How to Choose a Pedestrian Car Accident Attorney: What You Need to Know

Life is dangerous for pedestrians in densely populated areas of the United States, with nearly 7,500 pedestrians getting hit by drivers in 2021. The injuries caused by getting hit by a moving vehicle are severe and, in some cases, life-altering. Many pedestrians pay significant medical bills to regain their health and previous life.

One of the worst aspects of being a victim of a pedestrian accident case is the possibility that you won’t receive reimbursement for the money you’ve spent to get your health back. It’s essential to choose a pedestrian accident attorney to represent you when a dangerous driver has hit you.

The other party’s insurance policy will look for every way to avoid paying you. The good news is that you’ve uncovered the perfect guide to hiring the best options for attorneys.

Continue reading to learn what to look for when finding legal representation for your pedestrian accident injury today!

Look for Experience

Experience is critical when hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you after your accident. Personal injury lawyers have expertise in various areas of the law. You won’t get the help you seek if you hire an injury lawyer specializing in motorcycle or car accidents.

The wrong lawyer won’t have the knowledge necessary to build your case and help you get the settlement you deserve. Ask the attorney if they have experience handling cases like yours. It’s best to find an attorney with an extensive history of taking and winning cases like yours.

Ask About the Success Rate

Experience is an excellent starting point, but it’s also critical to ask about the attorney’s success rate with cases similar to yours. A track record of losing cases and failing to secure worthy settlements is a red flag that you should continue your search.

Ask about how many cases they’ve won and lost. The tough questions are necessary to gain the information you need to make the best decision. Find out more about the size of settlements that past clients received when working with the attorney.

The settlement amounts will help you set expectations for reimbursement for your medical bills and suffering. Choosing the best pedestrian accident attorney will secure a much better settlement.

Ask for Referrals

Referrals and reviews are the most effective ways to eliminate attorneys from your list of options. Past clients are the best referrals since they’ve been in your situation before. You’ll get a clearer picture of what it’s like working with the pedestrian injury lawyer.

Look for satisfied clients when preparing to choose your representation. You should avoid working with a lawyer with many unhappy clients. It’s also a significant red flag if the lawyer has no one to refer you to.

Consider reading online reviews to gain more insight about your personal injury lawyer before proceeding. Google is the perfect resource to narrow down your options by reading reviews. Alpha Accident Lawyers will provide the best representation if you require a settlement after your accident.

Compare Attorney Fees


Comparing attorney fees is more than determining how much a lawyer charges for their services. It’s critical to hire a lawyer you can afford to avoid going into debt.

It’s also worthwhile to compare the types of fees you’ll face when you choose a pedestrian accident lawyer. Some attorneys charge an hourly rate for their services, while others work on a contingency basis.

Contingency is best since you will only pay something if the attorney wins your pedestrian accident case. Talk with your attorney before the case starts to determine the settlement percentage they’ll receive.

The going rate for contingency fees is 33 percent. Cases that go to court could push that percentage higher, so prepare to give up more. Complex cases could also result in a more significant contingency fee.

Find the Best Fit

One overlooked aspect of choosing a lawyer for your pedestrian accident case is your lawyer’s personality. You’ll spend much time interacting with your attorney over the weeks and months your case lasts.

The experience will be frustrating and challenging if you hire a lawyer with whom you don’t get along. Avoid hiring a lawyer based only on their negotiating skills. Your odds of getting a fair settlement are higher when you hire a lawyer you work well with.

The attorney you choose will be an essential staple in your life throughout your case. They’ll know your personal information, so finding an attorney you’re comfortable with is crucial. The process is much easier when working with a lawyer who feels more like a friend than a legal professional.

Value Communication

Find a lawyer who is communicative when seeking legal help after your accident. A lawyer with a full caseload will not provide the service and communication you need to get updates on your case.

The best attorney will promptly respond to calls, texts, and emails. You’ll get the answers and help you need as the process evolves.

Interview Multiple Options

You’ll likely find multiple options that check all the boxes when seeking help with your pedestrian accident case. Interviewing multiple options is wise because it helps you find the perfect fit based on experience, lawyer fees, and personality.

It’s the best way to work through your shortlist and find qualified attorneys to negotiate a sizable settlement on your behalf. Free consultations are your chance to ask difficult questions and get the answers you need before making a massive decision for your future.

Choose a Pedestrian Accident Attorney You Trust Today

Preparing to choose a pedestrian accident attorney is critical after you’ve been hit by a motor vehicle, especially if you’re facing rising medical bills. Find a lawyer you work well with, and prioritize communication for updates on your case’s status.

Use referrals and online client reviews to eliminate options and compare lawyer fees to determine your budget. Free consultations are your chance to find the perfect fit for the best settlement.

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