Genius Hacks for a Budget-friendly Road Trip in Australia

Vacations are fun but spending a ton of money and going empty-handed the next ain’t. So here are some genius hacks you can do to avoid spending more than your planned budget.

Save More on Transportation

Hire your own wheels for your great Australian road trip is highly recommended, especially if you are on a budget. A common misconception for travelers is that renting a vehicle is more expensive than booking a hotel. If you consider the amount spent on multiple hostels found within your road trip itinerary plus the food expenses and bus tickets per trip versus the single campervan and the groceries you have with you, you’ll be able to save a lot more than you think. Renting a campervan even works best if you are traveling with your buddies to split the costs.


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If you feel too cooped up in your campervan, you can always opt to go camping. It’s another great alternative to save on accommodation fees when you are traveling in Australia. Not to mention, there are hundreds of National parks with campsites which often provides WiFi and clean showers.

Buy Your Own Groceries

Dining rates in a lot of restaurants can be pretty pricey. If you’ve managed to get discount coupons on some restaurants then great, then if not, it is quite ideal to buy your own groceries and cook in your campervan instead. You’ll be pleased to know that some of the parks in Australia provide free barbecue facilities. So, all you need to worry about is getting the ingredients for a great cookout and you’ll have a decent meal during your road trip.

Outdoorsy Activities on a Budget

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Australia is most known for its outdoorsy culture because of the numerous nature parks and wildlife reserves scattered in various parts of the country. With that said, there are tons of nature activities you can do that are not even expensive! You could go for a scenic drive along the state’s coastlines and then take a nature walk and enjoy the most spectacular views of waterfalls and botanical gardens. You can even spend the day just swimming in the most glorious lakes and stunning beaches. You won’t be able to notice the time when you’re enjoying fun activities while surrounded by stunning sceneries offered by Mother Nature.

Travel with the company

Traveling solo may be more peaceful, and if you are doing it for soul-searching, it can be quite rewarding. But to traverse the whole of Australia, the perfect way to do it is really with the people you love to travel with. Have your family or some of your best friends go with you on an exciting trip to the land down under.

To get your trip started, you can rent a car in Melbourne here and begin one of the best travels you will ever have with these genius hacks.