Could this Volvo PV Concept be the Future of Transportation?

Futuristic concepts have always been interesting to develop, explore, and look at. Visionaries and designers love spending their time thinking about the future of their area of expertise. They constantly develop new and exciting examples of futuristic tech that could someday give inspiration to the real models developed for the market. Concept cars are among the most favorite among both critics and customers.

Volvo is a big name in the automotive industry, and this concept gives us a glimpse into the future of inner-city transportation. Take a look at this funny looking little vehicle. This is a result of the distinctive simplicity of the famous Scandinavian design, combined with the always-changing and high demanding needs of urban transportation.

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This car is dramatically different from everything else for a good reason. The most notable part is the adaptable seating position, as the user can choose how they wish to travel. Standing position is available for shorter distances, while a more reclined posture is also an option for somewhat longer trips. The headrests are connected to the taillights that move along with the seating system. This, in turn, changes the exterior visuals of the whole vehicle. This truly is a futuristic design.

This autonomous car-share vehicle could impact the whole idea of transport, as functionality meets impeccable design solutions meant for the most convenient urban mobility.

Fans of futuristic movies and video games can already see streets filled with cars like this one, bigger and smaller, all sharing this innovative technology. If this is what the future holds for public and private transport, we are in!