BMW 8 Series Future Showed Through Renderings

The BMW 8 Series is beautiful, and a lot of its design cues actually come from the concept that was presented in 2017. The production version is going to be followed by the M8, which will arrive a few months later. Even though we are patiently waiting for the sporty iteration of the car, rendering artist Aksyonov Nikita has presented eight different renderings of the BMW 8 and here is what this vehicle might look like in the upcoming years.

8. BMW 8 Series Electric

BMW already has the i8 in its lineup, but the artist has reinvented the 8 Series as an electric vehicle, and we wouldn’t mind had the German brand decided to introduce this model. Instead of the front kidney grille, the i8-styled plastic cover is used and thanks to the lower portion of the fascia, this BMW has some of the Tesla characteristics. The wheels are one of a kind, while the rear end of the car would also be modified.

7. BMW 8 Series Exclusive

Following the 7 Series, the 8 Series rendering also adopts a BMW exclusive makeover. The German manufacturer could offer this type of a car, and if they do, they will put smiles on the faces of many buyers. In that case, expect 19-inch lightweight wheels, subtle modifications to the front and the valance and a unique paint job thanks to which this model will be separated from the others.

6. BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

BMW is going to build the 8 Series Gran Coupe, and we cannot wait to see it. However, it will not be exactly like the rendering we can see here that adds a few sporty details, and it is featured with a more aggressive front fascia as well as sharp new wheels. The sinister black paint job really makes this machine unique.


The upcoming M8 model is nothing compared to the M8 GTS. It was the case with the M3 and M4, and it could be the case with the M8 – BMW will introduce the range-topping GTS to the range. According to the rendering, this vehicle would feature the same matte-black color with orange details, a massive rear wing, and high-spoke wheels. The standard M8 is going to produce over 600 horsepower, and the GTS could bring even more!

4. BMW 8 Series Convertible

There is no reason for the BMW not to build the 8 Series Convertible. The model without a top is perceived as a car with a red paint job and gold wheels, and we hope that the production version is going to look just as good as this rendering.

3. BMW 8 Series Budget Edition

Most likely, this BMW will never be spotted on public roads, and it goes out of the realm of reality. However, the artist had a clear vision when he was creating this one. The 8 Series would sport steely wheels, black-painted front and rear bumpers, halogen headlights and side skirts. The base model would have no luxurious details that can be found on the regular 8 Series and people who would want a BMW 8 Series at an affordable price could have the Budget Edition.

2. BMW 8 Series Liberty Walk

The Japanese version of the BMW 8 Series is here, and it is called Liberty Walk. It has an outrageous body kit. The shop from Japan has created wonders with the McLaren P1, Acura NSX, and the Ford Mustang, so why should the 8 Series be an exception? The blue color is screaming speed, and there is no better combination than Japanese-German one.

1. Alpina BMW B8

It is only a matter of time before the German tuner Alpina starts working on the 8 Series. By that time, we can only admire this rendering which features the signature high-spoke wheels, subtle visual restyling and the Alpina Blue paint.

Which rendering do you like most?

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