7 Reasons To Choose Epoxy Flooring For Your Garage

Your garage might be one area in your home that gets the least tender love and care, maybe because it’s not as visible as your front yard, porch, or the interiors of your home. However, it’s a space that comes with many functions like storage, parking, and handyman projects. One way to improve the quality and condition of your garage is to go for epoxy flooring.

This article will provide you several reasons why it’s a wise choice for homeowners to turn their garage floors into epoxy floors. Additionally, you can check this site.

You might have gotten tired of staring at the plain, dull, and boring concrete surfaces. It’s time to turn them into a beautiful and shiny floor that goes well with the other areas of your home. These days, many people are turning to epoxy flooring because of the many qualities it has, like the following:

1. Decreases Dust Particles


The usual problem comes with simple cemented flooring, and it’s when you could find dust on the surfaces. No matter how much and how often you sweep the floors, this natural phenomenon just recurs repeatedly.

Whenever you drive or walk in the garage, dust is kicked up and blown away into different areas of the garage, on your things, and inside the car. Even if you apply tips for controlling dust in your garage, it sure is hard to make it completely dust-free. Epoxy coatings are a great solution if you don’t like to clean up fine dust as often as needed. Because of its topical sealer function, it effectively prevents dust from collecting on your garage floor.

2. Slip-Resistant


An additive can be applied to the final coat of epoxy on your flooring to make it slip-resistant. With epoxy coatings, surfaces that get wet don’t become slippery as they do with other materials like acrylic paint. Specific ingredients and aggregates are combined in epoxy coatings, that contribute to the slip-resistance feature. So, if you have elderly loved ones living with you, as well as young children, you’ll be at peace knowing they won’t easily slip in the garage.

Those living in snowy or rainy regions will find this coating to be ideal. Your epoxy flooring won’t absorb water, and in turn, won’t harbor molds and unwanted bacteria that can inhabit damp surfaces and corners of your garage. Before winter starts, check the humidity in your garage and have your garage floor coated with epoxy.

3. Cost-Effective

Comparing this option to other flooring types–like tiles and vinyl–and their installation fees, epoxy is a more affordable choice. Rather than removing your current flooring material, you can retain them and save time and money in doing so. With epoxy finishes, you don’t have to undergo expensive and complicated processes to revamp your flooring. The new look will be smooth and bright with just your existing flooring.

Whether you’re planning to revamp a home garage or an industrial one, this option is truly more affordable. Although you will need to apply several coats of epoxy resin while waiting for some time to let them dry, it still beats alternative flooring in terms of installation time and price. You should add to the equation how easy and affordable restorations and repairs will be when you go for epoxy flooring.

It makes sense to hire a professional to install the flooring since the floor will last for an extended period of time. Therefore, the best approach to having epoxy-coated floors is to hire experts adept at this type of installation. They’re the most reliable team for avoiding errors and ensuring their efficacy for a long time.


4. Easy To Maintain

Epoxy’s simplicity in maintenance is another reason for you to go for it. The concrete is covered to reduce dust and cement particles from settling on the floor surfaces in your garage or other areas of your property. In contrast to a concrete floor usually finished with coarse textures, epoxy floors are shiny and resilient, so they are easy to sweep and maintain. In addition, if the source of the dust is contained, it will be less of an issue.

The salt from winter roads isn’t an epoxy barrier, and it can be removed much like other particles you might find on the road. No matter what you choose to use, eliminating other particles on your epoxy floors is straightforward. Epoxy is a non-stick coating that doesn’t adhere to bacteria, germs, and grime, which is good for your health, too.

In addition, scrubbing with heavier cleaning tools won’t scratch the surface. With the use of cleaning detergents and bleaches, the quality and condition of your epoxy flooring will remain the same.

5. Robust And Durable

Impacts and shocks are no match for the strength of epoxy. Furthermore, heavy weights won’t be an issue, too. Ductile strength is the distinguishing quality of epoxy, but it is also a protective coating that can withstand weathering. So even when your car or vehicle parked in the garage weighs a thousand pounds, you’ll be rest assured it won’t do any scratches and harm to your epoxy-coated floors.

Tearing and peeling won’t be possible with epoxy, too. Epoxy is stable enough to hold heavy loads, and wear and tear if it bonds well to the concrete and maintains a standard rigidity. While epoxy appears to look shiny and fragile, it is made of resin and is highly durable. Polyamine, the hardener, is responsible for epoxy’s tenacity. It prevents corrosion and strengthens the material’s structure.

6. Has Great Appearance


With epoxy coatings, you can choose from colors and reflective surfaces that make the garage appear brighter and more spacious. In addition, there are different kinds of epoxy finishes you can choose from.

It is incredible what epoxy coating can do for an ordinary piece of cement, like your garage floor. There are typically a wide variety of colors and patterns available for coats, so you will find one that fits your home theme and style.

7. Great For Resurfacing


Adding an epoxy coating to damaged, stained, or cracked commercial floors will help you restore the floor’s appearance. Epoxy coatings will conceal almost any scratch, ding, or damaged area on your floor due to their self-leveling properties.


Knowing your options is essential for choosing the right garage flooring. Now that you’re familiar with the reasons why garage epoxy flooring is a more brilliant choice, it’s time you hire the right team to install this for you. Then, take advantage of all the benefits that come with having shiny, firm, and slip-resistant garage floors.