6 Quick Tips For Fixing Your Car After a Crash – 2020 Guide

Being a part of a car crash is a horrible experience that should not happen to anyone. Unfortunately, it happens a lot more than we want it to. There are millions of car accidents around the world every single year. In fact, while you are reading this article, there are probably be more than a couple of thousands of crashes.

Considering the fact that most people, including me and you, have to be a part of the traffic most of the days throughout the week, the chances that we could be part of an accident are very high. The idea that it could happen at any time is truly unpleasant.


Assuming that you have found yourself in this kind of situation, the first thing you do is to ensure whether everyone is alive and well. Your health, the health of your passenger and the other driver are the most important things after a collision.

However, if everyone is fine, the next thing you need to start worrying about is your car. It is the main transportation vehicle in your life which means that everything depends on it. Getting to work, picking your kids from school, getting groceries, etc. are probably some of the reasons why you need a vehicle. This means that you have to get your car in working order as fast as you can.

Fixing your car is not an easy task. You have to spend a lot of money (cost will depend on the condition of the vehicle), you will have to find an alternative while it is being repaired and you will also have to find the right mechanic for the job.

To help you with all of these things, we have made a simple guide for 2020 that has several tips to help you fix your car as fast as possible.

Check your insurance


One of the first things you will need to do after a crash is to make sure that you are going to be covered by your insurance. You have been paying so much money to your insurance company, it makes sense to use that to your benefit and get your car repaired. Keep in mind that the coverage by your insurance company will depend on the type of accident you have. Some companies will not even pay your repairs if you are the person at fault for the crash.

The person at fault’s insurance

Assuming that you are not the person who was at fault during this accident, you can work with the other driver’s insurance to pay back any damages to your vehicle and maybe even your medical bills (if there are any).

Keep in mind that sometimes the driver will not accept the fault and will try to get money out of your insurance too. Things can get a bit more complicated when you find yourself in this kind of situation, but that’s another subject.

If you do not manage to get any money from you or the other driver’s insurance then you will probably have to pay from your own pocket.

Choose where you should fix it


Whether you managed to get money out of insurance or not, it is time to decide where you will take your car to be repaired. Naturally, you will need to look for a reliable place that offers high-quality repairs. Look for someone that will ensure that your vehicle will be returned to its original state. Having trouble finding some reliable? Consider checking out tachoirauto.com since they handle all kinds of the collision, dent, alignment, windshield repairs, and more.

Keep in mind, if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on this problem, you could consider looking for less experienced mechanics that have a cheaper fee. However, do not just go for the cheapest one you find. Do a bit of research to find someone that will be able to properly deal with the damage done to your car.

Do a test drive


Once your vehicle has finally be repaired and looks like it used to before the collision, it is time to give a test drive to ensure that everything is working properly. First, try cruising around your neighborhood at lower speeds and listen to the engine. Note any noise that sounds like rattling, knocking or anything else that seems out of the ordinary.

Assuming that everything went well with your neighborhood cruise, you should try tacking it out on the highway to drive it at higher speeds. Make sure you slowly start accelerating to moderate speeds and make sure you stay under the limit too.

If you do not notice any kind of problem with the car, you can finally get home and park it. However, if you do notice some kind of noise, you should take it back to the mechanic and either ask for a refund or for a free repair.

Decide whether you should repair it at all

Sometimes, the damage done to your car can be too much. The damage can be so severe that buying a brand new car would simply be cheaper. If you do not have the time to go through all of the steps of working with insurance, finding a mechanic and test driving it, you should consider selling what you can of your old car.

The money you can get from selling all of those old parts could be used as an investment in your new car.

Take your time

Being in a serious car crash can be stressful and traumatic. It is not something that we are used to. Assuming that you have just been in an accident, you should take your time, calm down, and relax before you make any kind of important decisions about the future of your vehicle. I would even recommend taking a day off work and sleeping it off. Only then will you be able to make a sound decision.

By following all of these tips we mentioned above, you will have your vehicle fixed in no time.