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Enkei Ekm3 Review

Established since 1950, Enkei is a world wide recognized Japanese based custom wheels brand that not only delivers top quality wheels to the car enthusiasts but always makes sure to bring innovation to the world of automotive. Thriving hard with full devotion, Enkei has now been able to deliver its products to both automakers and aftermarket wheel consumers. Apart from being included in world racing championships for more than three decades and being an official wheels supplier to McLaren F1 team, Enkei continues to remain a top-notch manufacturer and embarks on new horizons in wheel technology.

Taking one step forward and fulfilling the expectations of worthy drivers around the globe, one latest entry under the name of Enkei has been made which is its ravishing Ekm3 wheel. Manufactured from alloy steel, designed from the ground up for performance, featured by thin spokes and glamoured by hyper-silver and gun metal finishing, this brand new and most iconic product will leave your car with nothing but getting more compliments and leaving others behind in the dust.


Continuing with the legacy, Enkei Ekm3 is a classically designed brand new wheel that is manufactured of alloy steel and available in eye tempting hyper-silver and gun-metal finishing. I, personally, have developed a thing for this gun-metallic finish that I am not ashamed to admit. The long thin spokes not only look super classy but also hold testament to the quality manufacturing materials that are able to hold this wheel up.

Pertinent to mention here that this tire is not the easiest to clean. Not a deal breaker for most, but certainly worth mentioning.


Enkei Ekm3 wheels are made for ultra high performance and are meant to provide for sports cars, sedans and sporty hatchbacks, but regular passenger cars will also benefit from the fresh looks it instills into them. Enkei Ekm3’s most treasured asset is its design capability that is assured in such a way that the cross sectional layout of the rim profile and spokes are complementary to each other. In this way, by shaving off the wheel areas where stress is least likely to occur, it has managed to reduce the weight while simultaneously  enhancing the wheel stiffness and making it suitable for a high performance. 

Not only this but it is designed in such a way that it features the coveted MAT technology for weight reduction and even lighter and thinner spokes for the much needed strength that will make your car a lot more upscale and appeasing.

Size and Configuration:

Available only in 17 and 18 inch diameters, Enkei has made sure not to flood the market with unnecessary options and all the while confuse the customer. That does mean, however, that this wheel will not fit quite a variety of vehicles and will not be able to serve those who desire oversized wheels. 

To buy the 17 inch one, click here: Enkei EKM3 (Gunmetal) 17×7″ OR Enkei EKM3 (Hyper Silver) 17×7″

To buy the 18 inch one, click here: Enkei EKM3 (Hyper Silver) 18×8″ OR Enkei EKM3 (Gunmetal) 18×8″

5 x 100, 5 x 112, 5 x 114.3 and 5 x 120 are the available bolt/lug patterns/configurations. Again, this tire is meant to fit bigger trucks or SUVs which is why you are unable to see higher configurations being offered.


This brand is certainly different from the cheap Chinese wheels that the market is currently flooded with. It hails from Japan, a leader in automotive innovation and precision engineering. Offering high durability, Enkei Ekm3 wheels are engineered to pass rigorous testing trials as the product has reported to fulfill the Enkei’s very own and tougher “Spec-E” standard testing. Unlike others, Spec-E standard involves a higher drop point along with 20% more cycles for rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue, hence presenting more resistance as compared to JWL standard. 

 After passing through several high endurance on and off road testing trials, Ekm3 have proven to be revealing no bends, cracks or breaks, giving the impression of finely designed rims.

Why choose Enkei Ekm3?

The top three qualities needed for a high quality wheel are lightweight, stiffness and looks. And Enkei Ekm3 has got them all.

Apart from successfully passing several testing trials, Ekm3 possesses the design, the strength, the performance, the durability and the lightness. You name it, we’ve got it! It is the enthusiasm Enkei Ekm3 brings to you that urges you to push your car to higher speeds, breathing new life to your daily driving experience. Not only this but its easy maintainability and effortless sustainability makes you wonder what stops you from rushing for the Ekm3. The strong qualities that it bears promise to revive the adventurer in you to step ahead in the automotive world. So Enkei Ekm3 wheels are worth the expense for all the right reasons


Enkei Ekm3 is offered at a range of very reasonable prices, starting from just $140 to around 170$. The packs exclusively include 5 lug kits and wheel hub centric rings. However, additional charges may apply. When compared to other JDM products such as Kansei KNP or Gram Lights 57CR, the difference can be clearly noticed that Ekm3 is not only more affordable but delivers more on the performance and the aesthetics side of things.

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