Booking a Charter Bus Rental for a Family Reunion Adventure

When it is the holiday season and everyone gets a few weeks off from their work, college and school, it is finally time for family reunions. You get to hang out with the cousins, catch up on their life, find out what milestones they achieved in the past few months, rant about your nosy neighbours and there is ample good food and music for everyone. And if you want to crank it up a few notches, you can turn the reunion into a road trip together. It will not only be an adventure that everyone gets to be a part of but one where you get closer with everyone present.

Road trips might sound like a hassle, but if you plan ahead and book the proper transport for the type of tour you are about to venture on, everything will go pretty smoothly. Nowadays technology has made everything better, booking proper transportation options is as easy as visiting, choosing the type of coach you will be needing, and voila! You’re done.  And just in case it’s your turn to plan the reunion this year, here are a few tips you can follow to make sure everyone has fun on the trip:

Choose the destination

 It might sound easy but it is so not. Everyone has some problem or the other with a given location. Since you will have ample time before the tour actually begins, brainstorm good ideas and maybe even conduct a poll. The one with the most votes is the place you visit. However, always try and choose a place that has easy access to medical services. Isolated places can be dangerous if someone falls sick, especially if you’re travelling with the older members of your family. 

Choose a sidekick

It might be tedious to handle everything all at once, from booking the buses, hotel reservations to looking up things to pack and managing finances. This is the moment when you choose someone you trust from the family, and because this person will need to handle a lot of duties, make sure you choose someone responsible and not just your favourite cousin.

Invite everyone beforehand

Call your family members, especially the elder ones, to let them know that you are planning something so that they don’t make any other plans during the time of the tour.

Booking the transport

Like mentioned before, selecting the proper transport is essential for the type of tour you will be on. There are many types of charter buses available and they all cater to specific needs and come along with different amenities. Not only do they let you keep track of everyone on the trip but also let everyone connect with each other and play games even while you are on the road. It is also a way cheaper option than booking several cars to go to the same place. Charter Buses are large and seat from 35 to 60 people. The seats are really well-cushioned. In case it is a longer journey, the seats are recliners as well. There is ample luggage space beneath the seating area. They come with amenities like air conditioning, WiFi, power outlets, a restroom and a music system. Seats are arranged along the sides of the bus, leaving an area in the middle open for interaction, games and much more. 

While planning a trip like this, it is really important to start planning a few months in advance. Hotels and bus booking will be much cheaper and you can ensure that everything runs smoothly during the actual trip.