How to make a Custom Magnet Bumper Sticker – 2021 Guide

We are sure that you have invested a lot of effort when choosing a car. Of course, it is necessary that your car has all the accessories to feel as good as possible because of the interior. However, the exterior can also affect how comfortable you feel in your car. This applies to accessories such as wheels, glass, specially-designed lights, etc. But when we mention a specific design we have one piece of advice for you. Think of some more parts that you can decorate with interesting details that will give your car a personal touch.

A bumper is a great place for all car lovers. There is enough space to show how creative you are and show your passion. Take advantage of this great idea and customize some magnetic stickers of various shapes, designs, fronts, etc. If you are not sure how to make these magnets, keep reading and learn all about it.

Required material

So, before you start making magnet stickers, you need to have certain materials. This includes a flexible magnet, stickers, a glass cleaner of your choice, an eraser, a paper towel, a straight edge and something you can cut with. A knife or razor blade will suffice. And don’t forget to design it. You can even do that online. How to do that read at and also find out everything you need to know about cheap custom bumper stickers.


Good preparation comes first. In addition to having to prepare all the tools and materials needed for this process, something else is important. Even more important is the information you need to adopt before embarking on this creative activity. So, the safety of your vehicle should still be your priority. And important information is related to the protection of vehicles before gluing magnets. What you need to know is that certain problems can arise if the magnet does not match the surface on which it should rest. That is why it is important to avoid materials that cannot withstand the magnet, but also to measure the surface correctly to make sure that everything is in order.

Of course, first of all you have to be instructed in every detail of your car or material. You can best test the applicability of a magnet by trying to stick any other magnet to that area. Pay attention to the hardness of the surface, because if it is not strong enough, you may lose the magnet while driving. This happens due to the large airflow.


In addition to being able to test the application of magnets to the surface, we have another tip for you that is part of regular preparation. This refers to the choice of the size and shape of the magnet because there is no need to try until you reach the ideal dimensions. Instead, take some time to print and cut out a similarly designed paper and include text in it. Then you need to apply this model to the vehicle, and then move away from a little and observe from a distance to get an impression of the overall look. Believe us, this helped people a lot, because they changed their minds when they saw what the sticker on their car might actually look like. Of course, they stayed with this idea, but they made changes when it comes to design, text size, etc.

The process of making a magnet bumper sticker:

1. Material

So, the procurement of the necessary material is in the first place. When deciding on the best material, our advice is to focus on its flexibility. It is desirable that it be as flexible material as possible. There are many companies that can offer you a really large selection of materials. And that is why we are sure that you will be able to find the one that best suits your needs and desires.

2. Sticking

When you have successfully completed the first step, it is time to stick it on the magnetic material. This is actually a very simple job, and you need to apply the cleaner to the magnet. Then remove the backing from the label and you can move it to this material. Use an object that will serve when leveling, because you do not want to get annoying bubbles due to improper gluing. However, the more precise you are when applying the sticker, the less you will have to straighten. Finally, use a paper towel and use it to remove any remaining cleaning agent.

This process is so simple, that choosing sticker is actually the hardest part of your job. On the other hand, there is actually all the fun because you have a huge selection in front of you. It is a matter of various shapes, ideas, designs, etc.

3. Marking

It was time to mark the sticker and apply it to the vehicle. When doing this you can use a sharp object such as a knife or razor, but make sure they are sharp enough to be precise. A flatter edge contributes to a better look. Pay attention to the color, unevenness is more noticeable on the white surface.

4. Adjust the bumper sticker

Once you have cut the sticker, you need to lean on the bumper so that you can continue to process it. Of course, this step is taken under the condition that you did not cut it by heart, but you made a model that you perfect after measuring. Measure the sticker by pressing it against the bumper one last time and checking where corrections can be made. You can then place your magnet on the vehicle.


It is important to note the importance of proper magnet care. In order to use it for as long as possible, you need to pay attention to it from time to time. For example, it is advisable to remove it and the vehicle before you dedicate yourself to washing the vehicle. Even worse if it is done by experts who mostly use chemicals that damage magnets, and this is most common on winter days. It would also be good to remove the magnet once a week and wipe that part of the surface, but also leave it to dry. This prevents moisture from passing through.


Magnetic stickers are a great way to add a little color to your car and contribute to its more interesting look. On the other hand, you have stickers that leave marks or are very difficult to remove due to the material that is very aggressive towards the bumper. That’s why removable stickers are always a better choice, and you may simply want to change them often for a variety of reasons. Either way, we hope we’ve helped you learn how to come up with this modern accessory that will adorn your car.