Best Dog Seat Covers for 2023

Finding the right dog seat cover can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it’s hard to know which one is the best for you, your pet, and your car. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we share how to choose the best dog car hammock that won’t disappoint. We’ll discuss the most popular and comfortable dog hammocks, the benefits of each, and what to look out for when buying a new one. So, don’t waste any more time – read our article to make sure you get the best 2023 dog hammock!

What to Look for in a Back Seat Dog Cover?

When shopping for a dog cover, there are several important things to look for, such as size, design, material, and of course safety. Let’s look at them in more detail.

1. Safety

On-the-road safety is the number one priority. So when choosing a dog seat cover, make sure it has holes to attach a dog safety belt. If you can’t secure your pet’s harness to your car’s seat belt buckle, the cover is simply dangerous to use.

2. Size

Dog seat covers come in a variety of sizes to fit your car and your pet perfectly. You can choose from large back seat covers or single seat covers, whichever suits your needs. For larger dogs, back seat hammocks are a great option, as they provide more space for your pup to move around. And no matter the size of your dog, the more space to move, the better it will handle road trips – especially long ones.

3. Material

When it comes to protecting your car from dirt, liquids, scratches, and pet hair, the material of a dog seat cover is essential. You need to make sure it is water- and damage-resistant. Nylon or Oxford fabric are the best choices for a dog seat cover, as they are waterproof, durable, and can withstand wear and tear.

Additionally, fasteners should be strong and sturdy, as they need to be able to hold the cover (and your dog on it) securely in place. So between metal and plastic, choose metal.

4. Design

The design of a dog seat cover is key – smart design includes features that provide both functionality and style.

First of all, look for a dog car hammock that is easy to clean. This will save you time and nerves. Machine washing or damp cloth washing are the best.

Next, consider the non-slip bottom. Such a small detail adds stability and is especially useful if you have leather car seats.

If your pet is really messy or active, choose a dog seat cover with four-sided protection. Like this dog car hammock from that completely covers the backseat and has hard sidewalls for door protection.

Another smart detail is the storage pockets. They are great to keep leashes, travel bowls, or whatever else you need for your dog in one place.

Best for Small Dogs

For smaller dogs, a dog bed or a single-seat cover can be a great option. They don’t take up much space in your car and create a comfortable and secure place for your pet to rest while you’re driving. When choosing a dog bed, make sure to measure the size of your dog and the size of your car seat to get the cover fits properly.

But if your pet is small but quite active or nervous, it is best to get a dog car hammock with four-sided protection. Pat attention to single-seat hammocks, which also don’t take up much space, while being much more comfortable for your pet and durable for protecting your car interior.

Most Comfortable

When choosing a dog seat cover that will be comfortable for your pet, layers are key.

Look for a dog car hammock that has a regular design but with multiple layers. Layers should include soft padding to be comfy for your dog. The top fabric of a seat cover should also be soft. Make sure the cover is made from breathable materials to keep your pet cool and comfortable during long car rides.

A comfortable seat cover should create a cozy and secure place for your dog while they are in the car. Choose a seat cover with a snug fit so that your pet feels stable on the road. Make sure the size is correct and not too small. A small and sliding seat cover won’t create comfort for your pet, but will only add stress.

Best Overall

Considering the best brands, we would recommend Carhartt, Chewy, and Owleys dog seat covers. They vary in price and design, but all three are really good and worth a try.

But if you asked us to choose the best among these three, we would recommend Owleys. Their Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover combines all the key features we mentioned in the article and is safe, sturdy, and comfy for your pet.

And on top of all, we want to mention its smart versatile design. This seat cover has a zipper in the middle that easily transforms it from a large back seat hammock to a compact single-seat cover. So this is a great option if you need a seat cover for a puppy, a small dog, or a large breed dog. Unique, convenient, and multifunctional.

Let’s recap everything we’ve discussed in our article

Among all the features to look for in a dog seat cover, there are a few to pay greater attention to: safety, materials, size, and design. A safe dog seat cover should have holes to attach a dog safety belt. Materials should be durable, waterproof, and resistant to wear and tear. Sizes differ from large dog hammocks to single-seat dog beds for smaller pets. To get the most comfortable seat cover, make sure it has soft padding and fits snugly. Choosing among the very best dog seat cover brands, we would highly recommend Travel Buddy Dog Seat Cover by the brand Owleys.