Dannmar Car Lift Pros & Cons

Is your mechanic business booming, but you have no extra room to accommodate vehicles at once? Are there new car models that have just arrived and you want to showcase them, but there’s no space? Do you find it hard to repair your vehicle’s undercarriage at home?

It’s time you purchased a Dannmar car lift for efficiency. A car lift has many advantages to your home or business, as well as disadvantages. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of Dannmar car lifts.

The associated advantages are:

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1. Additional Parking Space

If your garage doesn’t have enough space to host the number of vehicles in your home, a car lift might be the solution you need. You can park one car on the car lift and hoist it, providing you with space at the bottom for an extra vehicle. This way, you won’t have to park your car at the roadside or in your neighbor’s drive.

Car lifts will also give you adequate space in your mechanic shop to service many vehicles without congestion. You’ll also not need to spend money to get extra workshop space for your business. The same applies if you have a car showroom; you’re able to put more cars on display to attract clients.

2. Safety

Dannmar car lifts are designed in such a way that they provide adequate support for your lifted vehicle. However, it’s good to note that different car lifts can handle different car weights. You can check this site to learn more about the various car lifts available.

The best way of ensuring safety as you hoist your vehicle is by identifying the lifting points so that your car is well placed and balanced, even in the air. Get a balance to allow for a standard center of gravity and prevent your vehicle from tipping over on either end.

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3. Easier Car Maintenance

With car lifts hoisting your vehicle at a considerable height above ground level, you’re able to access the underside of your car, giving you a favorable and adequate workspace. You no longer have to try fitting under your jack-raised vehicle for repairs.

4. Vehicle Durability

The lifespan of a vehicle tends to reduce when a car is subjected to harsh conditions, such as adverse weather.

With the additional parking space it provides, you won’t need to leave your car out in the sun, damaging its bodywork. During winter, a lot of work is done to access your vehicle stored in the open. You have to remove all the snow and ice accumulated on your car, which consumes much time and can be pretty tasking.

Also, the chances of theft and vandalism are reduced to a bare minimum since your vehicle is safely stored in the garage.

5. Versatility In Use

Car lifts can serve several other functions besides car holding or storage. If your garage is cramped and there’s less moving space, consider storing any equipment, such as lawnmowers, that you aren’t using on the car lift. It could also double up as your motorcycle storage place, keeping it away until needed.

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6. Off-Season Storage

If you have many cars, there’s a high possibility that there’s one you drive daily while the other occasionally. This could be your favorite sports car that you can’t use during winter or a work truck that you won’t use during the holidays. Instead of getting in your way, store them on the car lift for as much time as needed.

7. Cost Savings

If you’re a car fanatic, you probably love doing the maintenance and repairs on your own. This might have proven to be a challenge, especially in accessing all your vehicle underside parts. With this, you’re forced to take your car to the local garage since they have better equipment, which will cost you money.

However, installing a car lift in your garage will give paramount access to all your vehicle parts. This allows you to do maintenance on your own, saving the money you’d have otherwise used to pay a mechanic.

Also, with Danmar car lifts providing you with off-season storage, you won’t need to rent a storage space for your unused vehicles.

As previously stated, car lifts provide additional space. Therefore, car showrooms and garage owners don’t have to spend extra money on space expansion to meet their growing business needs. They can invest the money saved into other aspects of their operations.

Some of the disadvantages are:

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1. High Initial Cost

Purchasing and installing a car lift in your home garage can initially be costly. The cost of acquiring a car lift depends on the lift’s type and functionality.

Various things need to be in check when it comes to installation, primarily to provide adequate support. The floor of your garage needs to be of a certain thickness for it to hold the weight and prevent interfering with the structural integrity of your home. Any cracks on the floor need to be inspected—your Dannmar car lift provider can do the inspection.

Also, with the car hoist using volts to run its motor, the electricity in your garage needs to be on point. On average, a standard lift will need approximately 100 volts to run. This number can rise to 200 volts on average depending on the type of car lift. An electrician needs to upgrade your electricity to accommodate the car lift with a high voltage need. To add to the list of the things that need to be done, the car lift has to be riveted to your floor for anchorage.

All these inspections and procedures will cost you money, in addition to what you initially spent purchasing the lift.

2. Occupy A Lot Of Space

With various car hoists in the market, some take up more space than others, such as the four-post lift, which might hinder any other involving use of the garage space. Besides taking up horizontal space, a high ceiling height might be required to avoid damaging the car from the top. This can be quite inconvenient for you. With such requirements, you might be forced to downgrade your choice of a Dannmar car lift and choose one that will fit your garage and provide adequate room for its operation.

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3. Require Regular Maintenance

Like any other machinery, a little maintenance is needed to ensure proper equipment running. Different Dannmar car hoists have various equipment that operates them; some have cylinders, with others having a rope mechanism. With all these parts, you’re required to regularly oil them, check the tightening of any jointing bolts, among other procedures, depending on the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Neglecting or failure to adequately maintain them might reduce their efficiency, which can be dangerous. Loose nuts might lead to the falling of the car lift as you’re under it, repairing your vehicle. This could cause fatal injuries, besides damaging your investment—your car.


As seen, Dannmar car lifts have both disadvantages and advantages. However, as is evident from the information above, the benefits outweigh the cons, making it a viable choice for an investment. Therefore, don’t be left behind in enjoying the pros of having a Dannmar car lift for your home garage, workshop, or car showroom.