Car Features You Need To Have

At the beginning of the 2000s, it used to be that power locks and windows were the epitome of luxury in most cars. Today, they are a standard for almost every vehicle, and continuous developments in vehicle technology have brought us a lot more gadgets and features. Here are some car features you should have/get for your car that will make your driving easier and safer.

1. Remote Keyless Entry

Remote keyless entry systems that will allow you to unlock your vehicle just by pushing a button on a remote. The ability to quickly get into your vehicle without having to fumble through all your keys is an important safety feature. With most remotes, one button opens the driver’s door, while pushing the button twice will unlock all the other doors. These remotes may also have a button to open up the trunk, frunk (if you have an electric vehicle), and a panic button that honks and flashes all the car’s lights.

2. Adjustable Pedals and Steering Wheel

For most new cars you can get electrically adjustable pedals and telescoping steering wheels. These two features will make your driving position much more comfortable and will allow shorter people to safely position themselves on the seat farther from the airbag while keeping their feet properly on the pedals.

3. Rear-Seat DVD player

If you have kids or you go on a lot of road trips with your friends, movies in the car can make those long and boring trips much easier for both you and them. A lot of rear-seat entertainment systems feature wireless headphones, so you can enjoy the movies properly. Another option to considers is a tabler holder for the back of the front seats, which can be a more portable option.

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4. GPS Navigation System

Using the GPS navigation system in a car, can pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle and give you turn-by-turn directions to help you find your destination. Most navigation systems may also give you the option to guide you to the closest ATM, police station, hospital or gas station. They can route you around busy traffic or steer you out of bad neighborhoods.

5. Side Airbags

Most cars have proper protection on the front and the back, but they do not have enough protection at the sides. In case of a collision, it is smart to have side airbags that will cushion your head from hitting the windows and keep you safe in the car.

6. 360-degree camera systems

These cameras are located all over the car. This type of system will give the driver a bird’s eye view of the car that will help you check for any objects around the car, making parking considerably easier.

7. CarPlay and Android Auto

A lot of new cars support either CarPlay or Android Auto or even both, but most older vehicles do not have this option. However, you are in luck, since many aftermarket systems support them. You can get stereo head units for cheap which you can use to play music, make calls or use GPS.