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Best Truck Tires for Snow and Rain

With the transportation industry thriving rapidly, a number of brands have come up with a huge variety of tires that are specialized for certain weathers and terrains. This has made the process of choosing the tire quite easy. However, if you are located at a place which faces both snow and rain, the choice can be tricky because finding a tire which serves equally well in both conditions is a cumbersome task, and might need in-depth research and assistance of an expert. Generally speaking, the choice depends majorly on the precise conditions that the tire has to face. Let us explain why: you see, the problem is that all-season tires usually perform poorly in snow and, similarly, winter tires are known for their poor wet braking distances.

Really, there a two ways to go in such a situation. One would be to go for an all-season tire that performs sufficiently well in snow and winters. This should be ideal for those who have to face regular showers and occasional light snow. But if you’re looking for tires that are specifically built to perform in rain, check out our article Best Truck Tires for Rain. The other choice would be to choose a tire specialized to deal with heavy snow and yet delivers sufficiently during the rainy season. For this matter, we’ve split this guide into two sections.

Best All-season Tires for Rain and Snow:

For areas that experience plenty of rainfall and relatively less, light snow, all-season tires are the best option. Here, we have picked the 3 best for you:

  1. Yokohama Avid Touring S All-Season Tire – 205/55R16 89T (Editor’s choice)
  2. Michelin LTX M/S All Season Radial Tire 245/65R17 107T
  3. Firestone Destination LE2 Highway Terrain SUV Tire 225/65R17 102 T

1. Yokohama Avid Touring S All-Season Tire – 205/55R16 89T (Editor’s choice)

The best snow traction among all-season tires…

This 16-inch all-season tire by Yokohama is superior to other all-season tires in terms of its appreciable performance in light snow. It has a unique construction, featuring a symmetrical tread design which is meant to provide sufficient wet traction. The size of the tread blocks is variable which allows this tire to provide an all-round performance in each weather condition. The tread compound is chosen specifically for its durability, so the tread life is significantly increased and there is controlled, even wearing.

In order to provide sufficient control during heavy rain, the tread of this tire is fitted with tapered rain channels. These channels work in coordination with the circumferential grooves, and evacuate water from the tread so that the grip of the tire is not compromised. This also allows the ride to be comfortable. A particularly interesting feature of this tire are the cross traction sipes. The sipes are small edges that dig into the snow and hold it firmly, providing ample traction. Sipes are a unique feature for an all-season tire, and the primary reason for this tires’ satisfactory performance in snow.

On the negative side, this tire is not very stable at high speeds and does not take load transfer very well due to a relatively weak sidewall.


  • Excellent all-season performance
  • Function well in snow
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Come with a 30-days test drive


  • Might sway on highways
  • Not ideal for very high speeds

2. Michelin LTX M/S All Season Radial Tire 245/65R17 107T

It’s Michelin, what did you expect…

This Michelin tire is another one of the few tires that have the ability to function safely in both rain and snow. It has a rim size of 17-inches, and features a symmetrical tread pattern which gives it an aesthetically pleasant appearance. Thanks to the top quality materials that Michelin is known for, the tire offers a very comfortable and quiet ride.

This tire offers superb traction on wet roads as well as the ones covered with snow. This property is a result of the thoughtful engineering of tires, particularly the tread depth and deep circumferential grooves. They channel the rain and snow in the direction away from that of the tire, allowing easy maneuverability without affecting the grip. This also means that it can perform satisfactorily in slightly thicker snow. Moreover, the braking distance of this tire on wet roads is surprisingly short, making it a very safe option for use in rainy conditions. However, the vibration of this tire at high speeds is a great concern.

This Michelin tire comes with a 70,000 miles treadwear warranty, allowing the customer to make the purchase comfortably. Nonetheless, the retail price of it is higher than most other options available.


  • Excellent traction in both rain and snow
  • Attractive appearance
  • Fuel efficient
  • Long wear life
  • M/S rated


  • Shaky
  • Expensive

3. Firestone Destination LE2 Highway Terrain SUV Tire 225/65R17 102 T

The smart financial decision…

If you are looking for a truck tire that is equally versatile in both performance and appearance, and is priced very appropriately, this one is for you. This 17-inch all-season tire by Firestone is one of its kind when it comes to tread designing. Besides imparting unparalleled fuel efficiency, the tread has deep circumferential grooves with the purpose of clearing water from the below the tire. The efficiency of these grooves is amplified by the addition of unique, sweeping grooves that resist hydroplaning. Thus, these tire offers marvelous wet traction. 

