend, you should read through this guide for tips on what to look for when purchasing one of these!

Best Fit My Car?

“How do I know if the wheels I get to suit my car?” This is one question a lot of people ask when in the market shopping for alloys. When looking for new wheels online from websites like Performance Alloys, there are generally three different ways to find the ones that will best fit your car:


Alloy Wheels By Car

Searching for a new set by car is a method recommended by most experts. Under this option, you simply input the details of your vehicle (or that your friend, partner or kid drives) and you will be presented a list of alloy wheels specifically made to fit the vehicle.

By Size

Under this option, you get an entire ‘alloy wheels by sizing’ catalog that presents you with all the information you need to know about choosing new alloys by size. This option is best if you are looking to buy wheels of a specific type and fit.


Searching for wheels by brand gives you the opportunity to search for a set made by the manufacturer you prefer. For instance, if you like how Black Rhino Wheels or Enkei Wheels UK look, you can easily and quickly see all the options these manufacturers offer. However, you’ll have to check if those fit your car.


Factors To Consider When Purchasing

Buying a new set for your ride is a relatively straightforward process most of the time. However, depending on your vehicle’s specifics or the exact type of wheels you want, there can be a couple of factors to think about to make your search much easier.

What If a Car Model Isn’t Listed?

Let’s say you are searching for wheels for your Volvo S40 CD but can only find those for the Volvo S40; the good thing is that in most cases, the two models will take on the same alloys. However, this may not always apply, especially for high-performance models – for instance, wheels that fit a BMW 3 series will not fit a BMW M3.


What If I Want To Keep My Existing Tyres Still?

If you are looking to buy a replacement set only and do not want to replace your old tires, it is vital that the wheel size you buy matches the tires you have. You can easily calculate this by using your current tire size – for instance, 215/69R15 tires will take wheels that are 15-inches in diameter and 215mm wide.

What If I Want To Increase The Wheel Size

Buying larger alloys for a car is one of the most popular upgrades amongst most buyers; however, this will require that you purchase both the wheels and the tires. Not sure about the size of tires and alloy wheels your car can accept or are looking for specialist fits? Get in touch with us today via our Contact Us Page, and we will have a specialist take you through the different options available, so you have an easy time choosing alloys that best suit your needs.