Common Car Detailing Mistakes People Make – 2020 Guide

Living without a car in today’s world seems almost impossible. Going by a walk from one place to another takes a lot of time. That is the reason why people do not hesitate to spend more money and ensure a good vehicle.

It is not a secret that drivers consider their car as a member of the family. There is always something they would want to fix, improve, or change. Because of that, being a car owner is not an easy task. One of the duties that all car drivers have is to regularly clean their car. Unfortunately, you won’t manage to remove grime or repair the car’s paint with soap and wash. Detailing a vehicle is the option that will bring you the best possible results.

At first glance, car detailing may seem like a complex thing. Drivers often hire someone to do that instead of them. But, if you are a DIY type of person, you should know a couple of things before deciding to complete the job alone. Learning from the mistakes of other DIY enthusiasts will give you some answers. Because of that, we prepared a list of common car detailing mistakes people make. It is in your best interest to hear them and avoid making them in the future. Let’s find them out together!

Picking the Wrong Products

The Internet is an awesome thing only if you know how to use it properly. You will manage to find many car detailing products by basic Google research. At first glance, they will all look identically good. However, that doesn’t mean you should purchase the first one you find online.

Getting familiar with different brands and types of products should be your main priority. Visit the websites like where you will manage to find reviews about particular car detailing products. Read all of their characteristics, check their price, and pick those that meet your requirements. Read the reviews only on the websites that have the credibility to talk about the subject.

Using Wrong Towels

Many car drivers believe they can use any kind of towel to clean their car. For instance, you can often see them using dish rag or old towels to complete the job. Working with that type of equipment is not going to bring you the results you expect. If you want to complete the job in the right way, it is recommendable that you use microfiber towels. These towels have some specific features that will clean your car even better. They are made of soft material, and they can’t cause damage to the car’s paint.

Despite that, people make a mistake when they want to dry their vehicles. Because of that, using a chamois cloth for that purpose is also a common mistake. These towels cannot remove the dirt. Additionally, they may leave swirl marks on the surface of your car. We are sure that is something you will want to avoid.

In the end, detailing your car effectively with one towel is impossible. You can’t dry the car with the same towel you used for cleaning. In that way, you will only rub the grime back onto the car’s paint.

Starting the Process In a Wrong Way

It may seem strange to hear that you need to make a plan for the entire process. People often leave the wheels for the end of the process. However, you mustn’t forget that wheels are the dirtiest part of your vehicle. Because of that, you should start the entire process with wheel cleaning.

There are a couple of reasons why starting in that way is recommendable. Imagine that dirty water splashes on the car surface that you were previously cleaning for hours. The hard work you invested is not going to pay off in the end. You will need to repeat the process once again.

Despite that, drivers usually do not use the right tire cleaner. Many of them would decide on using solvent-based cleaners without thinking about the consequences. These cleaners can only eat away at rubber tires. Because of that mistake, tires won’t be as durable as you imagine. There is a big chance they will wear down or crack faster than usual.

Not Avoiding Direct Sunlight

Car owners need a lot of space to complete their task, and many of them would decide on cleaning their vehicle in their backyard. Cleaning your car outside is okay only if you avoid the direct sunlight. That especially counts during summer days when the temperatures are high. Whichever cleaner you use, it will dry faster because of the heat. Avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures is the only way to avoid getting water spots and swirl marks.

There is another reason why you should avoid cleaning your vehicle at high temperatures. Working under those conditions will only make you feel nervous. You will try to speed up the process, and that can lead to some mistakes. Instead of that, completing the job during days with lower temperatures is the best choice you have. If you need to wash your car urgently, try to pick the cloudy days.


Overwaxing is the most common car detailing the mistake that people make. We understand that you want to protect the surface of your care from oxidation and fading paint. Despite that, we also understand how proud drivers are when their vehicle is shiny. However, that doesn’t mean you should decide on overwaxing your car.

When you use too many layers of car wax, the car’s pain will become cloudy. It will be enough to use two coats to complete your job successfully. One coat of fax should be for foundation, while another one should only serve as a backup.

Besides that, car owners often pour the wax directly to the vehicle’s surface. They believe their car will look even cleaner because of that. If you are one of those drivers, we need to tell you that you are wrong. Not using foam applicators will only damage the color and make it look messy.