Features To Look for in Dash cams

A dashboard camera or dash cam is a small in-car mounted recording device. It can record video and audio inside and outside a vehicle, whether in motion or stationary. It is a handy tool that can provide crucial evidence in the event of insurance claims, police investigations, and so on. 

Additionally, a dash cam is a great deterrent against theft or damage to a vehicle. Investing in one is an excellent choice for several reasons. To help find the perfect one for you, we have reviewed five of the best available here; https://www.officialtop5review.com/car-dash-cams/

  • How Does It Work and Do I Need One?


A dash cam is typically mounted onto the windscreen or atop the dashboard and continually records happenings while the car is in motion. Powered via the cigarette lighter cable or hardwired into the fuse box, it can be programmed to start recording automatically.

Dashcams record on continuous loops and segment clips into sizes that are storable onto memory cards. These cams come with many great benefits to motorists. Cab drivers, for example, are better able to monitor their cars and make more profit. Insurers have taken the cue and now offer significant discounts on premiums to clients who have them installed in their vehicles.

That said, we need to look at which specific features make a dash cam great; 

1. Resolution 

Image quality is essential; therefore ones with high-resolution pictures, and anti-glare lenses are a must-have. Fuzzy or unclear footage will not be admissible evidence or beneficial in making a claim. 

2. Mounting

The dash cam you choose should be able to be easily attached to your windshield or dashboard without obstructing your view or falling off. Magnetic mounts or those with adhesive are better compared with those with suction attachments which are prone to falling off. 

Similarly, the cabling that goes from the cam to its power point needs to be secured firmly in place. Some models feature a completely wireless appearance by having the power cable going into the mount. 


3. Storage

Storage capacity and the quality of MicroSD cards is vital. Failure to properly store or secure crucial footage can be a disaster when trying to make a claim or produce evidence. 

Most dash cams will save footage to a MicroSD card, and due to the nature of data, a high speed, sound quality card must be used. A 32GB card, for example, can store approximately 4 hours of footage which is quite sufficient. 

4. Sensors

A dash cam’s sensors aren’t just limited to providing crystal clear imagery. A great dash cam will have impact and motion detection features that enable filming to trigger as and when footage is most needed. 

A G-sensor and motion detection feature protects your vehicle at all times. Recording triggers when a person or vehicle is close by and crucially when impact or damage to your car is detected. 


5. Wi-Fi

Another great feature a robust dash cam should have is Wi-Fi. This connectivity allows you to view and transfer files directly to your smartphone or tablet without the need to connect the dash cam to a PC.

Final Thoughts 

Having a dash cam is already a necessity for most drivers nowadays. If you are shopping for one, be sure to get one that has all the necessary features to make it a great one. See here some of the best Dash Cams which have been used in 2019.