10 Cars Affordable For Students

Cars in college deliver convenience and prestige. A car will allow you to live away from campus while commuting conveniently, do business, work, and go on trips, among other benefits. You also join a special class of students with cars in college.

The biggest challenge for students is identifying the right car. Some cars are too expensive, and students cannot afford them. Here are tips to help you choose the most affordable car in college.

1. Skoda Fabia


Three qualities make the Skoda Fabia ideal for a student’s life. It is spacious, comfortable, and practical. It will help you to travel with friends over weekends and holidays, enhancing your college experience. Some homework professionals can get MyPaperDone while I travel or take up a job in college.

Skoda Fabia is a supermini that stands out because of its affordability. It is a hatchback that will accommodate all your friends and items when you travel. Its affordability makes the car desirable for students at all levels.

2. Vauxhall Corsa


Vauxhall scores an impressive preference grade among college students because of its value for money. It is one of the cheapest you will get in the market at $17k. Despite the low price, this vehicle will fit a beginner as well as an experienced driver.

Vauxhall is impressive on the road. It gives you great control and impressive fuel consumption. It has a boot big enough to accommodate your luggage when going on a trip or stock when you start a business. It will last through your college years and remain functional after graduation.

3. Dacia Sandero


If you love fashion, Dacia Sandero is the vehicle to buy while in college. It is comfortable, luxurious, and affordable. It is one of the cheapest vehicles in its range. For just $8,500, you can have a new Dacia Sandero.

Dacia is considered a practical yet comfortable car. It can comfortably handle any terrain and weather. It also has an excellent resale value, making it easier to sell or trade when you need to upgrade. The car has a very affordable insurance rating, helping you cut expenses.

4. Volkswagen Polo


Volkswagen is always attractive because of the thought that goes into building its cars. It is an old brand that has had the chance to prove its worth. At whichever price, you will have excellent value for money.

Polo is a perfect choice for students looking for small cars. Its engine capacity also makes running the car more affordable. It gives you a feeling of a big car despite its small size. Whether you are traveling a long distance or running errands around campus, you have the perfect vehicle.

5. Hyundai i10


Students are always looking for practical solutions packaged in small cars. You enjoy 40mm longer body space between the wheels, providing all the space you need to comfort your passengers or luggage.

The interior of the Hyundai i10 is built for young drivers. The vehicle offers the latest technology on a wide screen and cruise control. It also comes with a reversing mirror and phone mirroring technology. It is sharp and stylish, with the engine offering 55mpg.

6. Ford Fiesta


Ford Fiesta stands out because of its affordability. At $18,000, you have a mini that behaves like the big boys on the road. It has speed, style, and fuel economy.

Ford Fiesta is well-equipped with the latest technology in the motor vehicle industry. Despite its size, Ford Fiesta is extremely comfortable for short and long-distance drives. The technology incorporated in the 1-liter engine guarantees performance and fuel economy on the road.

7. Volkswagen Up


Volkswagen is designed for drivers at his level. It offers style, comfort, and fuel economy in one package. Volkswagen has incorporated a lot of technology to modernize its brand and appeal to college-goers.

Volkswagen Up is available at a price as low as $12,000, guaranteeing excellent value for money for the students who acquire the vehicle. Its shape also makes it one of the most desirable cars in its class. Further, it has an excellent resale value, enabling you to enjoy excellent value for money.

8. Citroen C1


It is the smallest among the cars that are attractive to college students. Citroen C1 also offers excellent value for money because of its affordable price. It gives you a good start in the ownership journey, especially fuel consumption, insurance, and general maintenance.

Citroen is extremely enjoyable to drive on long as well as short distances. It has a 1-liter engine with a fuel consumption rate of 52mpg. Citroen is a delightfully stylish car that will not dent your pocket.

9. Kia Rio


Kia has offered excellent value to drivers for years. It is also a leader in motor vehicle technology. Over the years, it has enhanced its comfort features to deliver excellent value to buyers, most of whom are first-time vehicle owners.

Kia has invested heavily in vehicle technology. It comes with a wide screen and excellent integrations. At $14,900, it is still one of the most affordable vehicles for students. Insurers will not fleece your accounts with exorbitant fees. It also has a great resale value, helping you to upgrade or dispose of it when it has come to the end of its user cycle. You will be driving one of the most recognizable vehicle brands in the market.

10. Renault Clio


Renault offers class and value to student drivers. At an $18,000 starting price, you have a perfect bargain for your student’s finances. Despite its seemingly small size, Renault Clio is extremely spacious. It will feel like you are driving a premium car in a mini body.

The interior will amaze you with comfort and technology integration. It has a 5-star safety rating and a stylish exterior. This is the best bargain you can think of in its class.

Vehicles offer convenience and a feeling of class to college students. However, you must buy the right vehicle to enjoy these benefits. While you consider personal preferences, remember your budget for fuel and regular maintenance. It gives you the best experience of owning a car in college.