Commute Through Winter in Style and Safety with a Lincoln SUV

Lincoln has been synonymous with American automotive excellence for decades. While their 20th century sedans may appear to bear little resemblance to their ultra modern fleet of sports utility vehicles, the DNA is identical.

Today’s Lincolns have the same sumptuously appointed luxury and grand scale that cemented Lincoln’s reputation for excellence — the only thing that’s different is modern technology. This winter, you can drive in supreme comfort and added safety if you ride in a Lincoln SUV.

Read on to learn more about the different kinds of Lincoln SUVs available, and some of the advanced features keeping you stylish and safe.

Range of Sizes

Before delving into the advanced technology, it’s important to appreciate that there isn’t just one size called an SUV. Lincoln has a complete lineup of compact crossover to full-size SUVs, and each one fulfills something a little different.

The Lincoln Corsair seats five, and gets 22/29 miles to the gallon (for city and highway driving, respectively). There are different trim options determining things like engine type and interior details, so you can decide for yourself what motor you want and what level of luxury suits your needs and budget.

The Lincoln Nautilus and MKC also seat five, while the Lincoln Aviator is a three-seat SUV that can comfortably seat seven. The Lincoln Navigator can actually seat eight. If you need to pick up the carpool and want to give every passenger the level of luxury they’d be lucky to find while sitting shotgun, the Aviator and Navigator are for you.

Visit a local, family-owned car dealership like Colony Lincoln so you can see the full range of Lincoln options in person at the same time — great selection on the lot makes the process of buying a vehicle much faster and more convenient.

Lincoln Co-Pilot360

The fleet of Lincoln SUVs is available with new advanced safety features which will effortlessly keep you and everybody on the road safer. Beyond safety, some are also designed to help you drive with more confidence in tight spaces, so driving is more pleasant.

Enhanced Active Park Assist

Do you ever stress out when you’re in public trying to park a large vehicle in a tight space? Enhanced Active Park Assist makes parallel and perpendicular parking easy.

Ultrasonic sensors can help you locate an available, ample parking spot. When you activate this mode, all you need to do is control the shifter buttons, brake and accelerator, and the car will steer itself into the spot.

Pre-Collision Assist with Emergency Braking

Perhaps Lincoln’s most impressive and important safety technology, Pre-Collision Assist with Emergency Braking uses radars to constantly scan the roadway for other vehicles or pedestrians. The vehicle itself is able to detect if a collision is imminent.

If there’s a risk of collision, the driver will be alerted via flashing lights and a beeping sound so they can safely avoid a crash. If no corrective action is taken, the vehicle will apply the brakes automatically to lessen the impact.

This system is not meant to replace careful driving, but this is an extremely useful application of advanced technology which will keep everybody inside and outside the vehicle safer.

Head-Up Display

Lincoln makes it easy to keep your eyes on the road while remaining aware of important vehicle information. Decide which data to display on the windshield itself, from standard driving information like remaining fuel to more advanced things like Lane-Keeping System information.

The display will be visible no matter how bright or dark it is outside, or even if the driver is wearing sunglasses.

Adaptive Headlamps

A vehicle that casts the right light when shining the way forward is truly advanced. Lincoln’s Adaptive Headlamps cast a wider beam at slow speeds and a narrow, tighter one when going faster.

Additionally, the headlamps are designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle itself. You probably won’t ever need to replace them.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Sometimes keeping a steady pace on the highway gets tiring as the lull of repetition takes hold. Lincoln has an available Adaptive Cruise Control function which lets you drive at the pace of traffic in a way that’s both effortless and safe.

The Stop-and-Go capability is paired with Front Collision Warning technology, so the vehicle’s radar scans the road ahead and detects slower upcoming traffic. The system will brake and accelerate automatically, to effortlessly follow the speed of traffic. The Stop-and-Go feature can make your vehicle come to a complete stop when there’s gridlock, and resume driving when traffic eases.

These features are just designed to make driving easier, and are in no way meant to replace the driver’s careful attention. Though augmenting manual driving precautions with technology can’t hurt!

Forward and Reverse Sensing

The Lincoln has sophisticated sensors in the front and back of the vehicle, which make it easy to drive forward or in reverse safely. Especially when driving a large vehicle, having an eye behind you when backing into a spot or out of a driveway is a huge help.

If a vehicle suddenly drives by as you’re backing up, or there’s a toy or small object at the edge of the driveway, the driver will see it well before it’s too late.

Truly Incredible Sound

Half of having great tunes in your car is easy access to the playlist or music apps on your smartphone. But to have it sound incredible requires the sound system found in today’s Lincoln SUVs. The available Revel Ultima Audio System places no less than 20 speakers in strategic locations to make all your favourite music come alive at any volume.

The high and low tones will ring clear as a bell, while Stereo, Onstage and Audience sound modes let you adjust the audio system to complement the music itself.

Everybody has different needs in a vehicle, but if you’re looking for advanced style and safety technology this winter, check out the lineup of Lincolns available and get the vehicle that’s right for you.