Best Features You Should Have on Your Car

Car buyers and owners are equally assaulted with new and interesting features. But, if you’re not careful what packages and features you put on your car, you will end up spending a fortune. And, let us tell you, not everything is worth the money. Some features are just marketing, although they sound smart. To help both car shoppers and owners, we have a short list of features and packages that are really worth the investment. These can make your car safer and the maintenance, easier. Keep reading below for more information.

Safety features

Not all safety-features are created equal. But without some of the ones presented here, you might endanger your and your passengers’ safety. To make sure you avoid unpleasant situations on the road, the following systems and features make a good addition. 

  • Automatic emergency braking systems. These smart systems are designed to reduce the collision impact or completely prevent it when it’s possible. They are installed on the braking system and sometimes include sensors for pedestrian detection. This may be one of the smartest systems car owners can install on their vehicles. 
  • Forward collision warning systems. By using sensors and alarm systems, these features offer visual warnings and alarms when imminent collisions are detected. 
  • Blind spot warning systems. These systems are designed to offer both visual and audible warnings when other vehicles or pedestrians are in the vehicle’s blind spots. As automotive experts explain, these systems have lowered the car crash injury and death rates since manufacturers have started to integrate them on vehicles. 

While some car drives tend to neglect safety systems, they are proven to work amazingly at reducing car crashes and road incidents.

Performance enhancement systems and features

Safety is not everything car drivers seek. Some of us are passionate enough about cars to want only the best performance on the road. And to achieve this, you can always install some smart performance-enhancement systems and features on your vehicle. 

  • GVM upgrades. According to, GVM upgrades are perfect for car owners who want to boost their suspension’s performance. These improvements come in handy, especially when you tend to overload your car. GVM upgrades are the go-to addition for professionals in the construction, lawn care and other similar fields. These suspension improvements allow them to carry all their equipment without worrying about the safety and well-being of their cars. 
  • Multiple keys. Some manufacturers deliver their cars with multiple keys. Each of the keys can trigger different car functions, like horsepower boost or limitations. Ford is one of the manufacturers with similar sets of keys. The performance was achieved by integrating the MyKey technology, a technology which accesses different car settings. 
  • Dynamic engine mounts. Dynamic engine mounts are designed to adapt to the driving style and can adapt to maintain steering accurate in hard cornering. These mounts harden the steering at high speeds and soften it during easy driving. These mounts will keep you and your passengers safe at all times while boosting car performance. 
  • Performance data recorder. This is a technology introduced by General Motors. It doubles as a dash cam, but the main use is as a race capture system. The system monitors variables like acceleration, speed, gear used currently. Steering angle, and all the other smart features and data you need when race driving. 

Convenience systems and features

Some systems and features are for safety, others for performance, but some are just…for convenience. You should have a nice time when behind the wheel, and the ones listed below are due to increase your comfort a lot. 

  • Android or Apple Play Systems. These systems will make it possible for the driver to enjoy the smart features and apps on their smartphones, straight into the car’s infotainment system. The driver can now interact will all the apps on their phone through the built-in screen. This will make driving safer, since you won’t have to take the eyes off the road. 
  • Old-fashioned knobs. We know, we live in the touch screen age. But touch screen buttons on cars can do more damage than good, they are perfect distractions for drivers. Well, to eliminate this downside, a convenience feature that all drivers will most likely appreciate is a set of old-fashioned knobs. Install these for climate and audio control. They will allow you to remain focused on your driving, unlike touch buttons. 

Systems to avoid

Now, that we know what you should look forward to install on your car, let’s see what is really not worth the money. 

  • Low-profile tires and huge wheels. We know you like big wheels and low-profile cars, but just skip these features. Usually, these make rides uncomfortable, put your wheels under a lot of stress. While the looks matter, don’t let yourself be fooled this one time. These features usually make wheels less flexible and able to absorb shocks. 
  • Built-in navigation systems. This is an easy way to throw money out the window. Be wise and avoid such systems. They are expensive and VERY replaceable. Use apps and tools like the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Just plug in your smartphone into your vehicle through the USB port. Use the map and navigation systems integrated with your smartphone. 
  • Lane keeping assistant. This is another system built to trick you into spending more money. However, you can skip it without worrying too much about your safety. First of all, these systems don’t even work as they should, yet. If you can, skip these and invest in an automated emergency braking system. It works better when it comes to collision prevention. 
  • Rear entertainment units. These will sound appealing and thrilling, especially for families with small children. But they are expensive and can be easily replaced by the tablets you have at home. Just load them with music, movies and games to let your children play during your long trips, and you’re all settled. 

These are some features you should consider, and some which you should avoid. Although you will be tempted to invest in anything and everything to make your care safer and boost its’ performance, it’s not always worth the expense.