Are BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tires Directional?

In this read we are going to discuss BFG all-terrain tires in detail and whether they are directional or not. Without further ado, let’s dive into the article, or dare I say it, drive in-

To answer the question, BF Goodrich all-terrain tires are not directional. Instead, they have a symmetric open tread design, which improves traction on both off-road and on-road surfaces. 

Now that we know they aren’t directional, some of you might wonder, does that even make a difference?  Well, yes.

You’ll know it when your tires don’t cooperate as you try to tackle them down. The reason might be incredibly simple; they aren’t made for what you’re asking of them! Tires are of two types; directional and non-directional. 

Directional tires are designed to roll in a single direction. They have a “V” shaped tread profile and have an arrow pointing towards the front of the vehicle. Non-directional tires are opposites of the former ones. They can roll in any direction and are not confined as was the case with directional tires. 

Non-directional tires are further subdivided into two categories: symmetric and asymmetric. A clear indication of symmetric tires is the left side of the tread. It is almost a mirror image of the right side and consists of small wavy independent blocks.

On the other hand, asymmetric tires have different engraved tread patterns on inner and outer halves.

Are BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tires Good?

Yes, that would be the short answer. And here’s why; BFG all-terrain tires are versatile in performance. They hold the accolade of being better than their former generation of all-terrain tires in terms of mileage, tread life, off-road traction, noise, ride quality, and steering response. With that said, they also hold the cost and time-effective benefit of being “all-season” tires. 

They have a specific tread compound designed to perform in cold temperatures on snow, in rain, and also on dry roads. You can now show the thoughts of changing tires every season, the way out of the car window.

These are also a treat for the car maniacs with heavier vehicles as well. Particularly because the reinforced sidewalls increase the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Off Road Capability

Featuring an interlocking tread, the all-terrain tires provide durability in dirt, gravel, mud, and grass. The robust rubber and sturdy tread design prevent the risk of puncture on off-roads. By keeping stone retention minimum to none, they are less susceptible to tearing over sharp terrain.

Moreover, the optimized tire shape allows for an even spread of stress on the tire. The result is strong maneuverability and a safe off-road journey.

A candid shot of BFG KO2

Life Span

The BFG all-terrains tires deliver up to twice the lifespan than the earlier generation tires—almost 50000 miles. Or even longer, if you treat these lovelies right. Proper inflation, regular tire balance, right alignment, and rotation, etc. all keep them healthy.

Performance on Wet Roads

The tire holds its ground on wet surfaces and in the rainy season. Literally. All thanks to the 3 ply sidewall construction and again the tread design. The hydroplaning resistance is especially remarkable due to its unique Core Guard Technology that adds 20% more strength. According to our testing, they perform well in stagnant water as well.

Snow Performance

Snow shouldn’t tone down your car enthusiasm, and these tires can ensure that. This is due to 3D sipes which significantly improve traction in slushy and snowy roads. The tires have passed the “Severe Snow Service” traction criteria, which is symbolized by the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake. 

Noise Level

Generally, they are quiet; however, once in a while, you might hear a muffled noise, similar to a “hum”. However, this is nothing alarming. It isn’t much of a “screech” or a sound that might make the neighborhood question your car’s sanity, so you can relax on this one.

Steering Response

The steering response and cornering grip are excellent in making the driving smoother on the highways as well as off-road. The steering response will differ off-road and on-road, something you might need to do some adapting to.


The cost of these tires is higher than many other tires available in the market. But the price seems a lot reasonable for the quality and durability of BFG all-terrain tires. A cheap tire can eventually dig a hole in your pocket by requiring frequent replacements and decreased car performance. Save yourself that kind of trouble and get a tire which gives your car company in the long term.

Should I buy the BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tires?

To sum up, BF Goodrich all-terrain tires offer well-rounded performance. They can not perform as well as special off-road tires or designated winter tires in their respective situations but offer reliable traction and comfort.

They are also not a substitute for winter tires in regions predominantly affected by heavy snowfall, although they have passed the Severe Snow Service traction criteria. However, they are one of the best decisions you could make for your car if you drive equally on street roads and off roads.