Bugatti Divo: 10 Fun Facts

Bugatti has introduced the new Divo at “The Quail” which is a part of Monterey Car Week. With this new model, the supercar manufacturer has made the next step into the extreme. Compared to the Chiron, that is the fastest car on the planet at the moment, the Divo has taken a slightly different approach. The top speed was not the priority for the French company this time, but the Divo is still really fast. Although not faster than Chiron, the new car is much better when you need to attack the corner. Below, you will find ten incredible facts about the Bugatti Divo.

10. Bugatti Divo Price

The starting price of the Divo is $5.8 million, which is almost twice as much as the price of the Chiron. How did that happen? Well, what did you expect, honestly? The Divo is expensive, but it is not made for everyone, and there are people who are prepared to pay this much money to get a brand new Bugatti.