5 Fun Things For Car Lovers To Do In Milan

We all used to ask ourselves – what is it with men and cars? Each of them likes to own a good car that is sometimes an object of enjoyment, and sometimes a status symbol that will attract members of the opposite s*x. Still, there is a special relationship that most men cultivate towards sports cars. When you are in Italy or Milan, which is the capital of a prestigious life – you can almost avoid the contagious fashion of driving a sports car. But which sports to choose and where to rent such vehicles in Milan? We’ll try to find out.

Love Of Cars


For a large number of women, the car is just a means of transporting from point A to point B. The fact is, it must be beautiful, clean, and fragrant. The color should be pleasing to the eye, the shape must be beautiful, the line refined – but the whole philosophy ends on that. However, for men, the car is much more than that. There is a special, unbreakable bond between them, often more lasting and deeper than the one they have with women. Men simply adore cars. Especially the sporty and fast ones. The garage where they keep their 4-wheeled pet is often the place where they feel best, where they run when they want to “purify” their thoughts or make an important decision. Cars “give back” their love and do a lot for men’s self-confidence. They make them feel powerful, strong, and sexy. Cars in the lives of many men are not just useful machines. They almost have the status of a person.

Car Selection Reveals Character

Experts claim that the choice of the car completely reveals the men’s character. However, a man is not necessarily judged by the car he has – but by the one that he would like to drive. Research shows that owners of expensive cars such as Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, or BMW  – very consciously and purposefully choose such cars. They love and want to be noticed. They also try to emphasize their status and power. These are mostly well-situated people with successful careers – who use their car to send a message that they are alpha males and leaders. As some experts claim, those who love BMW, like to be exposed, enjoy luxury, appreciate hedonism and good style, follow their beliefs – and do not give up. On the other hand, men who drive Mercedes are usually self-confident, individualists, and dominant types – who value comfort and safety.

Italy and Milan: A Paradise For Sports Car Lovers


If you are looking for good entertainment that includes good sports cars – you will find it in Italy and Milan. This is not at all strange because this country is the cradle of the best sports cars in the world – such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, etc. Whatever you are looking for, a relaxing ride or an action-adventure – this is a real paradise for car lovers. When it comes to Milan, this city offers you luxury, comfort, and style that you will not find in other parts of the world. The capital of fashion, luxury, and style will offer only the best to everyone, including drivers.

Benefits Of Car Rental in Milan


Renting a car in Milan allows you to look at the offer of its fleet in a car rental agency – and rent a car for a period that suits you in a short time. Car rental agencies have a variety of models, so you will easily be able to choose the car that suits you best. The advantage of renting a car is that you can rent the perfect vehicle for every occasion and purpose. The great advantage of using a rental car over your car is that there is no depreciation. Not only does the consumer fully enjoy the model of the vehicle he has chosen, but he has no obligation to take care of car maintenance.

Explore Milan From Your Car

Start your car adventure by renting one of the top sports cars. Italy and Milan give you the right opportunity for something like that. According to the rentluxecar office in Milan, renting a luxury sports car will provide you with the comfort and enjoyment that you have never experienced before. And you are gonna need it! You may be surprised by the traffic jams on Italian highways, but they are quite common here. When it comes to driving in the city itself, the situation is a bit chaotic, which is due to rather illogical intersections and traffic lights – which is due to temperamental drivers. Navigation is required! When it comes to fuel, it is significantly cheaper in the city than on the highway. However, if you rent a car, you can be sure that your trip will be spiced with style and luxury. In other words – you will feel powerful. Here are some fun things you can do and places you can see in Milan.


1. Duomo Di Milano

The first destination for a car tour is of course the famous cathedral. This is truly worth seeing, so the usual queue to enter will fall into the background. The cathedral’s ornate exterior just screams for painting. This is one of the largest churches in the world, and we are sure, the most beautiful. What is interesting is the fact that as part of a tour of the cathedral, you can also take the elevator to the roof.

2. Drive To Castello Sforzesco

Another interesting thing worth visiting in Milan is the Castello Sforzesco castle. Named after the Duke of Milan, Francesco Sforza built this castle in the 15th century on top of a medieval fortress that had been built about 100 years before. There are several small museums and fountains in the castle as well as a bridge that was built over the existing trench – and also a tower and frescoes that adorn the inner walls of the castle. Throughout the year, tourists can enjoy special exhibitions and concerts held here.

3. A Drive To Lake Como


A car tour cannot pass without a tour of the lake called Como. Como is also a very beautiful and picturesque town, some 50 km drive from Milan. The place was inhabited in the Roman period. It is located on the lake of the same name and is close to the Swiss border. Although it’s in the Alps – the climate is subtropical, with mild winters and warm summers. Italians recommend the place and Lake Como in spring and autumn – as it can be quite warm in the summer months. A day trip by car to Kom will be pleasant, especially if you drive your better half in a good sports car. During the trip, be sure to visit the funicular to Brunata and try a boat cruise on the lake.

4. Lunch In Milan

In Milan, you can’t have lunch at a restaurant when you want to. Lunch is served between 13:00 and 14:00 when business people usually have a break. If you get hungry after that, you can just drive someplace and eat a sandwich in a cafe – or just have lunch at McDonald’s. As for dinner in restaurants, you can eat it from 19:00 – 20:00 onwards. Prices are expected to be high, but the quality of food, service and other things are not lacking – it’s all the Italian style.

5. Nightlife In Milan


Without thinking, we recommend that everyone who drives throughout Milan experience aperitive bars. Here, you can have a cocktail or some short shots, enjoying the view of the irresistible evening clothing combinations of Milanese. You will also be honored with some saltines that are supposedly free, but undoubtedly included in the price of drinks. But who cares – as long as you enjoy your drive, fun things, and good company.