Best Looking Truck Wheels

If you are bored of the mundane look of your truck and crave a change, wheels can be a game changer for you. While factors such as paint, tire design and accessories contribute noticeably to the appearance of the truck, wheels are arguably the most prominent feature that can turn heads.

A wheel with eye catching features can transform your dull looking vehicle into an aggressive or a pleasant looking one, effortlessly. With modernization and more importance being given to the aesthetic properties of trucks, a wide range of good looking wheels are now available.

Top 5 Best Looking Truck Rims

If you are searching for an attractive wheel for your truck, you have come to the right place! Here is a list of the best looking wheels present in the market today.

  1. Helo HE878 Wheel with Satin Black Finish (Editor’s choice)
  2. American Racing AR172 Baja Satin Black Wheel
  3. Mickey Thompson Sidebiter II Wheel with Satin Black Finish
  4. Pro Comp Steel Wheels 51-5862 Rock Crawler Series 51 Black Wheel
  5. Method Race Wheels 305 NV Matte Black

1. Helo HE878 Wheel with Satin Black Finish (Editor’s choice)

The best looking truck wheel, in our opinion…

Customizing the wheel’s finish according to one’s own taste is a great luxury for people who are picky about the appearance of their vehicle. This Helo wheel offers this luxury, as it comes in four different exterior finishes and a variety of bolt patterns to choose from. It is available in sizes ranging from 16 to 20 inches, and a width of 9 inches. The offsets of this wheel are 0 and  -12mm.

This wheel has an elegant satin black finish which not only imparts a royal appearance, but also protects the wheel from damage by external conditions such as harsh weather. It is constructed using cast aluminum which makes it light and yet strong and robust. The same material is used to make the center cap which features the logo of Helo. The shape of the spokes of this wheel is a picture of modernity and innovation. Their lifted edges grab the attention of the viewer in no time. A touch of aggressiveness is also added to the outlook of this wheel by its width, that is greater than most other options. The downside of this innovative designing, however, is that the central hub might fall off easily even at the slightest jerk.

This Helo wheel comes with a lifetime structural warranty and one-year finish warranty. Nonetheless, peeling off of the paint is a noticeable concern. Moreover, lug nuts do not come with the wheel.

For a complete, in-depth review of this wheel, read: Helo He 878 Review


  • Modern finish
  • Offers a variety of bolt patterns
  • Sturdy
  • Innovative spokes
  • Backed by warranty


  • Paint might peel off if scratched
  • Center cap is not fixed tightly

2. American Racing AR172 Baja Satin Black Wheel

The one with the old classic looks…

This wheel by American Racing is one of our favorites when aesthetics are considered. It has an old school appearance that is suitable for people who are fascinated by classical designs. The satin black exterior of this wheel gives it a regal and magnificent outlook, while providing additional protection. Aluminum is used for the manufacturing of it, which has the great advantage of being lightweight. The wheel is mostly easy to install, however, in certain cases the mounting can be tricky. Nonetheless, the issue is easily resolvable if expert assistance is sought.

What makes this wheel stand out among others is the thoughtful balance between simplicity and fanciness. It can make your vehicle look elegant and sporty at the same time, without being funky. The central cap protrudes out with the logo of American Racing in its middle, in a contrasting white color. It has small, round cutouts between the 8 spokes. The plus point of this design is that it makes the cleanliness and maintenance of the wheel very easy. Although its price is comparatively reasonable, lug nuts are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately. 

This American Racing wheel comes with a one-year finish warranty. It is available in 15 – 17 inch sizes, with 0 and -12mm offsets and widths ranging from 7 – 9 inches.

In case of further queries, we have a complete review of this tire, do check it out: American Racing AR172 Baja Review


  • Classic and elegant appearance
  • Light weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Economical
  • Backed by warranty


  • Fitting might be tricky for certain vehicles
  • Lug nuts are not included

3. Mickey Thompson Sidebiter II Wheel with Satin Black Finish

The most aggressive looking among the pack…

This satin black wheel by Mickey Thompson is one of the most aggressive looking wheels available in the market. The sizes of almost all the features of this wheel are amplified, making them appear bold and prominent. It has 7 rectangular spokes, each of which contains an opening. In addition to adding to its appeal, these openings make the cleaning of this wheel easy. Therefore, the wheel is easy to maintain and looks tough and tidy for long periods of time. The center cap also has a bold and prominent build, which adds to the rugged design of this wheel. 

