Do Tonneau Covers affect Gas Mileage – 2023 Guide

What do you know and tend to do with tonneau covers when it comes to your vehicle? In fact, did you know that they can affect your gas mileage? In this article, we are going to focus on a lot of different pros of it, while also giving you different explanations on how to use them so you don’t have to waste your time figuring it out and browsing online. Interested in switching it up and seeing if you might need it? Keep on reading and see for yourself!

What is a tonneau cover?


A tonneau cover or a truck bed cover is safe, practical, and common storage that helps with your cargo. It is used to customize its appearance and to give you security. It also has different ways of opening and latching in, and has a range of security options since it has been constantly changing and developing as time went on and mechanics flourished.

FAQ about tonneau covers: top 4 answered

1. Do they help you save gas?

They are built so well that they can help you save gas. The thing is, your truck bed will act like a bucket-catching air that passes over it as you drive away. The drag adds pressure to your engine. This is why tonneau covers improve your gas mileage by sealing your pickup truck bed from this airflow, which improves the aerodynamics.

2. How much can one save with them?

Savings can differ and vary. In fact, you will experience different price points, depending on your vehicle and the model you have. Different trucks spend different amounts of gas + your driving habits can play a huge role as well.

3. Is its main feature to help with your MPG?

MPG or miles per gallon is what you spend on average when driving your car in terms of gas. However, this is not the only reason why you should get a tonneau cover. We will talk about a lot of them later on, focusing on different pros.

4. How can you improve fuel economy?

These types of covers can help quite a lot with your gas mileage, but the ultimate outcome is achieved when you combine all the elements, such as:

  • You should keep your tires inflated
  • Practice to be the best driver (especially if you drive a stick)
  • The air filter has to be clean
  • Make sure that your truck is aligned

What more you should know about tonneau covers

1. How much gas does it save?

You making an effort to cover your bed of a pickup truck wouldn’t resolve the issue or help you on the spot. Physics has a lot to do with it, where anything that can add aerodynamic to your car will impact your gas mileage. In fact, have you ever heard of the wind tunnel study? During this study and back in 2007, a group of people tested four trucks of different makes and 13 different tonneau covers, all different and unique due to their own features and materials. After their extensive research, they’ve figured out that there was a 5.7% reduction in drag. This lead to a 1.8% increase in fuel efficiency. For a lot of people, this can sound so little, but if you drive for miles daily to get to your work and you spend a lot of money yearly on gas, this reduction will mean a lot to you.

2. What are the different kinds of materials and fabric that one can go for?

Each vehicle is different, meaning that you can adjust the outcome per your needs, car model, and preference. When it comes to a tonneau cover, it can be: tailgate down, mesh tailgate, no tailgate, or a hard tonneau cover. Mesh tailgate can improve your car’s MPG, but none of the other modifications have made or can make a difference. One example also goes to show that driving with the tailgate down or with a soft tonneau cover would actually make your fuel economy worse.

3. Other factors that you should consider

When driving your truck and considering tonneau covers it is important to pay close attention to 2 different aspects, more on that down below.

A) Driving speed – how do you like and prefer to drive your vehicle? Where do you drive regularly? The thing is that different conditions can make an impact, such as if you are driving on a highway or in a rural part of the city.

B) The weight of your tonneau cover – is it really heavy or lightweight? Types that are made out of fiberglass could lower gas mileage. However, go for the lightest and lightweight kind and you won’t spot a change with your gas mileage due to lack of pressure.

4. Where to find a tonneau cover?

Since now you can see that it is a handy little item with a lot of pros to it, why not give it a go? If you want to know more and find yours ”the one” cover, make sure that you check out On there, you can browse through a lot of different kinds and models. On this list you will find both soft tonneau cover and hard tonneau cover, giving you the unique look and full protection of what you want and that suits your truck, its size, and performance. Find the one that suits your budget and preference and give it a go!

In conclusion: do you need it?

Although this is very personal and it will depend and vary from one person to the other, having it might not be a bad call. Aside from helping with your gas mileage, tonneau covers can also help secure and protect your truck bed and cargo. No one wants to leave his or her belongings out in the open and unsupervised. Invest in your chosen cover and rather feel safe and sound during your everyday activities.