7 Stylish Ways To Deck Out Your Vehicle

Car owners ages 16 to 24 have spent $7.2 billion in vehicle customizations within recent years, according to SEMA. The latest generation of car enthusiasts seems to be just as invested in their cars as the previous ones, often seeing their vehicles as an extension of themselves. There are even those who try to copy the luxury cars of the rich and famous.

But if you’re reading this, you’re probably someone who has recently gotten interested in decking out your vehicle. If that’s the case, know that there are many ways to enhance your design and make your vehicle stand out. Here are some stylish ways to deck out your vehicle.


Heads-Up Displays And Other High-Tech Car Gadgetry

Chances are, you’ve seen a few science-fiction movies in which the vehicles are fitted with futuristic user interfaces in place of a regular dash. While we may not be on that level of tech yet, you can make your car smarter with what we have right now. One major way to do so is by using windshield Heads-Up Displays (HUDs).

For those who are unfamiliar, these are essential displays that project relevant information onto a surface that’s easy to read from. In the case of windshield HUDs, they display info such as fuel level, speed, and door status. All in a way that’s minimalistic and non-intrusive. Similar to windshield HUDs, there are also smartphone-based GPS projectors that show you a real-time GPS map feed on a transparent lens.

This device simply needs you to place your phone onto its tray, which saves you the trouble of buying a phone mount and using your phone’s GPS manually. There are also such things as 360-degree dash cameras that let you record a full 360 degrees around your car’s roof. These allow for comprehensive recordings as well as an unparalleled awareness of your surroundings.

Custom Lips And Spoilers

One of the most significant ways you can add style to your vehicle is by installing peripherals. Lips and spoilers are timeless examples in this regard, as they’re particularly standout pieces. A recent favorite with spoilers is active spoilers, which adapt to the vehicle’s speed and motion. The reason these are favored is that they stick out much less than fixed spoilers when not moving. Their adaptive design also allows for better performance on the road.

As for automobile lips, there’s a wealth of lip kits on the market that will allow you to modify your car’s frontal appearance to your liking. The area where they differ the most is in performance benefit and durability. For both of those, we’ve found that the Scion tC front lip kit works best. They’re designed for sports cars, but every type of car stands to gain from their build quality.

Body Lighting Mods


Expressing oneself through car lighting mods is subjective. But it’s easy to stray from sensible and stylish design choices. The best way to do lighting is to light up areas of the automobile that make sense to light up. For example, you can run lights that trace your car’s outline. This helps with visibility in the dark and accentuates your car’s body features and profile. You can also do the same for your wheels, fenders, and spoilers.

Another example would be to add underglow lights. These light up the ground near your vehicle, which is especially useful in ensuring you don’t step into a puddle or some such when exiting your automobile at night. If you drive on the type of terrain that is prone to having puddles, though, it’s best to choose LED underglow kits over neon ones.

According to Auto Quarterly, LED kits are far more durable and longer-lasting. Not to mention, they’re much more muted in terms of brightness, which gives off a more relaxed vibe. They’re also more likely to comply with the car lighting regulations in your area.

Wrapping and Pinstriping


Another one of the most common ways people enhance their vehicles is by adding decals to the body. This usually comes in the form of spray-painting or printing. Both can be hit-or-miss, however, as they can fall into the same pitfalls as lighting mods. A great way to break that mold in a tastefully stylish way is to have your car’s body pinstriped.

Like outline lights, they’re a great way to highlight your car’s body features. These decals can come in intricate patterns and can dominate your entire exterior or be localized to a single logo-like decoration.

Personalized Plates, Emblems, And Figureheads


Besides body decals, you can also give your car an even more personal flair by ordering custom plates, emblems, and even figureheads. Custom plates are long-time favorites of people who love to make their car their own. If that isn’t for you or if you want to go further than that, you can affix a custom-made emblem with the logo of your choice to the front of your car. Figureheads are also a small but potent way to add a dash of your style to your vehicle’s profile.

Installing Custom Rims

Much like shoes, smart-looking wheels tie the whole design together. Having a well-designed car with average-looking wheels skews the overall aesthetic. Installing large rims on your wheels is generally a bad idea as this can negatively impact performance.

The best way to go with rims is to choose with designs that don’t interfere with the handling and speed you want to achieve. It’s advisable to consult your mechanic before going into a decision on this.

Interior Upgrades


Wooden wheels work great with lowriders and other cars with vintage aesthetics. For more modern-looking cars, sporty steering wheels with convenient utility buttons are best. As for the seats, look for covers that go well with the dominant colors on the exterior.

You can go with complementary colors for a sleeker, more homogenous look. Or you can choose seat cover colors that contrast with the exterior colors to make more of a statement.

The line between stylish and overt can be quite difficult to define when it comes to aftermarket car mods. A good rule of thumb is to follow a sensible design theme and have a clear purpose in mind for every upgrade.