Car Broker Vs Dealer: Which Is The Right Car Buying Service For You?

Getting a car involves decisions such as whether you’re getting a brand new or a pre-owned, which model, and the length of time you’re planning to use it. Aside from that, it would help if you also considered where you want to get your vehicle from. Do you want to go through a dealership or a broker? What are the pros of each? The following information here can help you weigh your options.

What Is A Car Broker?

A car broker is a middleman that searches for good deals and negotiates on your behalf. Brokers can be company employees or independent workers. People only need to go to them to find the vehicle with the best terms for you. You can consider seeking professional car brokers like OnlineAuto. They will do the inquiring so that you only need to decide on which deal to take.

Benefits Of Getting A Car Broker

1. You Save Time And Money

Car brokers do the negotiating for their clients, but one advantage they have over anyone else is that you’ll save more money with them.

These brokers know sales professionals and know the tricks and wordings that dealerships use on unsuspecting car buyers. Brokers are aware of the psychology of dealers and how they operate.

Car brokers will negotiate for you, so you don’t have to hop from one dealership to another by yourself. If you don’t have time to do so, it’s ideal to enlist the help of a professional broker to do the hunting for you.

Beyond looking for the right car, they would also know where to find the right car financing option based on what you can afford.

2. Access To Multiple Manufacturers

Who has the time to look into countless car models in the market? Car brokers do. Scouring dealerships is their specialty, and they are more likely to know which dealership to go to when it comes to the car you want.

What’s more, they will make time to inquire at manufacturers to see if they carry that particular vehicle. You’ll probably see a limited inventory only offering a few options if you walk into a dealership.

Also, if you’re purchasing your first car within a budget, the car broker can look into the manufacturer’s warranty for you. Depending on the manufacturer, warranties can run from 3 to 10 years with varying coverages that they will walk through with you.

3. Less Stress For You

Dealing with salespeople can be frustrating when it comes to buying a car. You have to go through professionals that may not have your best interest at heart. Dealerships are a business, after all, and they will do anything to sell you a car to make money.

Some salespeople have imposing tactics that affect potential customers. It can become worrisome for you, primarily if they use guilt-tripping strategies and leave out the vital information if you get the vehicle. So, instead of enjoying the car buying process, it can mentally take a toll on you.

Car brokers will face these salespeople for you, so you don’t have to. They will make the buying process simple so that you only need to choose in the end.

What Is A Car Dealer?

A car dealership is where car buyers would go if they need either a brand new or a pre-owned vehicle. They are franchise businesses run by independent dealers in the states supervised by state laws. It’s against the law to buy cars directly from manufacturers, which is why car dealerships handle the sale of vehicles to the masses.

Advantages Of Working With Car Dealerships

1. They Offer Certifications And Inspections

When your budget is limited but willing to settle for a used car, you can get ones with certifications from a local dealership. Certified used cars mean that the dealership inspects the necessary to ensure that the vehicle is in good working order for sale to the public. Used vehicles that undergo the process often turn out to meet higher standards in appearance, detailing, and mechanical-wise than vehicles that didn’t. Sometimes these cars may already come with the original manufacturer’s warranty or one from the dealership.

2. Offers Service And Repair

Dealerships are not only offering various cars for sale, but they also throw in the maintenance of your car to keep it in good condition. Dealerships may also readily repair car damages sustained in accidents.

Car dealerships also carry parts appropriate to the car model you have. You won’t have to stress where to find what you need. One cannot stress the importance of acquiring OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. The best parts are the ones that came with the car, and you want the same model and make when parts need replacement.

Dealerships also have trained specialized technicians who are experienced and have the qualifications to perform maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. They are knowledgeable about particular brands and keep up to date with the automotive industry.

3. They Carry Insurance And Finance

Car dealerships have the finance and insurance department that handles the financing for their customers. They are associated with captive lenders and local banks and connect customers. That also means they carry a variety of financing options that customers can choose from, even with the bank you work with.

Dealers make money with financing by topping up the interest rate and deducting the difference from what the lenders offer. Dealers also provide warranties and insurance products, process paperwork to purchase the vehicle, and instantly approve your credit so that you don’t have to leave for somewhere else. Some dealerships can get you lower interest rates which can be better than what local banks offer.

In Conclusion

There are both pros when working with a broker or a dealership. Whichever you choose, you must understand the lack of each. One option won’t have everything you need, so you should research which will benefit you the best. Look into business information online, look through reviews and be vigilant about customer testimonials to help you make an informed decision.