These are the Cool Cars of the Future – Coming in 2021 and Beyond

Even if you’re living in the age of same-day delivery, fast-speed internet, and self-checkout, you cannot rush some things. The following vehicles will reach dealer shops in the following months or even years because it takes time to craft a high-quality car. Some of them are still in the design stage, and a few are on the assembly line. But we cannot be more excited for the moment when automakers will launch them, and we can test and drive them. We decided to write this article about them because they are the vehicles that will matter in the following years. If you’re a car passionate and want to purchase the latest vehicle model to add it to your collection, the followings are worth the wait.

As 2020 is coming to an end, you’re wondering what cars are coming out in 2021 and beyond and if the pandemic has influenced their deadlines. That’s a good question because, for months, automakers had to stop their production lines to prevent their workers from catching COVID-19. But now that most manufacturers re-started the production of cars, we’re hopeful that they’ll be able to deliver the model in the established time frame.

Here is a list of the coolest cars of the future.

Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen is designing a range of electric cars to launch by 2025. Volkswagen ID.4 is the first model the automaker plans to launch in the USA, and it’s created as an electric crossover. The manufacturer has researched the market before designing it and determined that compact crossovers are the most popular models nowadays. It makes sense for their new electric model to come in a vehicle the public enjoys. VW needs the public to buy this electric model if it hopes to have success in launching a line of exclusive electric cars. And giving buyers a vehicle in the size and shape they prefer marks the first step in convincing them to choose the brand.

Maserati MC20

Maserati MC20 is a mid-engine vehicle that tries to remind the auto market that Maserati still exists and is producing vehicles. Some call this model the successor of the mega-expensive MC12, so expect to find it at a six-figure price, as all the Italian sports cars the automaker sold in the last years. The manufacturer wants to provide MC20 in both convertible and coupe forms. Maserati promises that MC20 marks the start of a new era for the brand because it finally understood that it desperately needs to start producing vehicles relevant to the industry. It has recently provided some technical details about the model, and we expect the car to have a twin-turbo V-6 engine that produces 621 horsepower.

Land Rover Defender 80

This new Defender model is a new project for the automaker that has registered high praise for the first Defender vehicle in the line. If Land Rover decides to launch it in the USA, it has high chances to enter the top of the most popular off-road-oriented cars. We will call it Defender 80 because the UK media has reported the automaker intends to pick this name. After all, it called the two and four-door Defenders the 90 and the 110, but the manufacturer didn’t confirm the name until now. If you want to purchase the latest Land Rover in the USA, get in touch with a local dealer.

Lincoln reduces the 2021 model line-up to four models

Lincoln is another brand that modifies its production line according to the market trends. Because crossovers and SUVs are at a high search at the moment, the automaker decided to trim the line-up for the next year to just four models. Lincoln Corsair will return for 2021, mostly unchanged except for the plug-in hybrid electric alternative’s launch. Lincoln Nautilus will come with a new dashboard and modern interior models. The most expected change is the next-generation Sync 4 infotainment system. Expect dealers like to add Lincoln Nautilus to their portfolio. Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln Navigator are the other two models the manufacturer produces in 2021, and they both have minor changes in their appearance and functionality.

Ford Fusion Active

For this model, the manufacturer takes a high risk because introducing a station wagon that features SUV characteristics on the American market can have its ups and downs. But Ford has decided to kill off the Fusion sedan model at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, and it needs to continue the line with a new model. Even if the Fusion sedan was highly stigmatized, it’s one of the most practical vehicles the manufacturer provides, and families will always look for cars that integrate its features. Bringing the new version of Fusion on the American market may make the public forget about the disappointment they felt towards the sedan.

Are you thrilled to drive these cars?