Driving Around the Beautiful State of Washington – 5 Fun Things to Do

Driving around Washington

Washington State is known for a lot of things. There’s a lot of rain in the Pacific Northwest. The citizens of the area really enjoy coffee and tea. The voters in the state are progressive, meaning LGBTQ+ rights and racial diversity are important in the workplace. There are also a large number of major corporations housed in Washington such as Amazon and Microsoft.

It’s about time people start to learn about all of the fun things travelers and homegrown folks alike can enjoy on a weekend or a vacation with family and friends. Washington car insurance can sway from expensive to affordable, so we’ll also discuss how to save money on your rates when you are driving around the beautiful state of Washington.

1. Kent Station

Kent Station Washington

Kent Station is one of the premier entertainment destinations in the city of Kent, a large suburb of Seattle, Washington. You can go to a movie at AMC theaters, or get some exquisite Italian food from Mama Stortini’s. There are tons of options for eating and fun in these strip malls.

You need to figure out how you’re going to get to Kent if you are a traveler or you live outside of the city, as Kent Station is in the downtown area.

Kent is in the top 10 for most expensive cities to get car insurance in Washington, though. If you are thinking of moving to Kent, there are a few things you can do to bring down the price of your insurance.

Make sure you always drive carefully. Follow the rules of the road. Don’t go through red lights and always go to the speed limit. These things will keep your driving record clean and encourage companies to give you better rates.

The Puget Sound area has lots of public transportation options if you want to avoid using a car and save on insurance. The Link light rail system is a great option to get to Seattle and other surrounding areas just outside of Kent, with a new line of transit to open in the western part of Kent in just a few years.

Driving less means you’ll also contribute to fewer carbon emissions in the area, something Washingtonians care a lot about.

2. Wild Waves

Wild Waves Washington

This theme and water park in Federal Way has been one of the best places to bring your kids to the state since it opened in the 1970s. Despite assumptions about the poor weather in Washington, it’s really a beautiful place to be in the summer. Wild Waves takes advantage of the sunshine with some creative and endearing rides and water slides.

One of the iconic roller coasters at the park is the Timberhawk: Ride of Prey. The roller coaster is made of wood, giving it a signature look anyone who’s visited the park can recognize. It’s one of the fastest coasters in the state.

Other famous attractions at Wild Waves include the Lumberjack Falls, the Kiddie Coaster, and the Konga River. Kids of all ages and even parents should enjoy the fun things at Wild Waves, making it one of the ideal items on your summer itinerary.

Now, let’s talk about how to make the most of your trip to Wild Waves with some handy tips and thoughts on travel vehicles:

Plan Ahead: Before setting out, it’s wise to plan your visit to Wild Waves. Check their website for opening hours, ticket prices, and any special events. Having a clear plan will make your day more enjoyable.

Car Convenience: If you have your car, you have the flexibility to arrive at your own pace. There’s ample parking available at the park, so no need to worry about finding a spot.

Rent-a-Car Freedom: For those who don’t have a vehicle, consider renting a car for the day. It provides the freedom to explore the area before or after your visit to Wild Waves.

Carpooling: If you’re traveling with a group, carpooling can be an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. Share the fun and expenses with friends or family.

Pack Smart: Ensure you pack essentials like sunscreen, hats, and reusable water bottles. Staying hydrated and protected from the sun will enhance your experience.

Food and Snacks: While Wild Waves offers a variety of dining options, you can also bring your snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic) to save on costs.

Enjoy the Journey: The drive to the park can be part of the adventure. Take in the scenic beauty of Washington on your way to Wild Waves.

Memories on Wheels: Consider capturing your day’s adventures with a disposable camera or a smartphone. It’s a great way to preserve those memorable moments.

So, whether you’re arriving in your car, a rented vehicle, or sharing a ride with friends, Wild Waves promises a day of excitement and joy for everyone. Embrace the sun, the rides, and the water slides—it’s an essential addition to your summer itinerary.

3. Seattle Sports

Seattle has some of the best sports fans in the world. With professional teams like the NFL’s Seahawks and MLB’s Mariners, and collegiate favorites like the Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars, there’s never a dull moment if you love athletics.

The Seahawks have been one of the most successful teams in football since the early 2010s. They won the Super Bowl in the 2013-2014 NFL season, and have made the playoffs several times afterward.

Iconic players like Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, and Russell Wilson no longer play for the team, but head coach Pete Carroll is looking to launch the franchise into the future.

The Mariners are poised to make the playoffs for the first time since 2001. Baseball has always been an iconic pastime in the U.S. and having a good team adds to the excitement of the sport. Players like Julio Rodriguez are bringing spectacular play back to T-Mobile Park.

The Seattle SuperSonics NBA basketball team is no longer in the state, but with the renovated Climate Pledge Arena, it’s looking more likely hoops will return to Seattle in the near future. Players like LeBron James and Jayson Tatum played in a pro-am game in the city in August of 2022, showing the cultural relevance of the sport in Washington.

4. Riding the Ferries

The Puget Sound is a gorgeous place to enjoy the water, and riding the ferries gives travelers and locals an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds while taking a ride with friends and family.

The ferries are also an affordable and convenient option for those looking for alternative methods of transportation. Located in the heart of Seattle, you can get to most locations in the city through a ferry ride.

However, when considering travel alternatives such as cars or rentals, it’s important to weigh your options. Opting for a car provides unmatched convenience, allowing you to explore nearby areas at your own pace. On the other hand, renting a car can be a hassle-free choice, especially if you plan to venture beyond the city limits.

Engaging with locals can also yield valuable insights and insider tips for navigating Seattle’s transportation landscape. Moreover, exploring the region by car can lead to breathtaking scenic drives along the coastline, adding a new dimension to your travel experience. Just be mindful of parking regulations and availability, as they can vary depending on your destination.

5. The Gorge Amphitheatre

Washington has a rich musical history and one of the best locations to enjoy a summer concert: the Gorge. It opened in the mid-1980s in Grant County, whose biggest city is Moses Lake. It’s equally between Seattle and Spokane, so you’ll have to drive a bit from either end of the state to enjoy a concert at the Gorge.

Some huge bands have played at this amphitheater, including Pearl Jam and Coldplay. It’s one of the most beautiful concert venues in the world because it gives people views of rivers such as the Columbia River while they are enjoying the tunes.

This is a great place to go if you are starved for fun in the eastern part of the state. Western Washington often has more fun things to do, but the Gorge is an iconic part of the other side of the state.

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