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Best Wheels for C6 Corvette

C6 Corvette has been a popular sports-muscle car, offering multiple variants that made it the talk of the town for quite some years. With cranked up horsepower, plenty of practicality and an accessible price range, C6 Corvette has been the preferred choice, and a wise one, for the average sports car devotee.

Coming to wheels, C6 Corvette comes with a staggered wheel setup which means that the front wheels are 19 inches in diameter while the rear ones are 20 inches. Although not a rule or necessity, most people go with wheels that are available in both of these sizes.

You can obviously go for a set of all 19s or 20s, though. For this reason we have selected wheels that are available in a multitude of sizes and configurations. You can also check out WCC for an awesome selection of c6 corvette parts and accessories.

The Top 5 Best Wheels for C6 Corvette

To make matters easy for you, here is a list of our top recommended wheels for a C6 Corvette:

  1. Cray Eagle 20″ X 10.5″ 5 X 120.65 (Editor’s choice)
  2. Cray Spider 20″ X 10.5″ 5 X 120.65
  3. Milanni Splinter 20″ X 10.5″ 5 X 120.65 (Budget choice)

1. Cray Eagle 20″ X 10.5″ 5 X 120.65 (Editor’s choice)

This wheels tops the charts for aesthetics…


  • Great looks
  • Available in staggered sizes
  • Premium brand
  • Durable


  • Pricy

Cray wheels have traditionally been the go-to brand when it comes to serving Corvettes and Jaguars. The Cray Eagle is, in my opinion, the most beautiful rim ever produced by the brand. Cherry on top, the Eagle has been designed with only one car in mind; the Corvette.

The Cray Eagle is a sporty mesh style wheel and I love the fact that these wheels effectively cover up the wheel well and, somehow, make the rear look even more aggressive from the rear quarter.

It is available in diameters ranging from 18 to 20 inch staggered sizes. Additionally, three jaw-dropping finishes are available; matte black, gloss black with mirror cut face and silver with mirror cut face with the matte black being my personal favorite.

The quality and durability of this wheel is top-notch which is characteristic for all Cray wheels. We have made an entire review about Cray wheels where we discuss the durability aspect in further detail.

The thing that most people dislike about this wheel is its price. It is, by no means, a cheap wheel but it is one of the cheapest wheels manufactured by the likes of pricier brands like Cray. That is, not exactly, a fair justification but the durability and looks do partly make up.

2. Cray Spider 20″ X 10.5″ 5 X 120.65

A classical sleek 10-spoke design…


  • Exquisite looks
  • Rotary forged construction
  • Durable


  • Expensive

The Cray Spider is the brand’s take on classical minimalism. The wheels design is a simple 10-spoke design which would not have been extraordinary if the 20 inch diameter had not made it pop. There’s a beautiful branded centre cap to complete the artwork.

The Cray Spider has been so named because the spokes imitate the appearance of spider legs and I agree. Also, the gloss black finish with mirror cut face particularly showcases this. Two other finishes are available too; matte black and silver with mirror cut face.

The spokes are really thin for a 20 inch wheel which makes one question the toughness. But thanks to rotary forged construction, the frame has been strengthened to almost physics-defying levels. All this technology comes at a hefty price, even more than the Eagle.

For most, this is the absolute go-to choice for Corvette wheels as it encompasses all that Corvette stands for in its simplified elegance and tasteful design restraint.

3. Milanni Splinter 20″ X 10.5″ 5 X 120.65 (Budget choice)

The best budget option here…


  • Great looking
  • Budget friendly
  • Solid construction


  • Unsatisfactory finish quality
  • Insufficient brand repute

Budget and Corvettes do not really go hand in hand but this wheel sure is the best bang fro your buck amongst an array of extravagantly priced sports-luxury rims.

At around $300 a pop, Milanni Splinter delivers more than one would expect for a wheel in this price range. It is, unmistakably, a sporty rim in the looks department with performance to back up the claims. This is one area where no compromise has been made.

