Car Speaker 2020 – 5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying It

Getting a nice new car is one thing, but not all of us are in the market for a new car. There’s just nothing like having some nice, high-quality, bassy set of speakers to really give your car that extra oomph you’ve been wanting.  There’s a slew of speakers that are currently available so not only can it become an overwhelming process to try and choose just one pair but it’s not uncommon to become a little indecisive as well.

That’s why in this guide, we are going to be breaking down the five things you should consider before buying a car speaker, so you can know for sure that you’re getting the pair of car speakers that are just right for you in every form, from style to price. 

5 Attributes To Consider Before Buying a Car Speaker 


While there are a million different things you can look for and factors that can come into play when trying to choose the right car speaker, there are just a few important key considerations to look out for, that’ll ensure that you’re getting the speakers that are perfect for you.

1. Quality

There are a number of components that can make up the quality of a speaker but one of the most important is the speaker’s material. Speakers that are surrounded with rubber tend to be some of the best available due to the fact that rubber is stiff and lightweight, while also being long-lasting and durable. Rubber can also be a great option due to its paramount flexibility and ability to withstand a good amount of heat. 

Other materials like foam and cloth, while they can produce a more refined sound, they are usually cheaper and don’t last nearly as long as rubber speakers. Speakers are one of those products where you get what you pay for, while some options may be more expensive than others, the more expensive option is going to provide the best value to you in terms of durability and overall quality.  

2. Car Compatibility

When determining if your car is compatible with a pair of speakers you’re thinking of purchasing, check your car’s external amp, car stereos (check guide about car stereos), or head unit will give you an accurate scope of exactly what kind of volume level your speakers need to effectively obtain in order to be compatible with your car. Understanding exactly how big space is in your vehicle that holds your current speakers is also imperative when looking for new speakers. If the current area is small, you should consider a smaller 3-way component speaker but for a bigger vehicle getting a tweeter, woofer or mid-range component speaker which offers a high-quality and full sound. 

3. Budget

Being that car speakers can widely vary in price, determining your budget beforehand and sticking to that will help in making sure that you choose the best speakers possible while being disciplined about how much money you spend. The key is to find the perfect blend between quality and affordability. Always be sure to look in multiple online marketplaces and compare prices. Buying items in bundles can also be a great way to save some money as opposed to purchasing them separately. Bundles can consist of speakers and amplifiers or speakers and a digital receiver.

4. Frequency Range

The frequency range is what determines the overall sound quality and how it is heard inside of your car. The adjustment of the frequency within speakers will enable you to raise the effect of the sound. In order to achieve an even distribution of frequencies, you’ll need crossovers between the woofer and tweeter that’ll capture what otherwise would have been wasted power. 

5. Peak Power and RMS Index

The peak power refers to the maximum power that a speaker is capable of handling within a short period of time. The rating of the peak power is usually determined by the amount of bass it can produce. This is the attribute that is most shown off because when someone thinks of speakers they usually think of bass and of course it looks more impressive to buyers to have a higher bass rating. It is much more reliable to base your judgment of a speaker off of its RMS (Root Mean Square) rating which means it has a higher watt power and gives a much more accurate prediction of its quality. One way you can make sure the RMS is achieved is by investing in a high-quality amp. 

Also, matching output levels is vital to do because if you miss this step, it means you run the risk of blowing your speakers. Effectively matching your output levels with your speakers and amplifiers means that you will get a much more balanced and clear sound.


We hope this guide was helpful in assisting you in being able to determine some considerations you should think about before investing in a pair of car speakers. What comes down to really being able to find a quality pair of car speakers is understanding the components that make up a quality speaker like the material and the RMS rating. Putting that into consideration along with your budget and compatibility means that you’re on your way to finding an amazing car speaker that completely complements your ride.