Drag Wheels Review- Are They Any Good?

Drag wheels are an extremely popular choice among the tuner and the JDM car community primarily due to the pricing. Although declining in popularity for the last half a decade, they still hold a big chunk of the market.

Drag wheels is, by no means, a new entry. They manufacture wheels for a number of OEM wheels too. The fact that Discount Tire Direct, the world’s largest wheel retailer, also stocks them speaks to their authenticity.

For people who wish to apply drag or drift technology to the streets, Drag wheels are the go-to, especially for those on a budget.

Looks and Aesthetics

Drag wheels take a lot of inspiration in the aesthetics department from Rota wheels and some have even accused Drag of copying from them. This is highly likely owing to the suspiciously similar designs and price bracket.

The subject of aesthetics is controversial for this brand. Opinions range from ‘absolutely spectacular’ to ‘downright hideous’ in this regard.

I personally believe that each model should be dealt individually. Some models like the DR-69 are really good looking owing to the sleek meshwork design. On the other hand, you are better off getting steelies than the DR-27!

Durability and Construction

Drag wheels use three different methods of construction depending on the model;  gravity casting, low pressure casting, and low pressure/flow forming. You need to be mindful of it when going for any particular model.

The clear coat and finish on these is not very durable. Users have reported peeling off of clear coat within just two winters after installation.

The construction and architecture of the wheel is an entirely different story. For the most part, they are able to bear stresses and rarely show a crack or a kink even on the roughest of roads.

Performance and Handling

Drag wheels take inspiration from drift rallies and drag strips in this regard. The performance is satisfactory for the price but no where near brands like Enkei which are a bit pricier, to be honest.

Some models bear the patented self-locking chrome stainless steel lips which immensely improve the looks but have little to do with the performance.

Their handling aspect is always brought down by the weight of these things. These are quite heavy wheels even with all the modern construction technology. I suspect this has to do with the use of sub-elite materials to bring down the cost.

Best Wheel Models

Drag DR-69

Available in two finishes; black and silver full-painted, DR-69 is an absolutely jaw-dropping wheel with its classic mesh design. Cherry on top, it is available in an array of sizes to suit everyone.

For not may dollars, you get an aluminium alloy construction which was previously thought to be reserved for the premium wheels. You can check the updated price here.

Drag DR-80

Drag DR-80 is a more restrained design featuring 5 aggressively split spokes to give off a contemporary look. It is available in five different finishes with the gloss black shadow being my favorite.

These wheels give off the BMW F10 vibes somehow, although the design language is visibly different. DR-80 is one of those wheels that I would install on any car without hesitation.

Drag DR-31

Drag DR-31 probably offers more fun finishes than all wheel models of some brands. Two especially honorable mentions are rally bronze and flat black with red stripe, both full painted.

The flat gold finish does not look good at all in real life so I would recommend not going for it. The rest of the five cool finishes do a great job of wrapping the simple and sleek 5 spokes.

It offers staggered configuration in a wide range of sizes and did we mention that the 15 inch wheel costs just $100!

Drag DR-67

Drag DR-67 is the best looking wheel from among the split spoke lineup of Drag wheels. The wide-forked design language is especially capable of capturing looks and separating from the pack.

The three finishes; charcoal gray machined face, flat black, and platinum silver that are being offered perfectly complement the laid back design.


The official website of Drag wheels is the absolutely prime example of how an official website should not be! It’s just a simple homepage with some low-resolution images which was never given much attention.

If you go the brand introduction, you will find absolutely nothing besides a picture of a wheel. The website is also not secure.

Also, don’t be fooled by the website to think that this is not a legit brand. Drag wheels is a time-tested, authentic brand that supplies wheels for a lot OEMs too.

Pricing and value

Pricing is where Drag wheels really starts to get some momentum going. Drag wheels are extremely low priced and this puts them in a price bracket where there is little competition besides Rota.

You can get a decent set of 15 inch wheels for about 500 bucks but with all the compromises mentioned above.

Drag wheels do deliver on what you pay for but if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks I would suggest you go for Enkei. They are way lighter, more durable and look a bit better too.


You get what you pay for. Drag wheels provide moderately good looks, decent performance, modern construction and compromised durability for a fraction of the price of other brands.

They are definitely worth the little price you pay for, in my opinion and if you have a certain budget, these might be the best and the only way to go.

But the real question is if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks to get to the really good brands like Enkei? If you can manage that, definitely go for Enkei.

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