The aesthetics are moderately aggressive with hints of restraint which might appear a bit too dull for a flashy vehicle like the Corvette. It is, however, the ultimate choice for someone desiring a sleeper, more conspicuous look on their car.

The durability aspect does not exactly follow this pattern, though. The finish of these rims typically lasts 3 to 4 years for the masses but the structure is strong as a ship’s hull.

The brand has consistently built a reputation around providing affordable and great looking wheels for luxury vehicles but is still not considered a mainstream brand. If you are looking for a set of wheels for as great a vehicle as Corvette is, my advice would be to invest in something more reputable.

4. Cray Astoria 20″ X 10.5″ 5 X 120.65

Sassy but not too flashy…


  • Jaw dropping looks
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

If you want something that is more of a show-stopper, you should get the Cray Astoria. The gloss black with mirror cut face and the high gloss metal are two perfect finish options for such an occasion. I am not much of a fan with matte black finish on this one, though.

Perhaps the best thing about it is that it was designed specifically for Corvettes which means that it delivers well on the performance end as well. It is particularly light-weight in list of wheels that already quite light. This is made possible thanks to the rotary forged construction.

The Astoria is no exception when it comes to the uncompromised build of Cray wheels. The finish as well as the frame is sufficiently long-lasting and nears the top end of the durability spectrum rivalling the best of the brands available today.

The Astoria comes in multiple sizes between 18 and 20 inches of diameter. You will be perfectly fine if you opt to go with the 20″ X 10.5″ on all fours. Alternatively, you can go for 19-inch ones on the front with these on the rear.

The Astoria is another expensive option but hey, these are wheels for Corvettes, what did you expect? But is the price justifiable with regards to aesthetics, performance and durability? I do think so!

5. Coventry Whitley 19 X 9.5 5 X 120.65

The most affordable looker on this list…


  • Jaguar-inspired styling
  • Durable
  • Appropriately priced


  • None

The Coventry Whitley is a Jaguar-inspired wheels that perfectly fits a C6 Corvette. The design is also very Jaguar-like, excelling in elegance and being an overall pleasant looking piece of art.

The hyper-silver with mirror cut lip suits the wheel’s personality a bit more than the gloss black option, in my opinion. The spokes, somehow, blend in better with the lip and makes the wheel appear slightly larger. A beautiful branded center cap is the cherry on top in this case.

Coventry is a fairly well-known brand especially among the Jaguar community. It has held a reputation for delivering on quality as well as performance side of things.

The Coventry Whitley is available in both 19″ X 9.5″ and 20″ X 10.5″ which makes it a very suitable choice for your front wheels. You will also be fine going for a complete set of four. Alternatively, you can go down the stock route by selecting a staggered setup with 19s upfront and 20s on the rear.

Perhaps the biggest strength is that it costs 354$ per wheel which practically a bargain in a world of outrageously priced Corvette wheels and that too from a brand as good as Coventry. Considering all aspects, this is truly the best bang for your buck.

How to buy the best wheels for C6 Corvette? Buyer’s guide

If you are going to make a pick for the wheels of your C6 Corvette, we just keeping in view a few factors to ensure that you make the wisest choice:

1. Rim Width and Diameter:

It is a no-brainer that only selective sizes of wheels fit a particular vehicle. For a C6 Corvette, the stock rim size is 19 inches ffor the front and 20 inches for the rears.

You can choose any wheel between 17 and 20 inches in diameter. You have lesser flexibility with regards to wheel width. Go for wheels between 9.5 and 10.5 because any smaller and you will struggle to fit a good set o grippy tires.

Wheel larger than 11 inches in width have the probability of rubbing against the fenders but some people have, somehow, managed to pull this off without altering the fenders.

2. Bolt Pattern:

Only the wheels with a bolt pattern of 5×120.65 will fit your C6 Corvette, so it is essential to look out for it. It is for this reason alone that all the above mentioned are rims of this recommended configuration.

The C5 Corvette has very different wheel sizes for which we have compiled an equally extensively researched list titled Best Wheels for C5 Corvette.

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