The Many Impressive Cars of Action Hero Actors

In today’s day and age, there appears to be a growing interest in the superhero genre of storytelling. Many high-budget productions, various different franchises, engaging characters, as well as comic books, all contribute to this interest.

Another huge factor though, is the actors and actresses portraying these heroes on the big screens. A good performance often either makes or breaks a superhero character, and heavily contributes to the likability of said character.

With all this considered, it is not surprising that successful superhero actors tend to be wealthy. Ever wondered what car Iron man or Batman would drive in real life. Well we are here to answer that, and go over some of the more famous actors, and their extravagant collections.

Tobey Maguire/Spiderman

How about we begin with perhaps the most famous superhero of all time. Tobey Maguire is known for many things. Whether that is his close relationship with fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio, or his interest in card games such as poker. However, you cannot deny that the defining moment of his career, was accepting the role of Peter Parker, in the iconic Sam Raimi Spider-man trilogy.

After memorable performances and three successful films, Tobey secured quite a paycheck, skyrocketing his popularity and certainly helping him purchase many things, including cars. Nowadays he mainly drives around in a Tesla model X, a beautiful electric car first released in the year 2016.

With the cost of 105 thousand dollars, as well as an impressive top horsepower of 670, the car is definitely quite desirable. It is capable of very quick acceleration, more specifically, reaching the speed of 60 mph in around 2-3 seconds, in addition to having a dual electric engine.

Some other notable details may be the butterfly style doors, as well as 5000 lbs of towing capacity and maximum utility. The model X is similar to the predecessor model S, which Tobey also owns in addition to the classic Mercedes Benz.

Robert Downey Jr/Iron Man

Moving on, we have another Marvel superhero actor, the one largely responsible for the skyrocketing of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which had a successful start all the way back in 2008, with RDJ portraying the now beloved character of Tony Stark.

Tony instantly made an impression on the audiences in his very first scene, in which he was having fun at a casino. Of course, his initial interest in the industry is self-explanatory, as he represented a wealthy, charismatic character who enjoys the thrill of exhilarating games. In the casino scene, he indulged in the classic game of poker, together with other villains, where he manages to ace the high-risk game while grasping the attention of all the witnesses in an instant. This scene not only built the anticipation for the character’s maneuvers but also set the tone for the rest of the movie.

Just like Stark, Robert Downey is also evidently quite wealthy, and happens to be a bit of a car enthusiast, owning over 10 different ones. Notably, he seems to be a big fan of Audi though, owning three different variations of R8, including the 2009, 2014 and red convertible.

His interest in the model is quite justifiable, as the car is incredibly aesthetic, and well crafted. Audi always gives the R8 variant a dual clutch, seven-speed automatic transmission, with a 406 lb-ft of torque, paired with the top horsepower of 562.

Additionally, the car is equipped with a powerful, 5.2-liter V-10 engine, allowing it to reach highly impressive top speeds of 372 KMH. Pair this with the quick acceleration seeing as the model passed the 0-60 test in an impressive 2.7 seconds, and you have the justified average cost of around 150 thousand dollars.

In addition to the R8, RDJ has some collector’s cars, like the 68 corvette, and 1970 Ford Mustang Boss. Owning models of Porsche, Mercedes, and a Ferrari, it becomes easy to see why the collection as a whole is estimated to be worth around 4 million dollars.

Christian Bale/Batman

While there have been many who have played the role of Batman, including great actors like Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and now Robert Pattinson, Bale’s portrayal in The Dark Knight trilogy will forever remain iconic. The movies themselves offered us a great, exotic concept car called Tumbler, which talented fans of the franchise have recreated into semi-functional models.

Back to Bale himself though, his decorated career allowed him to purchase a couple of Lamborghini models, like the Murcielago Roadster for example. A beautiful car, possessing a powerful V-12, 6.5-liter powertrain, as well as 6-speed clutch automated transmission.

The high horsepower of 631 allows the car to pass the 0-60 test in 3.4 seconds and reach the top speeds of 205 MPH. Intuitively, all of this results in the model being very expensive, specifically coming in at the price of 395 thousand dollars on average.

The price is almost identical to the other Lambo model that Bale owns, and that would be the Aventador. Of course, this results in some similarities with the two models, however this one does possess the superior horsepower (700), and slightly better acceleration, and top speeds. Another difference is the 7-speed transmitter, which happens to be dual-clutch automatic.

Other cars in Bale’s collection are not nearly as expensive, and seem to be reserved for family trips. Take the 2003 Toyota Tacoma, a pickup truck that he owned for over a decade. In comparison to the Lamborghinis, the car sits at a humble price of 22 thousand dollars, with the horsepower 190, and the V-6, 3.4-liter engine.


Well, great fame may come with occasional negatives, but as we saw luxury cars certainly are not one of them. It is natural for success to bring many great material products, and after all, who would not want to own a reliable, well-constructed car?!

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