5 Best Cars for Awesome Road Trips You Have Dreamed of All This Time

You have had a dream of driving in a swanky car and hit the American roads, enjoy the great outdoors, stop by for delicious food on the way, and whatnot. An awesome road trip means driving in a plush SUV, the journey sporty, fun, and adventure-filled. You need to drive safely and drive a car offering good mileage and fuel economy. Your luxury car should be spacious, convenient, safe, and include infotainment features.

If you are a road tripper with family or traveling in a group with friends, you will need a big car such as the Chevy Suburban. There are numerous other options like the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 if you are looking for something sporty.

According to an article published on, the Cadillac Escalade ESV AWD is an extended SUV is a preferred choice for families, a vehicle with adequate space for cargo, comfortable seating, and an extremely smooth ride. Here are the five best cars for awesome road trips you have dreamed of all these years:

1. Buick Regal TourX

The Buick Regal TourX is the ultimate, contemporary station wagon that you will love driving on the US roads. Perfect for a fun-filled road trip, this car comes with a sprightly, turbocharged engine as well as a smart all-wheel-drive (AWD). The vehicle is intelligent enough to understand which of its wheel requires traction and fine-tunes automatically through an active twin-clutch system.

You will love the luxury and comfortable interior that is necessary for long drives and the Buick Regal gives you that luxury without creating a dent in your wallet. It implies that you enjoy the luxury features and vehicle efficiency that is easy on your wallet. It includes the car’s QuietTuning technology, using features like special wheel-well insulation and laminated glass for a quiet cabin.

2. Audi A6


It is a mid-sized sedan, which is an excellent luxury vehicle that you will love to drive for your next road trip. Its features, road performance, style, and comfort make it an expensive car and one of the best vehicles for a cool road trip to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Audi A6 features a 4-6 cylinder engine. You should choose a 6-cylinder one for a more fun-filled and lively driving experience. It is one of those luxury cars best for solo driving or romantic getaways for a couple. Yes, the car is fun and you will love driving it. You can also go on a road trip with four of your friends or members of the family. Make the most out of the vehicle’s interior and roomy trunk.

Besides the comfort and size, the Audi A6 is preferred for its outstanding performance as well as safety technology. You will like the car’s sure-footed quattro all-wheel-drive mechanism.

This vehicle’s quattro mechanism is at work all the time, different from a sedan that has a front or rear-wheel system. The A6’s quattro system delivers power to the four wheels to make certain, despite the climatic conditions, your road adventure safely ends at your desired destination, and not in some trench.

Then, you need to drive safely and avoid a car crash. In case, you sustain injuries in a road rash, make sure you consult The Gomez firm to hire an accident lawyer to help you receive fair compensation.

3. Cadillac ATS Coupe

Cadillac is now the preferred choice of Americans for its luxury features and top-notch performance on the roads. It is the ultimate vehicle for that perfect road trip, particularly for one or two individuals.

You will love the sleek design of the Cadillac ATS Coupe with seats that ensure comfortable seating. Then, the coupe features two doors. It is an exciting vehicle to go for a long drive with your best friend and enjoy the great outdoors.

The big, turbocharged V4 engine offers about 300 horsepower as well as 30 mpg on the US highway for the perfect balance of fuel economy and performance. The car features a huge trunk to keep all your gear together with a range of infotainment options and safety technologies.

When it comes to road trips, the Cadillac offers an exciting experience when you are behind the wheel with car dynamics and efficient technology such as Brembo brakes.

4. Chevrolet Suburban


The Chevrolet Suburban is the best for a fun road trip, offering a complete road trip experience. The car is spacious enough to accommodate up to eight of your friends. The vehicle has all types of smart amenities such as an inbuilt 4G WI-FI hotspot, several power outlets, and optional high-definition rear entertainment screens with a DVD or Blu-Ray player.

Though the vehicle has enough seating capacity of eight adults, the Chevrolet Suburban isn’t hungry for that amount of fuel as you may think. The car has Cylinder deactivation and advance fuel management implying the vehicle uses four and not the right cylinders, when not all that fuel is required. The car will not use much fuel when cruising down the American freeways.

The car has a towing potential of 8,300 pounds, which is sufficient to pull several campers, boats, and toy trailers.  Therefore, if you would like to camp in the woods by the lake, sit around the fire, sing a song staring at the night sky, you can tow a camper for that ultimate adventure and fun.

5. Hyundai Palisade

The vehicle has an astonishingly luxurious interior as well as shift-by-wire transmission making it the most comfortable car for long drives. The SUV is full of smart technology, offering Lexus-like options and benefits at the price of Hyundai.

The vehicle is ideal for family road trips with smart features that help the driver to manage passengers. The feature Driver Talk transmits the driver’s voice via the vehicle’s audio system to the three-seat rows. There are also small warning lights right on the dashboard for every seat. It will tell you which passenger is buckled up and who is not.


You can own one of these cool cars for your next road trip adventure with your family or friends. If you already have one, there is nothing like it. Make the best use of all safety features and drive safely.

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