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How to Choose the Best Car Battery in 2024?

Choosing the best car battery is a very important task because it is one of the most underrated car parts. When it operates properly, your car will definitely run smoothly every time you use it.

In this article, I will tell you more about car batteries and how you can find the best unit in the market. Check out the guide I’ve written below.

The Best Car Battery – Odyssey PC680

Getting the Odyssey PC680 is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a deep cycle battery that offers efficiency and durability.

Whether it’s placed on land, snow, or sea, this can definitely tolerate any type of environment, even if it experiences hard pounding. It will stay strong and keep offering a high-quality performance for a long period of time, thanks to its rugged and very sturdy construction.

PC680 also comes with plates made of pure lead, preventing spillage and resisting vibration. In other words, you don’t have to worry about taking care of it too much because it’s maintenance-free.

Compared to other average AGM batteries being sold in the market today, PC680 comes with three times more life span and two times more power, making it one of the most popular batteries out there.

It can easily handle 400 cycles at a depth discharge of 80%, which is more compared to other units. And, since it is designed to overcome even the harshest weather conditions, its great performance won’t be affected as well.


  • Comes with a compact and lightweight design
  • Has a sturdy and rugged construction
  • Can withstand even the harshest weather conditions
  • Comes with a 750-amp rating
  • Prevents extreme shock and resists vibration
  • Has a deep cycle and starting battery function


  • Terminals are not included on the package
  • Prone to overcharging

Tips when choosing the best battery for your car

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I will guide you on how to choose the best one for your car. According to Automobile Remedy here are some of the things that you should consider when looking for a car battery:

  • Choose a maintenance-free

Maintenance-free and low-maintenance batteries are different from each other. When we say that it is maintenance-free, it comes with a sturdy and completely sealed case to prevent spillage and reduce vibration.

Low-maintenance batteries, on the other hand, comes with caps. Since this type keeps the fluid inside for a very long time, you don’t need to top off its water. However, this fluid can still spill because of vibration so you still need to fill it sometime.

I recommend getting a maintenance-free because it doesn’t need a lot of special attention. It will stay durable for a very long time and you don’t have to worry about filling the water because it won’t spill.

If you’re still in doubt, you might want to talk to your mechanic to get the best option.

  • Know the size and type of battery for your car

You should know the rating, type, and size of your current car battery. This is an important factor because each car requires a specific battery in order to run.

It is impossible to mount the car battery on your compartment if you have the wrong voltage or size. Other than that, the power output can also be higher than the requirement of your car or even lower.

You can check under the hood to know its type and size. Measure its specifications and dimensions to get its exact terminal locations and size. You can also take a picture of the battery and bring it to the shop.

Considering the climate is also important when buying because this can affect the performance. That is why you should buy one that is suitable for the weather in your area. If it has an N label, it’s suitable for the cold weather. If it has an S label, it’s suitable for the hot weather.

  • Look for a product warranty

Even if the manufacturer claims that it’s the best car battery in the market, there are times where it doesn’t deliver according to the claims. Buying a car battery can cost you a lot of money, so you should choose a unit that comes with a long product warranty.

Since most manufacturers offer long warranties for their products, it will be easier for you to find a great car battery that offers one. However, just because a brand offers a long warranty, it doesn’t mean that you should buy from it right away. You should still buy from a reputable and trusted brand.

  • Get a fresh product

Buying a car battery that was recently manufactured is also recommended because when it is already stored for a long time, its original strength might have been lost as well.

You should buy a unit that was recently manufactured, preferably within 6 months, to make sure that what you are buying is high-quality and offers maximum performance. You can check the shipping code located on the cover of it to know if it’s still fresh.

  • Buy from a reliable brand

It’s important to buy from a reliable brand to make sure that what you’re buying is the best one in the market. One of the easiest ways to know if a company is reliable is to check their customer feedback or reviews online.

Yes, a brand may be offering a high-quality product but you should also take a look at how they talk to their customers. Are they answering inquiries fast? Do they address each customer’s concern immediately? Do they have 24/7 customer support?

This is very important as it offers convenience when you suddenly experience problems with the product. By getting a unit from the best brand that offers premium customer support, you can get reimbursement or replacement with ease.


Now that you know how to choose the best car battery, it will be easier for you to find the brand that suits your needs. The best product I’ve reviewed above is the best unit in the market, simply because of its great features.

Odyssey PC680 won’t just offer you efficiency, it will also offer you a long-lasting and high-quality performance even after a long period of time.

However, if you still want to look for other options, you can also check out the buying guide I’ve created above so you can easily choose from other great brands in the market.


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