How to Convert Your Van from Euro 5 to Euro 6 – 2022 Guide

We all need to understand that our actions, and sometimes even not doing anything, have consequences, and the environment is perhaps the best example of that. Namely, the emissions of pollutants are at the highest point, even with all the measures and actions governments have taken, meaning that there are only two ways to go, and we can either do nothing and continue to pollute or actually do something in order to preserve and leave the planet to future generations in at least the same level it was when we got born. Of course, saving the Earth is also a costly project, but one that we simply need to follow through, and the best way to start is by dealing with the biggest pollutants, and that’s our vehicles. That is why Euro 6 standard was initially introduced, which brings us to today’s topic, and that’s whether and if so, how to convert your vehicle, or to be more precise, a van, from Euro 5 to Euro 6.

Introducing the Euro 6 standards

Things are changing for the better, and today, people are more and more aware that we have only this one planet to live on, and it is crucial to protect it from harmful influences and keep it clean and healthy. It is one of our principal duties as citizens of the Earth to follow some basic rules and try our best to keep nature unchanged and preserved. Of course, some will argue how climate changes and ozone holes are all just a myth, but we are all witnesses of severe climate changes, and that’s something that affects us all, no exception.

Some of the biggest pollutants are the gasses that come from the vehicles we drive every day, and minimizing the emission of these gases would and can help a lot, and it is a must if we want to improve our lives and our overall health. The vehicles emit many harmful gas emissions, and it is important to have some standards in order to reduce them. It all started in 1993 when the first emissions standards were introduced, with nitrogen oxide emissions being the biggest enemy.

When was the Euro 6 standard introduced?

The first thing to know is that this is in charge of the European Commission, and they change standards every time when the pollution is at a high level, and it is necessary to react. The latest Euro 6 standard has been in force since 2015, and each commercial vehicle needs to meet those standards measured by an official test. Yes, this might be an impact on your budget, but just be honest with yourself and answer the question of whether you want to do something and help preserve this planet for future generations or not. Besides reducing pollution, two of the biggest benefits of Euro 6 vehicle wise are much better engine efficiency and fuel economy.

Euro 5 vs. Euro 6

When it comes to these two systems of standards, it is necessary to say that both of them did a great job in saving our planet from pollutants, but Euro 6 is an improved, or to be more precise, a more strict version. The reason for that is pretty simple, there are more and more vehicles around, which means higher pollution, and the old system of standards was not strict enough to cope and handle that. When we talk about the number of vehicles on a global level, it spiked in the past two decades, which is the main reason for yet another standard being introduced. Both of these standards are for diesel engines, and their role is to control the number of harmful emissions from them.

Although Euro 6 regulates and keeps bad emissions at bay, it is expected that the measures will be even more rigid and that this standard will last only for three more years when Euro 7 can appear. But, it will also not last for a long time since it is almost certain that 2027 is the year when the standards will be the most rigid, and every possible emission will be forbidden. It’s something of a must if we want to prevent any more damage to our climate and Ozone Layer. That standard will be for vans and cars because it is expected that they will become electric, which means no emissions at all, but for other vehicles, Euro 7 will last at least until 2040.

What does it mean for van drivers?

Now, when we understand the standards and why they are so important for us, it is time to make clear what that means for van drivers and what they can do to meet them. The best possible option is to buy the newest van that already meets the latest criteria and simply enjoy the ride, but it is also the most expensive option. That is why many decide or prefer to go with a much less costly alternative, and luckily, there is always an option that requires a little effort, but it is possible, and it is to transform the older one and make sure that it meets all the important criteria. Now, it’s not like just anyone can start transforming and converting Euro 5 to Euro 6, as it is an impossible task if you don’t have proper parts and a person who knows what to do with them (if you are not sure). So if you need high-quality parts and do not know where to find them, visit¬†BlueTruck24¬†and check their vast offer.

How to achieve this goal?

The first task is to find reliable and experienced service or company that does this type of car repair, and it is also probably the most difficult thing, as not many mechanics can do that. Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot just decide to do so, as you need proper documentation and approval in order to start converting your van from Euro 5 to Euro 6. Furthermore, and this is where most people often make a mistake, make sure to check whether this latest standard applies to your van, as some older vans are exempt from the charge.