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When we talk about versatile vehicles that also have a great deal of aesthetic appeal, Ford F-150 is almost always in the mix. However, what makes a vehicle attractive are its components, and most of us would agree that wheels top the list. Whether you want to complement the aggressive, robust look of your F-150 in off-road conditions, or make it look elegant on roads, wheels are the major contributors to how the look turns out. With more and more importance being given to the aesthetic side of vehicles, the industry is now stormed with a wide range of eye-catching wheels.

The Top 5 Best looking Wheels for F-150

Here is a list of the top-rated wheels for Ford F-150, in terms of appearance:

  1. XD-Series Monster XD778 Matte Black Wheel (Editor’s choice)
  2. RockTrix RT107 17 inch Wheel (6×139.7) Bolt Pattern, 17×9 (-12mm Offset)
  3. Rugged Ridge 15305.01 XHD Wheel Black Satin
  4. Ultra 203BM HUNTER BLACK Wheel with Gloss CNC Milled Accents and Clear-Coat (0 x 9. inches /6 x 139 mm, -12 mm Offset)
  5. Dorman Alloy Wheel with Painted Finish (17 x 7.5 inches /5 x 135 mm, 14 mm Offset)

1. XD-Series Monster XD778 Matte Black Wheel (Editor’s choice)

For those who a desire an aggressive, ‘monstrous’ look…

This magnificent matte black wheel by KMC Wheels is one of our absolute favorites in terms of both aesthetic properties and overall performance. It is built along the lines of modernity, with 6 unique, lifted spokes that can catch the viewer’s attention from afar. It has 5 lug nuts. The center cap is also painted matte black, with a central logo that has “XD Series” written in a contrasting white color. This combination accounts for an overall elegant appearance. This wheel is constructed using aluminum, which imparts great strength and durability. This is further enhanced by the incorporation of chromium, which is a unique addition and plays a vital role in preventing the wheel from rusting. Thus, your wheel will keep looking neat and new for years. This addition, however, does raise the price of this product significantly. 

This wheel comes in a wide range of diameters, from 18 to 24 inches. The width also ranges from 6 to 10 inches, allowing you to pick the rim that fits your F-150 perfectly, and saving you from the hassle of getting it fixed time and again. Moreover, it also excels in terms of its load capacity, which is 2500 pounds and leaves many other competitors behind. Therefore, if you are looking for a stylish and aggressive wheel that can also carry huge amounts of load, this is the one for you.

If you want to know more about this brand, check out the brand review here: KMC Wheels (Rims) Review- Are they any good?


  • Stylish appearance
  • Multiple sizes
  • Durable
  • Great load capacity


  • Pricey

2. RockTrix RT107 17 inch Wheel

A pictorial representation of restrained aggression…

If you are hunting for a sporty-looking wheel to compliment your F-150, especially in off-road conditions, this is your best bet. This 17-inch wheel by RockTrix has a uniquely attractive 6 V-spoke design that stands out amongst all its counterparts. The center cap is compact and raised, with a bold RockTrix logo in its middle. This goes very well with the catchy spoke design. The finish of this wheel is matte black, which makes it look classy. Furthermore, the paint is topped with an additional tough clear coat which is meant to resist harsh weather conditions, so that the paint of the wheel keeps looking fresh. Another great feature of this wheel is that it is easy to clean, thanks to the wide spaces between its spokes. Hence, you won’t have to worry about getting it removed and cleaned every few weeks.

This wheel has a width of 9 inches, and an offset of -12 mm. It is built to not only appear robust, but also perform aggressively in difficult conditions, and fortunately, it lives up to the manufacturer’s claims. It has a high load capacity of 2200 pounds. However, unlike the rest of its body, the center cap of this wheel is made using substandard plastic which has the tendency to break. 


