Can you Put any Headlight Bulb in any Car?

The invention of the wheel led us to many other things that benefited us in every aspect of our lives. From basic transportation tools to vehicles that supply the world, vehicles were and still are a huge part of our lives.

Personal vehicles are what we all see on the road, most of the time and they have the biggest following. Some people religiously love the four-wheel pets that have devoted their lives to them and taking care of them. You got automotive clubs, shows reveal, almost half of our time and focus revolves around them and for good reason.

Vehicles are what move the world in both physical and economic sense. For a car, a van, or a truck to move the world they need to be moving and to achieve that they need to be working. You need to maintain them and a regular check for flaws and issues that need to be dealt with. On some cars, you can do it by yourself while others require professionals to change almost everything.

The one part on a car that was and on some make and models still is the easiest to change is the car head bulb. Newer cars have transferred to modern technologies like LEDs that are a bit difficult to swap out, but those that still stick to a bulb or bulb-like tech are not as much.

Today we are talking about headlights, or more precisely about light bulbs and whether you can fit anyone in any car. Visit here if you want to find the best one for your car, today!

Like there are several types of cars, there are several types of bulbs as well and this is what confuses a lot of those that are shopping for these. A lot of these look the same and some are even similar in size but that doesn’t make them applicable to every car out there. this article will help you cast away that confusion and help you understand what you are looking at and what you need for your specific car.

The best way to figure out which bulb you need right now or what you need to get to upgrade is to take the bulb you have in right now and on the bottom of the bulb base (sometimes on the bulb itself), you will find the name of the bulb or the part number. You will usually find some lettering or some numbers that define what type of bulb goes in your car. Now you need to know that there will be some specific numbers or letters there that maybe won’t be on a replacement bulb but that is OK because auto manufacturers use many names for the same or similar bulbs based on the application. Based on those numbers and/or letters you may get a brighter or less bright bulb. When you are going for an upgrade and when you are going with aftermarket manufacturers you will usually find bulbs that take the standard size and fit across several bulb types like 9006, HB4, 9012 and similar. This sounds a bit complicated but it isn’t, you need to figure out what you have and which bulb is compatible with yours.

Now when it comes to one bulb fits all the clear answer, as you can see from this is no. not every bulb can fit into every car, and we explained that, but there is another thing you need to know. If you are upgrading your lights and if you are going from a bulb system to an LED system you also need to pay attention to the look and size of those because not every LED counterpart to the regular bulb is the same. LED comes with a cooling housing that is slightly longer than your regular bulb and it may come with a bit of a different point of attachment. You will need to do some electrical work and some cable management before you can install these. Another thing to look for is clearance and the tabs on the base of the bulbs. All your headlight housing has different slots, so no one housing is the same across different light groups. Some of them have one tab, some have two, some three while others screw in the housing. This you have to be very careful of because you may end up with a different part that will be costly and maybe unreturnable and it will make you lose money for no reason.

Although this all sounds scary, upgrading from regular bulbs to LED or HID systems is very beneficial. Besides the improvements in visibility at night with stronger and more clear beams, you also get one bulb that fits all cars as long as you find a compatible housing and attachment point. One 9005 LED will fit multiple 9005-type light bulbs without any issues.

This takes us to a bit of a different conclusion of the article and makes us change the statement we made at the beginning. To remind you we stated that any headlight bulb does not fit in any car. You need to know your previous part and based on that find the bulb that fits your light group, your headlight base and your wiring harness.

Now, based on what we wrote here it seems that switching to LED or HIDs will solve this problem and to some extent it is true. The LED and HID manufacturers make one light that fits across different light groups but you need to pay attention to two things only – the headlight base with the tab order on it and the wiring harness in your car. If those two are the same then you have the right LED or HID in your hands. From there, depending on your car manufacturer and model the change is simple and in a matter of minutes, you have a better, brighter and safer headlight that will serve you a long time.

For cars that are difficult to get to, in terms of headlight change and bulb change, we suggest that you take it to the professionals and have them change it because there will be a lot of wires in a cramped location that will make this difficult. You also may see some sensors that can go haywire if you damage them in the process.