The performance of this wheel, like its appearance, is also aggressive. Its robust construction allows it to face difficult conditions such as dirt and mud with ease, while staying tidy. The material used for the manufacturing is cast aluminum. It comes in 15 – 20 inch sizes. The offsets can be 0 mm, -22 mm and -48 mm. The widths range from 8 to 10 inches.

All these features add up to make this wheel one of the most rugged and sturdy wheels available, which can instantly transform the look of your vehicle. However, it can be a bit challenging to mount the tire on this wheel, owing to its unconventional and bold features.

We’ve made an entire dedicated brand review for this magnificent brand here: Mickey Thompson Wheels (Rims) Review- Are they any good?


  • Bold appearance
  • Aggressive performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Tough and sturdy
  • Comes with lug nuts


  • Heavy
  • Mounting the tire might be tricky

4. Pro Comp Steel Wheels 51-5862 Rock Crawler Series 51 Black Wheel

Classy and gorgeous…

For people who prefer a conventional wheel design, this wheel by Pro Comp Steel Wheels is the one. It has a classic manufacturing with a relatively flatter design and small round cutouts between them. This makes the wheel appear graceful, while staying clean. It has a gloss black finish which makes it shine vividly in both natural and artificial lighting, allowing the vehicle to stand out. This gloss finish also has the advantage of being easier to clean.

This wheel is superior to its counterparts in terms of the great quality materials used for its construction. It is made of steel, which makes it highly resistant to any damage by harsh conditions. The material used for this wheel has been carefully picked for its sturdiness so that its durability can be guaranteed. Thus, the wheel can be used confidently in all sorts of conditions such as snow, rain and mud. Cherry on top is the easy handling and simple mounting of this wheel on tire, which allows the customer to complete the process without any assistance. The wheel is available in sizes 15 – 17 inches, and widths of 8 and 10 inches.

However, this wheel does not come with lug nuts and center caps, and they have to be purchased separately. This can be inconvenient and a burden on the pocket.


  • Classical design
  • Very strong and durable
  • Gloss and shiny finish
  • Top quality materials
  • Easy to handle and fit
  • Easy to clean


  • Lug nuts and center cap have to be purchased separately

5. Method Race Wheels 305 NV Matte Black

For those who want their wheels to look good with little maintenance…

This wheel by Method Race Wheels sticks out due to its unique 12 window design, which grabs attention rapidly, and allows it to stay presentable no matter how dirty the conditions are. Thus it is a wheel of choice for those who are unable to keep their vehicles ultra-clean all the time. It has a refined, matte black exterior with replaceable gold zinc lip bolts. The contrasting colors make the wheel greatly appealing and increase the attraction of the vehicle multifold. Interestingly, these lip bolts are also available in different colors. The push through center cap is also a welcome addition to this wheel.

While there is no doubt that this rim can make your vehicle look amazing by the virtue of its aesthetic properties and unusual features alone, one cannot ignore its tough built. The rim is made of aluminum. This choice of material along with the clever engineering allow it to carry an overwhelmingly large amount of load. It can perform efficiently even when the driving conditions are not favorable, and resist any significant damage. However, the paint might not be as resilient as the wheel and can get scraped off.

This wheel also comes with a lifetime structural warranty, which allows the customer to make the purchase confidently. It is available in sizes ranging from 16 – 20 inches with 0, -12, 18 and 25 mm offsets and widths ranging from 8 to 9 inches.


  • Aesthetically pleasant finish
  • Unique construction
  • Very tough and robust
  • Can resist damage
  • Lip bolts come in different colors
  • Comes with a lifetime structural warranty


  • Paint can peel off

How to buy the best looking wheel for your truck?

Here are a few factors that have a great impact on the outlook of the wheel:

1. Spokes:

The design of the spokes can make or break the attraction of the wheel. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to pick the wheel with spokes that are prominent and elegantly designed.

2. Exterior Finish:

The wheels with nicely painted exterior appeal to the eye of the viewer immediately. It is advisable to look for wheels with gloss or satin finish, so that the shiny appearance can allow the vehicle to stand out.

3. Center Cap:

The center cap can add a great deal of attraction to the wheel. The best center caps are the one which have a noticeable size and innovative design. The best center caps feature the logo of the brand and stand out boldly.

4. Size:

The size of the wheel also has a major impact on how it looks. In order to make the wheel appear aggressive and interesting, a larger size with amplified dimensions is recommended.

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