Car Hacks to Make Your Life Much Easier

Your driving habits give you a measure of control you have on your car and can be a determining factor in whether you are able to travel smart and safe. Depending on your lifestyle, you most likely spend a lot of time in your car, from the morning and evening commute to the or just driving for pleasure. But like most things, even if you love driving there are certain things that annoy you.

Hacks, like the ones we’re about to share with you, simplify and sometimes even eliminate these annoying aspects of your driving experience. So, let’s get started with the first;

  1. Quickly Cool Down Your Car

On those summer days, your car can feel like an oven and even opening the windows doesn’t seem to help. Well, there is a simple trick that can help you easily cool down the car in a matter of minutes. Begin by unlocking the car and then unwind the driver’s side window. Now go to the passenger’s side and simply open and close this door four or five times.

  1. Which Side is Your Fuel Cap?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve been on the wrong side of the petrol tanks when you’re trying to refill? Well, you can avoid that by simply looking at the fuel gauge. Most cars will have an arrow on the gauge, showing you where the fuel cap is.

  1. Fix Cloudy Headlights


Your headlights can get very dirty and cloudy over time, and it can be very costly to replace them. But did you know that toothpaste and elbow grease can help you get rid of this dirt? All you need to do is buff the toothpaste on to the light in a circular motion using a cloth.

  1. Use Cereal Tupperware to get Rid of Trash

If you use the car a lot, you probably have a lot of trash in the form of crisp packets and used coffee cups. You can repurpose cereal Tupperware to be your trash can. Putting all your trash in this rubbish bin will save you a lot of time cleaning up the car.

  1. Use a Bungee Net for Extra Storage

Hanging a Bungee net on the roof of your car allows you more space for your luggage. It is also one way to keep things from rolling around in the boot of your car.

  1. Make good Use of Your Seat Warmer

Takeaway food can get cold by the time you get home. But you have a secret weapon to prevent this’ your electric seat warmer. Just place the pizza on the car seat and then turn on the warmer. Your takeaway will remain toasty and warm until you get home.

  1. Use a Tennis Ball to Help you Park

Parking your car in the garage can be dangerous since you risk scraping the car against the walls or dinging against the brick wall and causing unnecessary damage to the vehicle. You can attach a tennis ball to a piece of string and hang it from the ceiling in your garage, making sure the ball will touch your windscreen. When the ball touches the car when parking, you will know to stop.

  1. Use a Plunger to Fix Dents

This is a hack that can solve a problem nearly every driver has. The plunger works very well for dents that are caused by unpleasant little accidents. Pushing the plunger into the dent will create suction that pulls out the dent out, leaving the car looking normal.

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