Car Disinfectant Tips During the Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus crisis affects everyone and everything. Lately, apart from having to think about ourselves and the people around us, we also have to think about our car.
It’s important to maintain proper hygiene, but it’s also important to keep things clean. This includes the vehicle you’re driving to work every day. While some of you aren’t working due to the crisis, you still use your car to shop for supplies.
Everything you get into contact with the supermarket can be carried with you to your car and then to your family at home. This is made even worse if we also take into consideration that the Coronavirus is extremely contagious.
Naturally, you need to take steps to mitigate its spread and that includes disinfecting your vehicle regularly.
In this article, we are going to talk about how car disinfectant tips that will protect you during the Coronavirus crisis. Following these steps makes sure you keep yourself safe and everyone around you as well.

1. Be Prepared


Before you even touch your car important to come prepared. Proper hand hygiene has never been more important when it comes to eliminating the Coronavirus.
The Centers for Disease Control has stated countless times that you should wash your hands for as long as 20 seconds. This makes sure that your hands are germ-free. Well, you will continue to do so even before you enter your car.
When it comes to cleaning your vehicle, the use of disposable gloves will drastically limit the spread of the virus. These are the first steps you should take before entering your vehicle. Wiping the steering wheel with disinfectant wipes eliminates any potential germs that might be on it.
A good tip would be to keep your gloves on at all times, even while driving.

2. Use the Right Tools Given To You


There has been a lot of talks that the Coronavirus can live on various surfaces that our vehicles are made of. This includes plastic, rubber, and all kinds of metal surfaces.
Naturally, this only proves that the virus can live on the exterior or interior of your vehicle. But what is the best way to clean it?
Well, using the right tools can drastically keep you safe. Any regular cleaner will work in this situation, but you should use anything that includes the right disinfectant.
Also, the American Chemistry Council has weighted in their expert opinion on what the right cleaners are. These have been EPA approved for use and have been proved extremely effective in battling the spread of the virus.
The Centers for Disease Control recommends you have one to two tubes of disinfectant wipes inside your vehicle at all times. You should regularly use them to wipe the parts of your car that you mostly touch.
You can also visit the official website of the American Chemistry Council to determine if the product you’re using is effective in battling the spread.

3. Having the Right Insurance


During these hard times, chaos and panic can drive the public into meltdown. You’ve probably seen dozens of videos about people fighting into supermarkets for toilet paper.
Well, there is no difference while driving. Panic and chaos are driving people to make more accidents than ever. We’ve seen countless reports of car accidents caused by panic.
In this situation, it’s important to have the right insurance to cope with the unfortunate financial losses after such an accident. If we take into consideration that the economy is in a pretty bad situation because of the Coronavirus, it’s important to have the right insurance to cover for the costs of these accidents.
Most people in the U.S. aren’t able to go to work because of it, and most people have been forced to take pay cuts and even forced into unpaid leave so that smaller to medium-sized companies can cope with the financial losses.
To cope with any potential financial losses due to accidents on the road, make sure to visit AA Insurance to get covered during the pandemic.

4. Focus on the Surfaces You Touch the Most


We mentioned the areas and parts of your car that you’ll mostly get in contact with. But this one is so important that we decided to make it into its own separate part.
The steering wheel, gear shift, as well as, the lane changers door handles and even the radio buttons are the parts of your vehicle that you tend to touch the most.
It’s because of this that you need to pay the most attention to these parts. You also need to regularly disinfect and clean them, as everyone in your family tends to also touch the same parts.
But there are also other parts of your car’s interior that need regular cleaning even if you’ve ever laid a finger on. One of those is the dashboard. You might not use it as much, but it is a prime stop for harboring germs and microorganisms.
The windshields are also prime examples as the virus is transmitted through air, and air hits your windshield every time you go for a drive.
But the incoming air also carries the Coronavirus with itself, and the virus will stick to the windshield whenever it can.

5. Don’t Let Children or Elderly Inside Your Car


While this might sound pretty stupid, it’s important to protect those that are most vulnerable.
We know that the elderly are most at risk of catching and dying from the Coronavirus. Scientists were explaining to us how age plays an important role. However, we’ve recently gotten reports that the youngest person to die from the virus was just 12, and recently the UK has seen its youngest patient to die, age 13.
This only proves the medical experts and scientists wrong about age being a key factor. We now know that children as young as 12 are susceptible to catching the virus, so you shouldn’t allow both any elderly or children inside your car.
We can never be 100% sure that our vehicles are germ-free. Any contact these demographic groups get into contact is a potential emergency.