Get Your Kid A Car – 5 Car Models Perfect for Kids

One of my favorite childhood memories involve experiences such as hiking in our nearby forest, swimming at our local pool, having no care in the world and learning how to drive on my very first power wheel.

Since your kids are still not tall enough to see over the dashboard in your car, you should get them a miniature electric vehicle that is specifically designed for children. Whether you are looking for something that is for indoor only use or if you want to let your kids drive around in your backyard or in your traffic-free streets in the neighborhood, we have made a list of the top power wheels.

1. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

This Ride-On car got on our list because of its performance, battery, safety and its extras that will make your kids’ experience more fun. This power wheel can easily fit two small children, the brakes always activate when the child takes the foot off the accelerator and even has a storage area in the back. While it is capable to reach a speed of 5 mph, you can also activate the high-speed lock so that your children can never reach speeds over 2.5 mph.

While all these features sound great to you, there are features that will be much more interesting to your kids. There is an integrated microphone in the vehicle and a speaker, a radio that has a bunch of sounds or songs, and the decals that make the Wrangler seem much faster.

2. Moderno Kids Explorer Two-Seater

This is a powerful two-seater ride-on car with a maximum of 100lb weight. It has a swappable 12V battery, 2 motors and a maximum speed of 5 mph. There are a soft start feature and an electric brake system that brakes when the foot is not on the gas. The car also comes with 2 leather seat belts which can be removed or added if you want extra safety for your children.

It also features a 2.4Ghz remote control with a button to completely halt the car. So if you do not feel safe letting your kid drive alone, you can always steer him yourself or just stop the power wheel completely.

If you want to find the top 10 best power wheels for children, check out

3. Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX


Just like a real quad, this little electric vehicle can go through any type of terrain in your backyard, no matter whether its mud, sand or damp grass.

With its wide and sturdy tires with traction marking, your children can drive around in any rough terrain easily.

4. Power Wheels Ford Mustang

Who doesn’t love a good old’ Ford Mustang?

If you want a more realistic car for your kid, then this right here is the option for you. The doors can be opened and closed, it has real mirrors just like you would find in a real Ford Mustang. It has a max speed of 5mp, but you can always limit it to just 2.5 mph.

5. Moderno Kids Mercedes Benz

This amazing vehicle looks just as good as the real thing. It captures Mercedes’ look perfectly with its cherry red color and has a couple of features that your kids can have fun with.


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