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The USA is a vast country and getting from one part to another may mean vey lengthy journeys. Did you know that most of the goods that are transported from source to destination in the US go by road? We’ll talk about that in moment but in the 21st century it may seem odd to still be doing things as they were done 50 years ago but there are good reasons. Take a drive on the major freeways of the USA and you’ll almost certainly pass a handful of semi-trucks. These are the giants of the roads, the real monsters that criss-cross the country east to west, north to south every day of the year. Here’s a figure for you: the average semi-truck will do 45,000 miles in a given year. At last count there were almost 1 million trucks on the roads (not all semi-trucks). That’s a lot of miles covered.

When we consider that an average automobile will do around 12,000 miles in the same period you can easily see why trucks take a lot of stress and strain. Of course, these vehicles are built for the purpose – they are tough, strong, endurance-oriented machines – but they nevertheless need a lot of care, attention and maintenance.

The title of the article is about buying parts online, and we’re talk about what is a relatively new way of shopping for essential truck parts. Before we move on let’s just have a look at how important trucking is to the USA, its population, and the economy.

Why is Trucking Vital to the USA?

We mention above that most goods transported in the USA go by road. One would think that rail or indeed air freight would make a better solution. However, when you star to look at things logically it’s clear that road is the best option. Most goods, for example, are transported from the source – whether that is a port for imports or the manufacturer for domestic goods – to retail distribution points across the country.

Railways may have access to ports to pick the goods up. Aircraft certainly don’t! The aeroplane may bring the goods into the country, but they then have to get from the airport to the distribution centre. A truck picks up the goods at the factory, port or airport and takes it directly to the distribution centre. The train cannot do that.
Thus, road freight remains the most direct and simple method of distributing goods in bulk to different parts of the country, from where they will find their way to the shops. His is why the army of truckers and their trucks – whether fleet or self-owned – is absolutely vital in keeping food on the table, appliances and furniture in the home, and the economy afloat. Now we know how vital trucks are and how hard they work, let’s talk about the buying Semi-truck parts online.

Why Buy Truck Parts Online?

This part of the article should help you see why online parts suppliers are becoming more popular. For example, if you are reading this the chances are you are a truck maintenance service provider, a fleet manager or a trucker who owns their own vehicle. The world has embraced online retail for just about every market, so why not for truck spares? Part of the slow uptake has been tradition, but that is rapidly becoming overcome by recognition of the benefits of sourcing parts online.

If you want a good example of an online supplier of Semi-truck parts – is one we suggest you look at. It offers all the features and services that a good example will and is just one of many suppliers that has found its feet in a growing market. The range of parts is comprehensive, and there are reasons why they can achieve this with little cost.
First, the best way to save costs on parts supply on the part of the supplier is not to carry excess stock. They have their supplier, and when you purchase a part, it may come direct from the manufacturer. They will have agreements with makers of all types of semi-truck parts so they can get them to customers quickly and efficiently. Logistics service providers will be involved too, in order to ensure the transaction is smooth and unhindered.

It follows that some fleet managers and truckers may not be too familiar with the online world, but as the legislation requires all trucks to carry digital recording and reporting systems there are few who will not have become more familiar with advances in technology in recent years. There is money to be saved in buying semi-truck parts online in the main because the supplier does not have the overheads of a vast warehouse and can pass that cost-saving on.

We now see that buying online is convenient and saves a lot of time, trouble and expense, so what is the future of trucking in an ever-changing world?

Does Trucking Have a Future?

There is a lot of talk about electric trucks becoming the choice of freight transport in the future. If this is the way of keeping trucks on the road it will happen, as we have already seen how essential trucks are to everyday life of the American people. However, it is unlikely that electric trucks will overtake the current breed in the next few years, but they will be present on the roads in growing numbers over the years.

The simple fact is that a move towards online semi-truck supplies was always going to happen, just as it has in every other market sector across the board. It is convenient, may offer cost savings, and if the supplier does not have the stock, they can get it for you direct. You keep your truck or trucks constantly safe, sound and maintained, and save money in the process.
Trucks are a part of the very fabric of the American road system and have been for many years, so long may they remain so.

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