A Guide to Grease Gun: its Types, Uses, Applications, and Benefits

Are you the type of person who has to change the bearing, fittings, and other machinery parts of your car too often? As compared to the life span given by the company.

Well, there must be a reason that your car parts are not well lubricated on time. Due to this they bear a lot of friction and end up losing their place and causing damage to the whole machine.

Don’t worry, after a lot of research and advice from the experts we have created a complete guide on the benefits and application of the use of a grease gun that would show you its importance and can save a lot of your bucks in replacing the parts of your car due to less lubrication.

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Types of grease guns:

Grease guns are divided into four different types depending on their power source:

by hand, by electricity, by batteries, or by air.

Each of these types comes with different uses, applications, and benefits.

Let’s talk about the common types of grease guns.

Manual grease guns


Manual grease guns are simple to use and are operated via a simple pressure trigger by the human force, they come with a lever or a pistol-type trigger.

It enables the users to control the force and flow of the grease through the nozzle.

These manually operated grease guns are cheap and ideal for those who have never used a grease gun before.

Usually, manual grease guns are an ideal choice for small works such as lubricating lawn tractors or motor vehicles.

Powered grease guns

This type of grease gun is normally operated by an electrical power source and requires no hands pressure to apply strokes again and again by human force.

Powered grease guns are easy to use and more reliable than manual grease guns only needs to plug it in the socket to lubricate anything.

Cordless grease guns

Cordless grease guns are portable and come with rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries to make the lubrication job easier.

Usually, this type of grease gun allows you to walk freely to perform any maintenance job on your vehicles, boats, etc.

But this type of grease gun is more expensive than other types.

Pneumatic grease guns


Pneumatic grease guns use compressed air to provide great power for industrial and large commercial applications.

This type of grease gun is operated by a trigger instead of a lever and is effective when attached to a compressor via a length of hose to provide great power for high-volume applications.

Uses, applications, & benefits:

In this era we are surrounded by machines, to make our lives easier machines are always there from the car we drive to different places to our lawn motor, there are machines everywhere.

As they do a lot of work they too require proper love and maintenance from us to work long and proper for us.

When the old machines don’t last as long as you expect, you might have not taken good care of them or ignored their proper lubrication.

Machines and vehicles require proper lubrication to work efficiently and last long as you expect.

A grease gun is an essential tool for lubricating fittings, bearings, and other important parts in your machine or vehicle.

In the Case of Cordless grease guns

First, fill the container with grease and then attach it with a gun and lock it.

Then attach the fully charged battery. After that unlock the safety button and press the power button slightly to start greasing your vehicle.

One thing to keep in mind is that the power button allows you to control the speed of the grease gun as well. When you press the button the grease comes out with greater speed.

In the Case of Human foot-force grease guns

This type of grease gun is operated by a human foot force.

First, open the lid of the canister, fill it with the grease and then close the lid.

One thing to keep in mind is that not filling the canister to the top-level leaves some space for air to make pressure.

After that place the head coupler on the surface you want to grease and then apply the force slowly to the lever on the side of the canister to pump out the grease.

In the Case of Pistol-Grip grease guns


First of all, remove the head of the grease gun from the barrel.

After that place the open head of the barrel into the container filled with grease.

Once the process is done, place the coupler on the surface where you want to grease and then start pumping the handle by hand.

In the Case of Lever Grip grease guns

First of all, fill in the grease as mentioned in the case of the grease gun.

Once the process is done, then close the head of the grease gun and then start pumping the grip lever to start greasing the area.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Try to clean the dispensing nozzle of the grease gun before using it.
  • Before attaching the dispensing nozzle to the grease fitting, always pump a small amount of grease out and then wipe the nozzle off with a lint-free cloth.
  • Try to avoid while charging any type of grease make sure the grease gun is clearly marked to identify the grease with which it should be charged.
  • Make sure the lubrication points should be clearly identified before greasing because the wrong grease can cause an incompatibility problem and lubrication points quickly fail.
  • Grease guns should be stored in a clean, cool, and dry area, in a horizontal position and also cover the coupler to prevent dirt and other contaminants.
  • Clean all the dirt from the grease fitting before attaching the grease gun.
  • Try to use grease fitting caps to keep the grease fitting clean, but make sure the grease fitting is clean before applying the grease.