  • Aggressive
  • Classy finish
  • Can resist harsh weather
  • Easy cleaning
  • High load capacity


  • Fragile center cap

3. Rugged Ridge 15305.01 XHD Wheel, Black Satin

Plain classic satin black wheels…

Are you more drawn towards elegant rather than aggressive? Don’t worry, we have something for you as well. This magnificent wheel by Rugged Ridge has a regal satin black finish that can transform the entire look of your F-150. It has a 7 spoke design with 5 bolts. The center cap is relatively small and compact, and features the brand logo in a sharp white color. This wheel is available in sizes ranging from 17 to 20 inches. Moreover, it is also available in multiple finishes to suit the taste of the customer. Impressive, isn’t it?

This wheel is made using cast aluminum, which is an ideal rust-resistant material. This allows the wheel to be durable and light-weight. A particularly impressive feature of this wheel is its hub-centric design, which is quite uncommon. This means that the wheel is centered over the hub and not the lug studs. As a result, it is easy to mount and the vibrations are significantly reduced, making the ride smooth and seamless. Cherry on top, this wheel is highly budget-friendly. 


  • Elegant 
  • Different sizes
  • Multiple finishes
  • Easy mounting
  • Inexpensive


  • Unattractive center cap

4. Ultra 203BM HUNTER BLACK Wheel with Gloss CNC Milled Accents and Clear-Coat

A lot is going on with its design; busy for some, sassy for most…

This versatile 20-inch wheel by Ultra is another one of our favorites when aesthetic appeal is considered. It is finely balanced between elegant and aggressive, allowing it to rule both paved roads and rugged off-road conditions. It has 8 spokes that are arranged in an unconventional manner, making this wheel stick out. Furthermore, it has a glossy black finish which makes the wheel shine and grab attention easily. Another great advantage of this glossy finish is that it is easy to clean. One effortless wipe and the wheel is good as new!

This wheel has an offset of -12mm. It is constructed using aluminum, which makes it durable and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, it also has an outer clear coat which is tough and allows the wheel to withstand assault due to harsh weather conditions. Thus, you can take on the toughest off-road conditions with this superb wheel, with complete peace of mind. In addition, it also has a great load capacity of 2500 pounds, making it an ideal choice. However, due to its unconventional frame, expert assistance might be required to properly balance the tire on it. 


  • Appealing outlook
  • Tough
  • Rust-proof
  • Great load capacity
  • Easy cleaning


  • Mounting of tire is tricky

5. Dorman Alloy Wheel with Painted Finish

For those who want a classic, contemporary look…

If real shiny steel finish is your thing, this 17-inch wheel by Dorman is your answer. It has a classical and robust design that can give your F-150 a classy yet conventional outlook. The 5 spokes of this wheel are wide and occupy a large area, with no center cap. It is also easy to clean and maintain, so your F-150 can keep looking tidy even after taking on rough terrain. It is built using aluminum, and the exterior is painted so the chances of rusting are minimized. All these features add up and give this wheel a luxurious appearance. Moreover, the materials used for the manufacturing of this wheel are of top-quality. This not only allows the wheel to perform tremendously, but also makes it last long and look good.  However, the use of premium quality materials means that this wheel is quite high up on the price list.

This wheel has an offset of 14mm, and has 5 lug holes.


  • Luxurious appearance
  • Classical design
  • Tough
  • Top quality materials


  • Expensive

How to pick the best looking wheels for your Ford F-150?

The choice of wheels in terms of aesthetic appeal mostly depends on the individual’s taste. However, there are a few factors that must be paid special attention to, in order to make the best choice.

1. Spokes:

The spokes of a wheel are its most prominent feature, and naturally, must be given top priority. Spokes that are elegantly designed and raised on their edges are particularly attractive.

2. Center Cap:

Center cap is another imperative feature of a wheel. Large and boldly designed caps with brand logos in contrasting color can be interesting to look at.

3. Size:

Size plays a major role in how a wheel looks. It is ideal to choose a wheel with large size and magnified features, so that it can grab attention from afar.

For more great looking wheel options for your F-150 head out to our article: Best Looking Truck Wheels

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