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Best Cars 2018 to Amaze Any Girl

Women nowadays are just as good at driving cars as men are. But this confidence does not arise immediately. It is necessary to get used to a car for a long time, respond quickly to traffic situations, and achieve automatism in many movements. A woman can act bewildered even in the simplest of situations, which is further expressed in dents and scratches on her bumper, slanting looks and signals from drivers, and lots and lots of cursing.

But that should concern you later on. What about now? What car should you gift to your girlfriend?

What kind of car to choose for a woman?

This seems like a simple question, and the answer is even simpler: you need to purchase a compact hatchback with an automatic transmission. This decision is reasonable. Such cars have the following advantages:

  • Low cost, simple maintenance, low fuel consumption.
  • Spacious interior, enough space for children and cosmetic accessories, a spacious trunk.
  • Such a car is maneuverable and compact, designed for urban conditions; you can quickly park and make maneuvers in traffic jams.

A woman remains herself even when choosing a car. If a man first looks at the technical parameters, checks the equipment, opens the hood, then the woman sees the following thing in a car:

  • Security
  • Beauty
  • The size of the cabin
  • Convenience

Let’s list the cars that fit the criteria above.

Kia Picanto

This compact car hasn’t been considered to be female-only for a long time, but Picanto is so friendly and cute that it will perfectly suit any novice female driver. This is the latest model of ultra-compact class cars on the market, and it is perfectly suited for driving in a city. With an overall length of 3.6 meters, it is easy to perform maneuvers in city traffic, and you can quickly find a place to park.

This is one of the best cars on the market to gift to your girlfriend, but if you don’t have one, be sure to visit this great Ukrainian dating site and find a woman online! Don’t miss out.

Chery Tiggo 2

In the Chinese line of Cherry models, there is a very compact Tiggo 3 crossover which is relatively cheap, but its fellow model called Tiggo 2 looks much more fun, and its equipment and features are much more exciting. It has an automatic transmission; however, it is available only in the Luxury edition of the car. In this configuration, in addition to parking radars, there is a touch-sensitive music system with the ability to display a smartphone screen, high-quality power accessories, and a back-up camera.

Mazda CX-5

The new crossover, which is considered to be the car of the new generation, is sold with gasoline engines of 2.5 and 2-liter capacity and the power of 192 and 150 hp respectively if you do not take into account the very first version with a manual transmission. However, in the original version, there is no rearview camera.

These additional elements are available in the Supreme configuration. It will also have an additional function of automatic braking, a system for recognition of road signs and pedestrians. This configuration can be supplemented with the functionality of the control of dead zones, lanes, exit from a parking lot, and an electrical truck engine.

Infiniti QX 30

From the fine line of Infiniti crossovers comes a small hatchback called Q30 with high ground clearance. The car, developed on the basis of Mercedes-Benz, is sold only with all-wheel drive and a 2-liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 211 horsepower. It operates in conjunction with a preselective 7-stage gearbox.

There are six options to choose from, but for women, it is better to pay attention to the GT Premium brand which usually includes a display for parking and a back-up camera. A more original model is the GT Premium Pack 1; it has the function of a circular view.

Lada Vesta Cross

This is a Russian modern crossover that many women seem to enjoy. This is the best new car from the Russian automotive industry; it is one of the best budget cars on the market, and it is well suited for suburban and urban use. It has a large ground clearance, a large trunk, equipped with separate seats for small things and organizers, as well as a protective body kit.

From a female point of view, this car has the only downside to it: the AMT transmission which behaves unusually while driving. You have to get used to it.

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