Reasons to Buy A New Car Instead of A Second Hand

Many car buyers get confliction between going for a new vehicle or a pre-owned one. Buying a second-hand car is a big gamble that can cost you in the long run. But the main deciding factor is your financing capability. Read below for reasons to buy a new vehicle rather than a second-hand one.

Advanced Technology

New cars come with improved and better technology. For instance, old cars only had stereos for entertainment. If you compare this to these new ones, you can connect music via Bluetooth and even watch videos. You may even streamline content as you enjoy a ride depending on the type of vehicle you have. Some cars allow connection to iPods and multiple charging ports.

Also, currently, there are automatic cars compared to yesteryears when you had to drive manually. Other cool features that come with a new vehicle include a voice texting convertible, voice recognition software, and touchscreen. The technological changes further improve safety.

Availability of Warranty

If you buy a new car from the manufacturer, you can get a warranty. Such a warranty comes in handy if your vehicle breaks down. You will not have to spend on the repair as long as your car suffers falls under the terms and conditions. Besides, a new car warranty can last up to three years compared to those of certified pre-owned.

Having such a warranty means that you will not spend on major repairs in the period, for instance, four years.

Furthermore, new vehicles are more substantial compared to the old ones. So, even after your warranty lapses, you may not need to spend another six to seven years.

Enhanced Safety

The safety features of new cars are top-notch. For instance, backup camera, airbags, and seatbelts used to be in old vehicles. But manufacturers are improving safety standards with new editions. Some have emergency breaks, rear and front view cameras, and even adjustable seats that enhances your comfortability. For instance, Honda came up with safety features like a warning on forwarding collision, systems that prevent departure from roads, and automatic emergency breaks.

Fuel Efficiency                                

Manufacturers are embracing making new fuel-efficient cars. Highly efficient vehicles use less gas, making you save on fuel bills. Besides, there is a need for environmental conservation, and new cars help in this cause by not emitting toxic gases. Some cars also use alternative fuels, promoting a friendly environment.

The manufacturers have taken some fuel efficiency steps, including installing automatic start systems and technologies that deactivate cylinders. Furthermore, they have designed lightweight vehicles that are extremely fuel-efficient.

Attractive Financing Options

New cars attract better financing options. For instance, you can consult with your bank to determine if they can finance new vehicles. Once you get financing, you can sit down with your car dealer and discuss the terms and conditions.

Many financial institutions also give an attractive interest rate for a new car compared to a pre-used one. Although the repayment may be higher, you get a low-interest rate and an extended repayment period that can last for seven years.

Stylish Options

New cars come in unique and exciting styles. For instance, there are luxurious styles such as the Lamborghini that may appeal to someone. Also, you couldn’t find vehicles like Audi, Sedan, sportscars, or convertibles. For some people, as long as a car transports them from one point to the next, they are fine. But for others, a vehicle is a status symbol, and they must have the latest model. You find that some people also get the kick of owning a new car. That is, you get to your friend’s house, and they are amazed that you have a brand-new machine. It excites you even as you receive many congratulatory messages and requests for a test drive.

Available Reviews Data

When you want to buy a new car, you can get plenty of useful information to make your decision. You can find about the model, trim, a color. Platforms like offer informative car reviews that can help you decide which brand of vehicle to buy. Such a site gives you features, specs, and guidance on pricing. Primary research will make the right purchase decision.

Availability of Incentives and Rebates

You can get great incentives and discounts that allow you to save a significant amount. Getting a big rebate helps in that it resembles depreciating the value of the car before buying it. Some car manufacturers can give a discount if you are, for instance, in the military.

The trick is looking for where you fall. For instance, there are new graduates and police incentives. So, if you belong to any of these categories, you can stack up the incentives and rebates together and save significant t money on your purchase.

When seeking these incentives, consider the month too. There are many incentives and factory to dealership marketing cash discounts you can use during the December holiday season. You can also wait for the end year of the model.

Avoiding the Hassle of Dealing with A Previous Car Owner

Buying a new car gives you peace of mind. With a pre-owned vehicle, the owner may not disclose specific problems that are not physically identifiable. Yes, the car may have few mileages and or not have undergone massive wreckage.

For instance, you may find it challenging to confirm that the previous owner performed all the necessary maintenance specified in the manual. By buying a new vehicle, you do not worry about the previous maintenance issues.

Lower Rate of Insurance

When you buy a vehicle, you must insure it. The rates of insurance are lower on a new car compared to a second vehicle. The insurance company will look at the history of the pre-owned car and consider previous accidents. The difference between the two may not be too much, but still, you get to save on insurance costs for a new vehicle.

Buying a new vehicle is good since you don’t deal with any previous dealer, enjoy updated technology, safety, and style, access to attractive financing options and fuel efficiency.