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A 6-Step Guide To Disposing Of Your Old Car

One of the most precious things you can own is a car. However, with time, it gets old and becomes less valuable. As much as you’d love to keep it, you’ll be forced to dispose of it. Old cars cloud your yard and can make your place look untidy. In most cases, car owners consider several options when disposing of their old car. It’s in your best interest to use the most appropriate way. Here are some of the steps to take when disposing of your old car:

Deregister Your Car

If you’ve settled on the thought of disposing of your car, it’s essential first to deregister it. Remember, until you deregister it, you’re liable for any fees it accrues. You can enquire from your local Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about all the requirements you need to fulfill to deregister your car. For one, you must submit your vehicle registration number to the local NZ transport agency. Then, fill out the requisite form and clear any unpaid registration fees. Thus, you can find out here more about the deregistering process.

Note that you can deregister the car yourself or hire a car dealer to do all the work for you. If you go through the process yourself, you must decide what to do with the car after deregistering it.

2. Find A Buyer For Your Car

Now that you’ve deregistered, you must look into appropriate ways of disposing of your old car. Old vehicles have more use than you’ve probably never imagined. Some car buyers have specialized in buying old cars and cannibalizing the parts for profit.

There are several car buyers in the market today, and the trick is to find one with the best prices for your car. Remember, the principles of buying and selling dictate that you should go with the highest bidder. So, don’t settle on the first buyer that shows up. Wait and see if you find one who offers more cash. Selling your old car is indeed a profitable means of eliminating it from your compound.

You can search online for buyers. Critically analyse their terms of service since some may be fraudulent. Eliminate those with overly negative reviews from previous clients. On the same note, read the comments to learn more about the buyer before engaging in business. Note the negative comments as they make or break the deal. Alternatively, you can ask your mechanic for recommendations to a good car buyer. Since it’s their line of work, they can help you find the best buyer for your car.

3. Trade It In

Another way to dispose of your broken car can be trading it in. This step is key to car owners who want to have another car. You can fetch some good money from your old car and use it to finance the purchase of your new vehicle. The value of your car depends on the model, condition of disrepair, and if the car dealer has another one in their lot.

For such reasons, finding the best deal is in your best interest. Again, the dealership should have that policy in place. Not all accept to do trade-ins. Thus, find out if they can take your offer first. Then, get into the meat of the thing; the top-up amount.

Additionally, find out what other requirements you need to fulfil for your request to go through.  You can revamp your car for better prices once you decide to go the trade-in route. For instance, you can have a new coat on its body. It minimizes the chances of the buyer spotting cracks in the car’s body. You get a better deal if your car is in its best condition. Additionally, note that the buyers will have to do some background checks to ensure you’re the legitimate owner of the car, at least given the rise of crooked car buyers and sellers.

4. Donate Your Car

You can donate your old car to charity organizations if you’re not interested in making a profit. Some non-profit charitable organizations accept car donations to support their work. Thus, if you’d want to help them, you can offer your old car as a gift. The organization can decide what to do with the car. If it’s not unroadworthy, they’ll rebrand and use it as one of their organization’s vehicles for miscellaneous transport needs.

On the other hand, you can reclaim the tax deduction. It helps you save money on taxation. However, you should consult a professional on how to go about the process. It enables you to avoid losing your money and gives you an ideal amount of what to expect from the tax deductions.

5. Scrap It

If your car has reached a particular mileage and age, it’s easier to scrap it than sell it. In other words, it has reached its end of life. Some of the reasons why you’d better scrap your car include the following:

  • It‘s unsafe to drive
  • It has extensive rust issues
  • The repairs are too costly

You can scrap your car in several ways other than selling it to a junky. The first one is finding a treatment facility. Your car contains some toxic fluids that are harmful to the environment. The government has licensed some treatment facilities that guarantee your car is safely disposed of. They’ll inspect your car to salvage some valuable parts and crush it. The beauty of working with authorized treatment facilities is that most of them offer to collect the car from your garage. Thus, you’ll not incur the towing fees.

Secondly, you can contact a car removal company to tow your car. Luckily, some pay for your car and charge no towing fees depending on your location. Therefore, determine the terms of services before contacting the car removal company.

6. Recycle Your Car

Even though your car is old, some parts may still be helpful. You can decide to pull out the viable car parts and sell them in the market as spare parts. You might be surprised how much your car parts will fetch you. Work with a mechanic who’ll carefully detach the valuable parts. They’ll even find a market for your old car parts. Remember, spare parts are a handy commodity in automobiles. Thus, before calling the removal company, you can sell your car parts for some cash. It’s a viable option since it puts some money in your pocket.


Before disposing of your car, you should think critically about the most suitable ways. You can make some profits using the suggested steps above. On the same note, ensure you abide by the laws of the land on deregistering and disposing of your car. It’s also necessary to appraise online companies before initiating the process. Also, go for the most appealing deal in the market. It’s a prudent way to part with your old car.

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