Best Looking Blacked Out Supercars (2018)

Most supercars already look aggressive and intimidating on the road, but when you hit it with a matte black vinyl wrapping, it becomes even more menacing. It doesn’t matter if you want to call these blacked out or murdered out you need to agree that these look quite dangerous.

There is no doubt that black has always been considered as the most classic but also the most exclusive color option for a vehicle. This is simply because it is very hard to maintain it in perfect condition, but when you take good care of it, you know that it will reward you with many looks of people wherever you go.

Blacked out matte finish has become increasingly popular with the introduction of vinyl, and one of the biggest advantages of this process is that it is fully reversible, meaning that you will preserve original paint job. Another great thing about the matte finish is that it won’t look dirty all the time as it happens with metallic color.

Check out these matte finish blacked out supercars:

10. Blacked Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

If you take a look at this Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, you will notice that it comes all black with only a few accents like brake calipers in red and chrome details around windows.