To ensure that the tire survives in snowy conditions, it is equipped with zigzag sipes. These sipes hold the tire steadily on the ground and provide significant control to the driver. The tread compound is long-lasting and strong, possessing the ability to deal with all seasons. It is reinforced with spiral belts, allowing the tire to maintain its shape so that the quality of ride is maintained for long periods of time.

Mounting this tire on your vehicle is a challenging task which when coupled with tricky balancing might ruin the joyful experience of installation of new tires.


  • Efficient in both rain and snow
  • Tremendous wet traction
  • Steady grip
  • OEM tire
  • Reasonable price


  • Balancing is tricky

Best Truck tires for Heavy Snow and Occasional Rain:

If you plan on driving your truck in a place which faces heavy and frequent snow for greater part of the year, and comparatively less rainfall, here are two suitable tires:

4. BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire LT315/70R17/C 113/110S (Editor’s choice)

5. Falken Wildpeak AT3W all_ Terrain Radial Tire-265/70R17 115T

4. BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Tire LT315/70R17/C 113/110S (Editor’s choice)

The best performer among the pack…

This aggressively designed, 17-inch tire by BFGoodrich is one of the toughest tires introduced by the brand. It has a heavy duty construction which is meant to ensure its survival in extremes of weather, such as heavy snow. The bold and deep treads dig into the snow and make the vehicle stable, and the advanced sipes embedded in the tread make sure that the grip is not even slightly compromised. The shoulder of this tire has a serrated cut which enhances the snow traction of this tire even further. In order to prevent this tire from getting stuck when the layers of snow become extremely thick, the tread is kept significantly deep and wide. All these features add up to make this tire one of the best options for snowy and icy conditions

Interestingly, this radial tire by BFGoodrich is also safe to use in rainy conditions, thanks to its tread design. The deep treads and widely spaced tread blocks prevent any significant hindrance of the drive by water. The aggressive features and top quality tread compound provide a strong grip, which is absolutely necessary when driving on wet ground. Moreover, this tire comes with a 50,000 miles treadwear warranty, making it a safe choice. However, it is comparatively pricier than other options available.


  • Extremely tough
  • Excellent traction in snow
  • Satisfactory performance in rain
  • Strong grip
  • Does not get stuck
  • Backed by warranty


  • Expensive
  • Might not be safe in very heavy rain

5. Falken Wildpeak AT3W all_ Terrain Radial Tire-265/70R17 115T

The most extensively reviewed tire on the list…

This 17-inch radial tire is one of the most appreciated products by Falken due to its terrific performance in harsh driving conditions such as snow storms. It has a very rugged build, which allows it to tackle challenging weather conditions with ease. It also enjoys the advantage of being compatible with all weathers, including rain. These outstanding features are an outcome of the innovative designing and advanced manufacturing ideas.

The tread blocks of the tire are rough and rugged, which allow it to hold the ground steadily despite the snow or rain. In addition, the tread features sipes, which are small slits that greatly enhance the traction of the tire in snow. The sidewall of the tire is also aggressively designed and tackles the snow effectively, playing a major role in preventing the tire from getting stuck in heavy snow. The circumferential grooves come into action and evacuate the water from the tread, allowing the tire to ride smoothly without losing grip while driving on wet roads during rain. Thus, one can be certain that these tires will not disappoint in both rainy and snowy conditions.

Balancing this tire, however, can be very tricky and can turn out to be a nightmare if not done correctly.


  • Performs well in both snow and rain
  • Strong grip
  • Aggressive design
  • Features sipes
  • Smooth ride


  • Difficult to balance
  • Might wear out quickly in certain conditions

How to pick the best snow and rain tires?

We’ve split this discussion too into two sections for convenience:

How to buy an All-season tire that performs well in light snow as well?

While an all-season tire almost always carries all the necessary features that allow it to perform in rainy conditions, the same is not true for snow. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on certain factors that can assure that the tire will perform satisfactorily and safely in both. These include sipes, which are small slits that hold onto and pack the snow tightly, preventing the tire from slipping. Circumferential grooves are also an important feature that enhance wet and snow traction by evacuating the water and snow away from the tire. If you’re only looking for rain tires, read our article: Best Truck Tires for Rain

How to buy tires for snow that perform well in rain?

In order to ensure that the tire is safe to use in both snow and rain, it is necessary to look out for its braking distance on wet roads. It is always advisable to choose the tire with the minimum braking distance, so that any accidents can be prevented. Another factor to look out for, is deep grooves. They ensure a confident grip by increasing the amount of water that the tread is capable of clearing.

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